But HOW do we play Spunkee Monkee? How do the kids get points for tasks? Details explained!

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We had a different update planned for today!

But this one landed in our laps and- switcheroo! So here you go!

On our website, we list 5 AREAS that the Monkees focus on in the game.

Today, we were asked by @lukestokes: Do you have any additional details on how these things are done in the app?

  • How to hone their TALENTS
  • How to be generous in SERVICE of others
  • How to treat their ENVIRONMENT with care
  • How to take good care of their HEALTH AND HYGIENE
  • How to start thinking about their FUTURE CAREER

Great question! We would love to explain that for you @lukestokes!

All 5 of these areas are actually set as age-appropriate tasks by the PARENTS/GUARDIANS. Though we could set a standard task for each, Spunkee Monkee feels it is more appropriate to come alongside the FAMILIES as a whole, and have the PARENTS/GUARDIANS determine what is best for the child. This way, we can ensure that all of the things that make the child the unique individual that they happen to be - are accounted for! In this way, the program will be individualized to THEM!

Before the family can participate in the game, they must sign a Monkee Master Agreement detailing the tasks that will be set for the child. Multiple things can be chosen in each area (and were chosen for the Alpha Test monkees), but only ONE needs to be performed daily in each of the 5 areas in order to get their points awarded for the day.

At the end of their day, they post their Monkee Business journal detailing how they completed their tasks. A Monkee Pal (who is assigned to their account throughout the full Beta Test) will evaluate their post, and award points accordingly. As soon as they have earned 100 Monkee points, (usually done each day, on average) they will be able to trade in 100 points for a "dig" on the map, where real treasure is hidden under the tiles!

Hope that helps!!! :) Any other questions? Feel free to leave some questions in the comments and we'll be happy to respond!


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Ok, things are definitely getting clearer
Thank you for explaining it
I guess as we go through with the testing.... you will tweak it accordingly to make it work best :D

Check out the latest post hehhee something we are really proud of there !!!

Off to check it now :D

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Thanks for the explanation! I keep poking my 12 yr old monkey to see if she would like to join in. As she already does her chores and her community service time, I told her that this would be a great way to start trying to use Steem to earn towards college.

Oh I missed this comment....go check out the latest post of mine for a really cool limited edition Monkee accessory!!!! Only one will get it!

That happens to me all the time (I'll look through and find comments made days before that I've missed)! Thanks, Dreemsteem and I hope that you're having a great day!

Hello @dreesteem :)

How are you doing? It's been a while! Trust you are good?

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