Want a sneak peek??

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Take a look behind the curtain!

While our developer @wizearch has been busy building the site, we have been playing with the idea of keeping our developments a secret... or revealing a bit at a time. Secrets are fun! But we have to balance it with letting our supporters get EXCITED about the things we have planned! So - how about I explain about the


This one is probably the one I'm MOST excited about! Why? Because I am ALL about the accessories! As you can see - your little monkee avatar comes pretty bare! (Don't worry - it's ok! It's just a monkee!) He's got his little shovel, an eyepatch, and a treasure chest. Looks to me like he is itching to become a bit snazzier, don't you think?

After our Monkees save up some points, it's time to go digging for treasure, and SOME of those prizes are clothes, accessories.... ah ah ah. Sorry... I can't reveal it all right now! We need to keep a few secrets for the Monkees to reveal on their own!

Let's take a look into our Monkee Closet, shall we?

Maquemonkee IS one of our alpha monkees - but this is not his account. Just for display!

Ahhh. so perhaps today, I want to take away my chest, shovel , and eyepatch, and put on my blue outfit! Sure! Let's be flashier! Click on the items that you want to change into - hit "WEAR" and it's that simple! You're sporting a whole new Monkee look!

Do you think that's all we have in store for you Monkees???? Nope! We have more! But.... I'll let you wait until tomorrow's update to get a bit more excited!!!

Please Support this project for families by donating to our Fundition campaign OR donating to our Kickstarter campaign!

SPECIAL thanks to the Steemit witness who have been supporting Spunkee Monkee: @aggroed, @steemcommunity (made up of @paulag and @abh12345) and @derangedvisions (who is the other half of the @c0ff33a witness team)


All Spunkee Monkee images have been created for Spunkee Monkee by the amazing @jimramones! Images are not to be used without permission from Spunkee Monkee.


Can't have enough Tricorn hats to make that fashionable statement that you're monkey has arrived.

exactly!!! hehehehe but if you happen to get duplicates.... well.... then.... (you have to come back to see what they can do with their duplicates on the next update today!!!) hehehehe thanks for coming to visit :)

Super cool! The mokee is so cute and with all that gear, Monkee is gonna look tiptop!

I love the idea of personalizing the monkee and making it feel very exclusive!
Looking forward to the next update <3

oh yes!!! and we have A BIT more to reveal hehehehe can't wait! :)

i agree - letting the kids dress their monkees the way THEY want will make them have more fun!

This is really cool. I can see the kids loving this! I'm so proud of you and what you're doing Dreemie. Makes me wish I had a little one... wait, let me rephrase that... makes me wish I would see my little people more to get them on this. Haha

Congrats on your success so far love. #am3gas #superstar

Hehehehehee thank you love!!! I appreciate your support!!!

And maybe your little people will.be around more for the full version! Hehehe

That would be so fun! Lol

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YAY! It's really coming together now! It looks amazing. Can't wait to start this with the kids.

Meeeeeee.tooooooooo gahhhhh!!!! Lololol

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Thank you always for your continuous support!!!!

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This is an awesome initiative and I will really like to participate just like @pennsif told you. Where do we start?

Hi there!! Wonderful!

Our Beta Test is set to start on Feb 1.

Do you have a discord? So I can tell you about it there? Maybe that's easiest? 😊 My discord name is dreemsteem#0695

You can send me a DM. If you are having troubles finding me...you can search for my name in the PAL server. The one that @pennsif does his shows on. 😊

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Now I am just jealous
Can I be a monkee tooooo?

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hahahahahaha you're a monkee mom!!!! does it get any better than that???? :)

This seems cool, what is it all about? Is this going to be a game?

yes it is! :) It's a game for families to prepare their kids for life! its going to be SO MUCH FUN!
you can go to spunkeemonkee.com to see our temporary site (while the game is being built) and find out more!

or - you can look at any of my last week's posts hahahaha


this is so cool good to see how it is coming together

isn't it so cool????? i'm super pleased with how the ideas are meshing :) I cannot wait for the final version of the site so the kids can log in and get started!!! :)

Ohh yes I will follow the progress with great interest

Oh, @dreemsteem, now @blind-spot is going to be really trying to get his niece to be a @spunkeemonkee! haha!

hehehehe i hope he does!!!! :)

that way he can kinda sorta be a part of it too LOLOL

It is a lot of fun for sure. Heard you had an amazing day today.

It's looking good! Although... with the shovel... is the monkey doing a ninja pre-mine?!?!?!?

what in the world is a ninja pre-mine?!?!?! LOLOLOL

Sure sure... Playing dumb!

Still don't get it lol

Got it... Mums the word!

I'm sooooo lucky to have a daughter that fits into the age range! We are going to have soooo much fun, aren't we @purplemaze?

Hehehe I've heard so much about her, I'm so looking forward to getting to MEET her!!!! 😊

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The kids are going to have a ball with those accessories.

I think so too!!!!! kids love BLING hehhee

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your post is very good. Iliked the game