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After reading this post from Our Boy Terry of @surpassinggoogle fame, I thought I'd join in the fun and submit this entry into his contest....


At precisely 4.15am on the morning of the 12 September 1977, in Welwyn Garden City of Hertfordshire, a little baby girl was born.

Her mum was asleep at the time apparently.

Being a small woman, the pain relief drugs had completely knocked her out.

The baby girl was Johleen of House Jeffs, the first of her name, Queen of the Andals, Mother of.....


Sorry, I'm getting my stories mixed up.

Ok, the baby girl was me.

The one and only child of Richard Jeffs and Lee Kiap Lim (or so I thought).

It's funny how the timeline of our lives seems to be pinned together by particularly strong and vibrant memories. Perhaps the best way to do a 'Who Am I' post is to kinda island hop through some of these.

One of my earliest memories is of my first boyfriend, Stuart.

A fine young man.

Great dress sense as I remember.

We were 2 years old and I'm pretty sure I gave him my kalaidoscope as a token of my love. It was a short lived romance though, as my family and I moved away – down South – when I was 5.

There my Dad fulfilled his dream of owning a boat.

It was a little wooden thing with a motor that he kept chained up on the beach. He loved that thing, I remember him telling me that it represented freedom.

Although in all honesty, you wouldn't get very far in it.

Perhaps that's where my obsession with freedom started.

It's been my goal for many years.

Time freedom, geographical freedom and financial freedom.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

At the age of 6 I started piano lessons. We weren't a rich family, so having lessons meant that I also signed up to studiously practicing every day. For the next 10 years I sat at my piano for an hour a day without fail.

I grew up sitting at that piano.

I still have it now – it's over 100 years old.

My piano knew me better than anyone else when I was growing up.

It knew about that time I pretended to be ill so I didn't have to go to school and stand in front of the headmasters office as a punishment for running around in class.

It knew that I thought boy's willys were like octopus tentacles until the age of about 9.

It knew about the secret club I started with my best friend called “Save the Unwanted Dogs”. Or STUD for short.

It knew that I knew my mum and Dad never talked to each other, and didn't really love each other.

It knew exactly how I felt when I discovered that I actually had 2 brothers.

It knew that it took me years and years to get over that time when I was 6 and I was punished with a tennis racket for eating the chocolates out of my advent calendar too quickly.

It knew I started puking up my food after eating. Every day. For years.

Man I was really good at playing that piano.

But spring always follows winter as they say. And with the new buds and growths of leaves, it becomes clear that winter is a beautiful and necessary part of life. Leading to renewal, growth and fresh starts.

At the age of 18 I travelled up to Sheffield to begin my life as an adult, studying medicine at Sheffield University.

I was living in a house affectionately named “Toe Job” with 13 other fresh faced 18 year olds (one of whom is now my husband).

I conscientiously went to my lectures, on those first couple of days at least.

I learned how to carve the skin off the fingers of a cadaver and then decided that actually what I was supposed to be doing was smoking, drinking, snorting, dropping and otherwise partying from dawn 'til dawn.

I threw myself into this task with gusto.

We were on top of the world! We had our whole lives ahead of us! We were going to go on so many wonderful holidays together!

Love was all and sleep and sobriety be damned!

Happy, foolish, foolish days.

You could say that filing for bankruptcy at the age of 23 with nothing to show for my adult life other than booze fuelled conversations, fuzzy memories and a solitary album I'd made with my band, was a bit of a wake up call.

Did someone say existential crisis?

But oh were it not for this foolishness I may not have discovered meditation, and yoga. I may not have realised that life is not about taking – it's about giving. I may not have, finally, healed the hurts that needed healing.

I read and read... I discovered Eckhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard and other such visionaries. I needed to figure out what life was about and how I could live in a meaningful and productive way.

I stopped being a dick.

My head slowly but surely came out of my arse.

I pulled myself together and got a job (the first of many), and joined the real world, finally, in my mid-twenties.

I never gave up on those goals of freedom though.

I ended up training to be a hypnotherapist and a raw food coach (of all things), which I did for a while.... but they weren't right. They still weren't the things I was looking for.

I became an actress for a bit, with small parts in short films and a little tv series.

That was fun but I was pretty sucky at it.

Finally, after the birth of our second son, I started working as a copywriter for SEO companies. And then I decided to learn SEO and went on a course run by some of the top SEO consultants in the world.

It was an eye opener and I found that I'd finally hit on the thing that would fulfil my freedom goals.

Time freedom: I worked for myself.
Geographical freedom: All I needed was a laptop.
Financial freedom: I'm now earning money from building my own online assets, writing copy and affiliate marketing.

And that kinda brings us up to date in a bit of a rushed way. I'll confess to getting a little bored of writing about myself now (perhaps because my computer crashed halfway through and I had to start again).

But my guess is that perhaps you're ready to move on too.

So, I'll finish by saying that I'm here living in Sheffield with my soul mate and my three boys and we really couldn't be any happier. Life is grand, there are big things ahead and love and laughter fills our days.

And I am one grateful lady. :)

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A brilliant piece, even though you had IT issues half way though!

Very open, well written, funny, serious, awesome :D I think yer boy Terry will like this very much.

Did you get out of paying for your student loan at 23 then?!

aw thank you!

Haha... yes, yes I did! A definite silver lining!!

ha ha :) I had a friend who declared in their early 20's and swerved the loan too!

Good luck in the contest!

The student loans are so ridiculous... I can't help but wonder if more people should do this!

Muah ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!

Oh and thanks so much for the love juice! Very kind!

Very nice and interesting , want to do one but my time is unfortuanately not my own at the moment. Really wanted to do it for @surpassingooggle.

Thanks Big Bear... I hope your time becomes your own again soon!

No deadline. You will have some time soon and there will be another one in a day or two.
it is more than 200 full blown post entries really. All are resteemed on @steem-untalented
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Top notch! I think I was in my mid thirties before I got the wake up call that life wasn't all hedonism and madness. Great days though :0)

Quite the life! Sometime I felt like I was reading about my own lol!

Haha great days indeed! Almost a shame they couldn't last... but life post wake up call has much to offer, and certainly less hangovers hehe!

The less hangovers is defo a plus. Its weird. It is like having lived two seperate lives sometimes!

Yes! It's exactly like that!

There are lots of uni students living in our area and when I see them walking around, I can't help but think that it's funny, I'm now one of those middle aged mums that I used to see, and ignore.

And now, those middle aged people that I used to see and ignore are likely nearing retirement... and I wonder what stories they had to tell of their youth.

Life...ohhhhh liffeeeeee.... haha!

It is funny though that when you are younger how you discount the stories that those older people told. I remember listening to the older folk talking about this pub and that club and how they smoked this and did that and thinking, yeah yeah, make way old timer. I was a bit of an arse though so it might not have been like that for everyone!

Oh god yeah, it was totally like that!

Wait, that means I was an arse too.... yeah, yeah I was. XD

Lol! Ah, perhaps someone was right when they said we were like each other!

Ha! Well that was @jedau.... don't tell him he was right... you know him - he'll lord it over us, crowing about how right he is and demanding offerings and toe kisses...

your so talented

and you are too kind :)

Sorry for delays in my response and curation. I have been trying to regenerate power all along but its all good. it is more than 200 entries really. So i will come back to read
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Wonderful! I'm impressed beyond measure by what you're doing with this!

Really good writing, I immensely enjoy reading it!

Thanks so much! Sorry for the delay in replying!

You know how to write so that a reader reads to the very end Johleen. Brilliant meanderings of your life.

Now I understand a little more about your need to return to the piano. Life has a way of cycling us along to wherever we need to be and whatever we need to see. I love that you have so much gratitude now. 🦋🌀🦋

Aw thank you very much! Yep, I do believe that life takes us exactly where we need to be at exactly the right, as you say. And yes, I've got deep and meaningfuls with my old faithful piano!

I like ur intro...here is another likely intro...it was a starry night and she has been carrying the unborn child through miles of treacherous terrains and finally they reached the blessed land, Hertfordshire. The child was born at the first strike of the heavenly harp. The angels sang...

ooh I like that a lot. I can hear those heavenly strings playing as I pop into the world...!!

Some times, life knocks us down. It doesn't matter how many times we fall down, what matters is that we are able to pick ourselves up, put back our pieces together and move on. That's exactly what you've done @johleen.
Keep steeming

Ah so true. Thank you!

You're welcome

Interesting @johleen, very interesting, i think most of what you have said sums up every bodies life in a way. I'm glad you're happy that's the main thing.
very deep for a monday :)

Cheers Drew. Yep, I agree... I think most people have similar learning curves throughout their lives.

Phew, yes pretty full on for a monday morning!!

This is a good story u have shared. I guess you had a cool childhood. Sorry about your dad and mum not loving each other. It happens. I am also a in similar situation. My dad married two wives and he is always caring for the other children. My childhood was a very rough one but it can only get better.
Thanks for sharing your story

Thanks for your comment. And yes, I also believe things can always get better... :)

you are welcome. keep steeming

Yes indeed!

Wow, you are one diverse lady! This was a fun read. Keep being awesome

Glad you enjoyed it!

so good of you not to give on hope of freedom. keep being yourself and learn from your mistakes. success is urs

Wise words. :)

What an awesome life you've lived! From start to finish, this really hit all the right notes. I mentioned notes because I wanted to lead to your piano. Oh, the stories your piano knows. Good or bad, they still shaped you to the awesome individual you are today. The way you wrote the snippets was just so expertly done. So awesome!

Wow! You and your husband have been together for so long! Go on, finish the title. Mother of Dragons is right. Three boys with a, shall we say, humongous appetite. They really fit the bill! No journeying up north though!!

If you ever need a hand with the SEO, etc just give me a ring. I could really use the money if you have too much on your plate haha! It's cool that you had you existential crisis when you were younger, I fear that I'm in the midst of my own right now hahaha!

Haha! Yes, yes perhaps I should take on the mother of dragons title. The 3 boys certainly live up to the name!

Thanks very much! It was kinda fun searching back through my memories for the morning and writing a few of them out.

Oh, so you can do SEO? This is mucho interesting...

In some ways, isn't life just one existential crisis after another? We should probably learn to love them. Perhaps name them existential adventures instead hee hee!

I do know the basic tenets, so yeah, if you have a lot on your plate, I could work for you and you can get the percentage and just edit my work haha! I've done a couple of them before, but I'm not particularly fond of them. But yeah... beggars can't be choosers.

Yeah SEO seems to be a bit like marmite - you either love it or hate it. Alrighty, noted. There may be some SEO coming your way in the future!

Great! Thank you! :D I hope you don't feel obligated about it. I just want to help out with scraps, s'all :D

Welcome @johleen, we are happy to have you here on steemit :D
If you need any help or anything don't hesitate to ask!

Please check my Introduction post as well :)


Welcome johleen, hope you will have a great time here on steemit!

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