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RE: Who Am I? [@surpassinggoogle's Untalented Contest]

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Top notch! I think I was in my mid thirties before I got the wake up call that life wasn't all hedonism and madness. Great days though :0)

Quite the life! Sometime I felt like I was reading about my own lol!


Haha great days indeed! Almost a shame they couldn't last... but life post wake up call has much to offer, and certainly less hangovers hehe!

The less hangovers is defo a plus. Its weird. It is like having lived two seperate lives sometimes!

Yes! It's exactly like that!

There are lots of uni students living in our area and when I see them walking around, I can't help but think that it's funny, I'm now one of those middle aged mums that I used to see, and ignore.

And now, those middle aged people that I used to see and ignore are likely nearing retirement... and I wonder what stories they had to tell of their youth.

Life...ohhhhh liffeeeeee.... haha!

It is funny though that when you are younger how you discount the stories that those older people told. I remember listening to the older folk talking about this pub and that club and how they smoked this and did that and thinking, yeah yeah, make way old timer. I was a bit of an arse though so it might not have been like that for everyone!

Oh god yeah, it was totally like that!

Wait, that means I was an arse too.... yeah, yeah I was. XD

Lol! Ah, perhaps someone was right when they said we were like each other!

Ha! Well that was @jedau.... don't tell him he was right... you know him - he'll lord it over us, crowing about how right he is and demanding offerings and toe kisses...

He is a presumptious one. With his airs and graces and pomposity.

Yes lets not tell @jedau at all!

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