The Whats that Came Out

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You know there are some times when you feel like you've got a lot to say, but actually you just sit there staring blankly at the screen?

Well this is one of those times.

So I thought I'd just start typing and see what came out.

Of course, I'd like to write something amusing, insightful, uplifting and generally brilliant. But perhaps I'll have to settle with a bit of waffling that comes more under the heading of general chit chat, rambling and stuff.

I love to tell stories.

I'm searching around for a story to tell, and when my mind comes up with precisely zilcho, I start questioning my entire life.


There's, like, nothing interesting you've got to say right now?

Well it's no wonder you've got no friends...

It's true, I don't have many friends. I used to have a shit ton. But you know, as you get older, your seemingly hundreds of drinking buddies gets filtered down more and more as people choose separate life paths, have children and in my case become distinctly disinterested getting wasted at the weekends, moaning about the weekdays and giving up on dreams that were once held dear.

I seem to know a lot of people, who, when I was younger I was convinced were going on to big things in life.

But when push came to shove, they kind of gave up and just started living that government prescribed life of mundanity.

Like, rather than life being this one incredible chance at doing something extraordinary, it became a treadmill of paying bills, living for the weekend and condemning non-liberals on Facebook.

Not that I hold this against them. Each one to his own and all that.

There's a woman who works in our local Tesco who always like to say hello when I'm in there.

Hello love, how's things?

Really good thanks, I reply each time, How's things with you?

She rolls her eyes, sighs deeply and says in Eeyore tones, Well, can't complain...

Every. Single. Time.

I reach down to the floor and pick up something small and imaginary. I hold it out to her and say,

I'm sorry, is this a part of your brain?

Actually I don't do that.

But perhaps I should.

For the love of god woman, cheer up! This right here is your one, beautiful, LIFE! Don't you get that? If you don't like something, change it. And if you can't change it, change your mind about it.

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh.

It's not like I'm perfect or anything.

For instance

I decided to stop vaping yesterday and after the first few hours of feeling supremely pleased with myself, I turned into a wailing banshee of red hot rage, and promptly started vaping again.

I also joined the gym last week, and after one class working on my core muscles rendering me useless for the following 2 days, I proceded to get a cold and haven't been back since... Which I really need to address because I've been promising myself I'm gonna lose this excess pregnancy weight for the last 6 years, and those custard tarts aren't getting any the less delicious.

Sometimes I'm completely childish too.

I grew up as an only child, and there are definitely times where I spit the dummy purely because things aren't how I want them to be.

Like when plans change.

I'm not very good with plans changing.

I like to know what's going on, very precisely, at all times. Otherwise it feels like someone has just ripped out a chapter of a very good book I'm reading and is purposefully withholding it for their own amusement.

The Dastards!

But despite these foibles, there's one thing I absolutely won't give up on. And that is the belief that life is exactly what you make of it. And you can make of it what you will.

Imagining a better future, now, is the way to create a better future.

Everything you see around you is your own consciousness pushed outwards.

You are the ultimate creator! (Deduce from that what you will....)

Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm currently swanning around in a Penthouse apartment surrounded by peeled grapes and bubbly, hot spas. The world's hunger problems are no more and everyone has a universal basic income which more than covers their needs, which is why crime rates have dropped so dramatically. People are more creative, more giving and above all happy. They understand that love is in the now and we are what we believe we are.

We can teleport through time and space.

Oh, and death does not exist.

Words of a crazy person? or A dream come true?


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I all for your dream of humanity and I believe we're getting closer to it! More people are becoming aware and the global energies are forcing change on many!

As for staring at a blank screen not knowing what to write, I did that when I kept getting messages and feelings that I needed to write a book.

In the end, I decided that I just needed to type to start the flow, so I typed 'I've been guided to write a book about Loving Yourself and I have no idea what to write . . .' and then the typing continued into something more productive and the book was started and above sentence deleted!!

"I'd like to write something amusing, insightful, uplifting and generally brilliant." - well I'd say you did and if we need to start with

' a bit of waffling that comes more under the heading of general chit chat, rambling and stuff.' to get the flow going, then so what, it does the job and can be entertaining to read!

Great post! :)

Ah such a wonderful thoughtful comment, thank you!

So how's the book coming along now? I love that you listened to the messages you were getting and took action!

You're welcome! :)

Oh it was finished several years ago and been published! Loving You - Discover Your True Inner Self.
Yes I'm all for listening to the inner messages, after having had years of being off track from not listening!

Oh wow, that's fabulous! Well there we go, I now know a genuine published author!

I'm just the same... many, many years of not listening to inner intuitions and messages. I'm really just starting to try and tune in properly now.

Really lovely to meet you!

Lol, yes you do! Lovely to meet you too. :)

This is simply brilliant! If this is what comes out of you when you feel uninspired, imagine the masterpieces your brain will spew when it's filled to the brim with inspiration! I do like how you view the world, with life being what you make of it. As much as I can I try to subscribe to that same school of thought. Something about self-fulfilling prophecies that makes it so awesome!

I just realized that the way you write, you're like a female @meesterboom haha! Is it something to do with upbringing or the proximity you guys live in? Whatever it is, more of you guys is definitely a great thing!

Haha! Aw thank you very much, your comments are always such a positive delight to read. :)

Funnily enough, you're not the first to draw this comparison! Maybe it's some kind of underlying British humour. :)

He's a cheeky fucker that one and no mistake. I am the female meesterboom!? Wait, no, that's not quite right

Hmm, I must dwell further on this ;0)

My votes are worth shit, so my comments are my only redeeming factor. Once my votes are worth $20 a piece I'll consciously strive to be an asshole hahaha!

It could be, it could be haha!

It will be, it will be!!!

By the way, I noticed Jerry Banfield put out a post asking for recommendations of great writers that could do with more recognition.... I replied and nominated you. :)

OH WOW!!! :O I'm a big fan of his lecture series in Udemy. Oh man, I really wish I could resteem this comment of yours haha! I don't have the best of luck with being recommended, so I do wish he notices or at the very least just give my other posts a look. Thank you, thank you, thank you though nonetheless! :'D

Haha! You're very welcome, I hope you get picked!!

Hehe, this is so true. I used to have shed loads of friends. We were a veritable gang. Them getting older and kids and life happened and next thing you know there are hardly any of them and things are hard to organise because of kids and shit. Well not kids shit cos that would be weird but you know what I mean.

Oh and stay away from gyms. Hotbeds of plague and illness :0)

I find it's great to just start writing when I have no idea what to write. Someone recently spoke to me in chat, they were a bit cheeky but I forgave her because she had a saucy face. She said

do you have like thirty posts lined up already written

Fuck sake, when would I get time to write thirty posts. I have none written, every day I think wtfunkz will I write?

Anyway, what was I talking about. Oh yes, sorry I missed your post. I was sure I had checked. I blame the government or the NHS or something

Lol, I do know what you mean. Although there has been the odd occasion where it has genuinely been the kid's shit that's stopped me doing something haha!

Oops... been to the gym again. Must remember to wear a mask and possibly a balaclava to protect myself next time. Or maybe I could get one of those space suits.... yeahhhhh!

30 posts!! She may be saucy but she's insane!!

Aw no sorrys required, always a pleasure to have you over here whenever the weather! And you are right to blame both government and NHS - most hiccups can be traced back to one of those naughty institutions. :D

I suspect the kid shit might be stopping me from doing stuff in the very near future. Dammit, I must remember not to wish my life away!!

Lol, I think you are smart to have those suspicions!!!

Do I want to be the guy who really enjoyed the entire post, yet does nothing more than make a comment about a word that may have been a typo, or may have been a deliberate mistake?

Yes I do.

You wanted to post something inciteful. Yet here I am, not feeling motivated to break any laws. I do, however, feel that your post offered plenty of insight ;)

Ha! Goddamn!! You know, I actually looked at that word and thought, is that spelled right?, and then, clearly, I thought yes, yes it is. I blame lack of sleep.....

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