Thailand Shopping @ The Night Market

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Bangkok shopping continued... Ulog reppin
From the hotel to the market the shopping here is insane. The first & last shots are panoramic views taken between our hotel & the night market. I hope you enjoy the bargain shopping experience Thailand offers. There are alot of Filipinos here shopping and touring. I wonder if supplying these bargain items for Steem would make a good steemgig ?

Back to the night market starting with seafood

And more seafood

It all looks & smells so delicious, where to eat...

Custom made leather bags

More handmade leather items at a bargain

Look there a free bucket of ice if you buy beer

Amazing stores, this one has handmade soaps, candle holders and lamps

Watches that look like authentic high end brands

Cool tshirts, shaded, hats & bags

Large size knock off tshirts for us hefty foriegners

Shoes, sandals, bags and more

Some pre-packaged food

Here we found some more clothing

Very nice custom lesther bags

Thai style or more knock-offs?

Some electronics and more clothing here

Our new matching passport holders being customized

Such colorful kids clothing

Colorful adult clothing

More leather bags & clothing

Oriental shirts and colorful slippers

The next 4 photographs are dresses




Handmade wooden Thailand souveniers


Alot to chose from to say the least



Want a hat? Feforas for $8 US

Some cool rings perhaps

And the last shopping pictiure on our walk back to our hotel, some streets are loaded with vendors items.

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Check our ICO. Its about Shooping. We bring a Website & a Creditcard called „CARDERA“ @payera


I will check it out, thanks

If it says, Real Leather and its cheap, be very wary. Genuine Leather Goods here are extremely expensive, most shoes are not leather because of the cost. Ive lived here 7 years, and to be honest, I don't really think much to the shopping. A lot of tat! but despite this, the markets are so exciting :-)


True it most likely is pleather & not genuine 👍 gotta love cheap knockoffs

· certainly do. Hope you had a great time here :-)

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In my opinion, the shopping experience will be great here because, this place have amazing essence and night essence is awesome with those lights, and some products are reflecting as antiques which are great in appearance and also have that appealing essence. Thanks for introducing this place with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you for the aesome comment 😁 it is a nice experience for sure.


Welcome and great to hear that. 🙂

Regarding chatroom😄😄! No chatroom yet added...pls ask you you boss regarding that.


I did, he said as soon as there is 10 of any country in discord requesting a room he will build the room.


Thank you! People even don't know that they should ask for chatroom 😄😄...but I will try to bring people onto discord.

I love Thailand it is awesome!! A great destination to stop and holiday!


I agree this is my 2nd vacation there & I want to move there 😁

i like the hats very cool they are....would like to wear


It makes me want to visit Thailand someday.


Yes sir, I am wearing one now 👍


oh thats cool.....would like to see you wearing hat


Lol ok here you go! This one was the cheapest, I also got fedoras for the kids1527207704214653117909.jpg


you are looking cooooooooool bro .... its suites you too much


Looking cool!😎😎😎

Awesome collection! How is the cost of living there compared to states?


In Thailand its awesome and in the Philippines even less expensive. To be exact I donot know but in Philippines you can build a simple 3 bedroom home for 25-35,000 US, in US cost 100-150,000


Wow! That's great! It will be in my list from now on...☺️☺️

Wow, this is a big market with great view


Yes so big the photographs took 2 posts to get them shared! Just posted the rest 😉

It helps me a lot!


Glad I could help, you see the first part I posted a couple days ago?

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