Tuning into Feeling 8 - Truth, Integrity and Discernment

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Truth, Integrity and Discernment are all Feelings!

This is such an important message, so let's just have a think and feel about this a minute!

Most of the time we are in our heads and thinking. We have a constant stream of mind chatter going on and we are often reacting to mind chatter and life around us and rarely are we actually feeling!

As society so mind, thought and logic focused we have a huge clash going on here! 

The most important qualities that will give a kind, caring and peaceful society are not valued by society!

To those who are aware of the hidden agenda, then this will come as no surprise! It will also be no surprise that of course this is intentional!

If you want to have control over someone or the whole of society then you need to be able to persuade them to do what you want them to do. If that person or society can feel that your actions and intentions are wrong and out of integrity then they will object and not do what you want.

Everything we learn through society, school, religion, governments, finance is being taught as 'mind information' and is being done to intentionally keep us out of our feelings. Society has even gone so far as to make 'feelings sissy or wimpish'. I'm English and I was brought up with the belief of 'British Stiff Upper Lip', which means you don't show or express your feelings, you just get on with the job and be British! I'm sure many other countries or religions have similar beliefs that are designed to stop people from connecting to their feelings and being able to Feel Truth, Integrity and Discernment'!

When you are connected to your feelings then you do just feel and know what is right and what is wrong, what is in integrity and what is immoral, what is Truth and what is lies and this process is called discernment.

The Collins English Dictionary says:

'Discernment is the ability to judge which things of a particular kind are good and which are bad.'

Good, moral, truth, integrity, honesty are the foundation of having a harmonious, peaceful humanity. Without these we then have disharmony as there is conflict between the duality and opposites of right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral, truth and lies.

It therefore follows that if we want to change humanity to be better than it is, then we need to value the qualities of:

  • Truth
  • Integrity, Honesty, Living with moral values
  • Achieved through Discernment

What is Truth?

People talk about ‘my truth’, well there isn’t actually any such thing as ‘my truth’ and ‘your truth’ or anyone else’s truth! 

There is only ONE TRUTH and this TRUTH is true for all of humanity.

  • Truth is Truth regardless of what we believe!
  • Truth is 'Universal' for all humanity and all life

The Truth is Truth regardless of what we all believe and it is true for all energy, all people, all beings. 

                                                                          Truth is 'Universal



For example, the Law of Gravity acts like Truth in that it doesn't matter:

  • What we believe
  • Where we live
  • What our parents or teachers said,
  • What the government is or isn't doing

If we let go of an object, that is heavier than air,  it will fall to the ground, this is Universal Law. 

A belief is linked to certain individuals and isn't true for everyone, it is just something those people believe. If we were brought up in another country then we would have different beliefs. 

If you were brought up to be a Christian then you will have Christian beliefs, if you had been born into a Muslim family then you would have Muslim beliefs. Some people are brought up with religious beliefs and then choose a different religion, spirituality or to have no fixed beliefs. All beliefs are taught to us and are different depending on who is giving out the information. 

None of these beliefs act like the Law of Gravity as having the same affect on all people, so they are beliefs and not Truth.

Most of our world issues, wars and conflict come from people defending beliefs that are just opinions and not Truth. If people could just understand the difference between Truth and beliefs then the world would be a much happier, kinder, caring and more peaceful place.

As people become more aware they can see and feel the difference between a belief and Truth. We can be open to allowing others to have their beliefs without being offended or upset or feeling we need to change who they are or what they believe.

Truth is, we cannot change anyone unless they want to be changed. The more anyone forces their beliefs on others, the more resistance there will to hearing them and listening with an open heart. This is because our heart energy is a pure energy that repels 'force'. We feel and learn through our heart energy when we feel safe, happy and supported by high vibrations such as love, compassion and caring.

  • Truth comes from Pure Source. 
  • Force comes from an evil source. 

When someone is trying to force a belief on someone else they are connecting to evil to do this, because:

Pure does not force, not ever.

What is Integrity?

The definition of integrity by Wikipedia is:

Integrity is the qualifications of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards.

Once we are aware of something then we have a moral duty to act with integrity and do what is right and moral. It is the lack of integrity that has caused all the issues we have in the world today.

If all people and all companies and all authority acted with integrity then life would be amazing! Everyone would be kind and caring to each other and there would be enough because people would share and help through moral standards and integrity!

Having more people feel Truth and Integrity has the power to really transform our world into a much better place!



Discernment is the process that tells us what is truth and what is not, and so helps us to live our lives with integrity.

Learning how to discern is an easy skill that anyone can learn to do and really tune in and feel those guiding energies!

So do look out for the next article in this series: Tuning into Feeling 9 - How Can We Discern?

I do hope you enjoyed this article, if you've missed previous articles then you can check them out below:Here is the whole 'Tuning into Feeling' Series

Please do comment below and share your experiences with me & 'Follow' to read the next article!

(Original images from pixabay.com)

© Copyright Michelle Carter -  @OriginalWorks


I saw your post featured in todays edition of the Daily Qurator and came to read more. Very interesting. I like what you have to say about the sources of truth and force.

Thank you for reading my post and your lovely comments. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the information I shared on truth and force.

Hi @michellecarter,

I like your post about the universal truth.

By the way, your post has been chosen to be featured in The Daily Qurator #20. So don't forget to check it tomorrow

Dr. TLK :D

Hi Dr TLK @theleapingkoala thank you, I'm so pleased you like this post about universal truth.

& thanks for choosing it for The Daily Qurator #20, I will check it for sure!

Blessings and thanks! :)

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