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Hello Beautiful Steemians, as we begin another wonderful week here on Steemit, I look back on some of the wonderful posts written by members of TribeSteemUp. I can't think of a better way to start the week then reading posts that are both inspiring and informative. As always the posts really embody what TribeSteemUp is all about. Moving forward, being informed and creating change.

What Is TribeSteemup

The TribeSteemUp community, was created by @kennyskitchen. It is a Community Abundance Generator which supports authors who write articles that look at ways in which we can become more empowered and create a more peaceful and free world. The authors were all chosen by @kennyskitchen, to become part of the TribeSteemUp community and all of them are writing high quality content, which are based on the following topics:

| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

The TribeSteemmUp community also has 8 Pillars/Principles that each member has agreed to adhere by and you can find The 8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp at the end of this post.

I have 20 articles to share with you all today, articles that encourage us to look at our lives, to reflect and learn. And also to dig deep, to take the time to really get to know yourself. To listen to yourself and trust that inner voice. It is also really important to question everything that is happening around you, it is our responsibility to be informed and to stay informed and Steemit provides everyone with the opportunity to share their truth and their wisdom.

For me life is all about learning, evolving and being mindful in all that we do. By coming together and engaging with one another we can help to empower one another. We can create the world in which we all wish to live. So take the time to read this great posts and remember to show your appreciation by upvoting and commenting. You can go one step further by following the TribesteemUp Curation Trail, this way way you are supporting all the great authors who are creating quality content.

You Stand for Your True Self When You Stand for What's Right, Good and True


Supporting and standing for the truth in reality, for what's morally right, good and true, is paramount to the integrity of everyone who desires to live in alignment and equilibrium with reality and not in a fantasy of unreality. When you think of standing up for the truth or of what's really right in the world, you have to think of it as standing up for yourself, for the common goal of us all to live with truth in our lives as true selves. To live with a solid foundational support of truth to walk on in life, and not a faulty crumbling base of falsity.

Coping with Mortality: How do you do it?


I'm very conscious that I am heading into the fading twilight of my parents final years. My mother would call this maudlin and laugh that they are not dead yet. Indeed, this is true as they are most vibrant in their vitality, even though my father is entering into the last moments of his cancer treatment, radiation to his brain to mop up any last vestiges of this dis-ease. Of course I don't tell her what I am really thinking - that without them my life will rearrange itself and I am not sure what that might look like yet.
Last weekend they came for lunch. Dad would do anything for food right now. The medication has made him irrationally hungry and he complains that he has put on weight. I tease him and call him pudgy. because it's a long standing family joke where once he said that to me.

Bloodlines Of The Serpent Gods Part 2: Hidden Royalty & The Desecration Of The Kingdom Within


I have a lot of information to cover in this post so I’m going to dive head first into the rabbit hole. In order to understand the interconnected narrative that I’m building towards (this will be a ten part plus series), I strongly recommend that you first read parts 1 & 1.A/1.B, the links can be found at the bottom of this post.
In this post I’m going to de-occult an ancient science/religion, due to it's nature it's an adult post and will include discussion and images of human anatomy. In relation to post format constraints, it’s going to be a relatively rudimentary explanation.

DIY zine making - my process


I thought I'd share a little about something I do often. I make zines, or small mini booklets. I am not sure where 'zine' came from, but it is a part of the word 'magazine.' They aren't quite as beefy or put together as magazines usually are. They are usually handmade, and are often made using glue, scissors and paper. Some folks now integrate online programs like Indesign, or use other analog techniques like Letterpress. I've done all of these techniques.
Since I live on the road, I make them pretty simple with the technology I have on hand. I go copy my finished project at print shots in whatever town I am in, lately it has been the Fedex copy/print places because they have the basic things I need and the printer's quality is decent.

Media Silent as US Aids Saudi Arabia in Bombing Children So They Can ‘Build Oil Port’ in Yemen


This week, the mainstream media has finally started to report on the growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, after the details of a school bus bombing carried out by US forces and their allies went viral online. At least 43 people were killed in the attack, with the majority of the victims being under the age of 10. An additional 63 people were wounded in the attack as well. There is a great deal of confusion about what it is taking place in Yemen, and much of this is by the intentional design of the US military industrial complex and their lapdog mainstream media.



I invite You to empower yourself!
I invite you to look at our collective programming with curiosity and courage so together we can break free from it.
Being limited and stagnated, feeling unhappy and dissatisfied does not serve anyone here, as we already learned!
I called it OWP - Old World Programming.

WE are living through exciting times - shift of consciousness!
OWP contributed to our collective state of being - HEALTH and HAPPINESS for sure.. and that is why we want to have a good look at it, not to rage about it, and not to get stuck in it.... but to acknowledge it and to position our SELF in a place of POWER .

"Why is a healthy physical body necessary for achieving realization/TrueLove?"



Hi David,
I keep reading that you recommend that people take care of their physical bodies and not use drugs, be attentive to the people they have sex with, maintain a healthy lifestyle etc. But I don't understand the reason. If one smokes or has a chronic disease won't one be able to experience the realization or True Love (as you term it)? I don't understand the connection between the physical body and an issue that concerns the heart, that is love.

From the Darkness, Light is Born [Dabbing with a Mage episode 150]


Darkness and Light are terms that are commonly referenced in many different cultures. The bright healing aura of the Light. The desolate pain of the Darkness. Each of these ideas is widely spread across the world for different reasons. Join me in today's 150th episode as I discuss the Light and the Dark and the balance coming from the two.

Horoscopes for the Time of Virgo -- Late August through Late September 2018


As the saying goes, there's a time for work and a time for play ... and this month is the time for work.
Your special talents are in demand as life works its way through another yearly cycle of creative change and progress. If you work it right, you'll have more ways to be of service to others this month than you can imagine ... and doing so with grace reminds folks of the value you bring to their lives.
Turn in such a job well done and they'll start asking themselves what on earth they'd ever do without you. If you want to know the secret to job security ... well that's the way to do it. Whether your skills are physical, mental, or empathetic ... the exercise will do you good.

The D Files With @bobaphet and @eftnow - Discussing Disconnection


Yo Steemies!
Welcome to the D Files with @bobaphet and @eftnow.
Last week we talked about empathy, sensitivity and social anxiety. Today, we explored what happens when people go too far the other way and become completely disconnected.
Through this discussion, we found that there are many ways and reasons that people become disconnected, as well as possible ways that they can return to feeling connected.
Naturally, we went off on some inexplicable and quite funny tangents as well!
As always, we'd love to hear what you think in the comments below.
The D Files x

The Psychology of Injury & Why It Doesn't Serve Us In The End


"Wow - you're a real pro at that one-handed thing now!" my dear friend commented during yesterday's product photo shoot. I responded in some inane way about pain levels and hips being a perfect substitute for a second hand as most moms know, and thought the comment was a passing one. But his words revisited me early this morning before dawn, and I knew that my friend had chosen his words very carefully. He's like that. Economical in what he says. A guerrilla guru, who slips you a hard-hitting truth disguised as small talk while he makes you a superb coffee.

So, we've seen that most #ClimateChange "science" is complete BS... Why is the agenda being pushed? And by whom?


10 days ago, I released the first part of this article, called GLOBAL COOLING! No, wait... GLOBAL WARMING!! Ah, um... CLIMATE CHANGE!!!. In that first article, we walked step-by-step through some of the confusion, misinformation, and downright fraud behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming alarmists. If you didn't read that post, please go back and do so before diving into this one, as I'm not going to be covering that same content again, except as a brief recap.

The Constant Drive to Do


The other day a friend of mine said, “I need to learn how to chill out!” I was thinking he was talking about how uptight he is because he gets really wound up about a host of things. Actually, he was talking about wanting to just relax and do nothing and finding that task harder than you'd think.
I've finally realized not everyone is like this. My wasband is definitely not like this. He can veg out for hours. No guilt, no mind racing. It was always a struggle to determine if it was more annoying or impressive. In any case a friend once told me, "you can't yoke an ox with an ass."

The Overlooked Secrets of Water (feat. Viktor Schauberger) | Pt. 1 - Spin = Life


Water is essential to life on Earth and priority of any civilization that is settling down and expanding. The intelligent management of water and its logistics have always been an important factor for any human construction project to help water go new places.
Artificial waterways, rivers and currents have been used by human beings for millenia with a large degree of success, however the more we lose connection to our roots and to the actual knowledge about nature and our universe, the more we can witness water becoming increasingly scarce and of low energetic quality.

Masculine and Feminine as two sides of the individual


In traditional societies and even to some extent in a modern context, it’s somewhat expected that men will make an effort to be more masculine and women more feminine. It’s becoming increasingly acceptable for people to challenge gender norms and that is a very positive thing. But gender norms and the energy of masculine and feminine are not always directly correlated. Ideally we will be a perfect balance of masculine and feminine within ourselves and whatever traits we express more dominantly are merely reflective of which side we prefer to embody more often in our relationships.

Plant Dyeing with Blackberries



This month @elamental & I have been working on a project that is very near and dear to my heart. In this post, I will share with you a little about our process, for those of you who are interested. Herbal dyeing is a labor of love, especially when you forage for your own ingredients to make your dye bath. Connecting with Gaia through the gathering of our materials was fulfilling from start to end.
Before I decided to dip my toes in the water, the whole idea of botanical dyeing was a bit intimidating in my eyes. It would have been much easier to go the route of working with the low-impact dyes. However, our vision was not so simple.

Taking Control of Our Lives | Anarchy Through Homesteading


Homesteading is one of the most radical acts of anarchy - Here’s Why
Building = Empowerment
This vlog is me sharing my passion and some of the reasoning I choose to homestead.
In an unjust society that prioritizes standardization and homogeneity, I am responding to this by choosing diversity. In an era where more and more of our needs are outsourced, I am choosing to meet our own. Where control is held by the few who lead the masses, I am choosing to chart my own path.

Knitting Myself Back Together


I have been fairly quiet here on Steemit these past few months as I have been internally mucking out the stalls of my soul.
It is now time to introduce another side of myself. It is time to be seen as the whole woman I am... as messy as that may be.
I have not been quiet about the fact that I have come to this Mountaintop Homestead to Heal. However, I have not spoken much about the Healing, the Wholing or why it is needed.
I sit here today in what feels like a VOID. I am seven years into this healing work. It has been work of undoing, work of releasing, work of witnessing. I really don't like where I currently am sitting... This VOID.

Need a Change?


Then get ready for it. You won't change if you keep flowing through your zone of comfort. Pretty much nothing happens there, same old patterns - people & everything on repeat.
If you really feel like you are ready to change, you need to embrace your fears.
Change is uncomfortable, in order to do it - you'll need that leap of faith, trip to the unknown.
Once you decide you are ready to go through uncomfortable situations, you are ready to change.
You are ready to become the new YOU. Stronger you, more divine you.
There is no growth without pain & pain is the crucial segment in becoming better version of ourselves.
Otherwise, how would we make it? When everything is going perfect you won't even think about a potential change.

Increase the nutrients and vitamins from juicing by 90% with a masticating slow juicer and blender Vs a high speed cutting blender. Natural Medicine:


There are so many ways to eat well and drink well, and juicing is one option that I have taken up daily! I personally don't eat breakfast, i know, its the most important meal of the day and all that.. but i just don't want to eat until lunch time.. The thing is that once lunch time arrives I often end up eating late and get over hungry very quickly after 2pm. So juicing is a way to add a bounty of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and some natural sugars to keep me going until lunch. If you drink healthy juices before you eat it also gives the body a chance to digest it and integrate more of the nutrients. That means that when you do eat, your body will be ready to absorb even more nutrients from the food you eat.

A big thank you to @hungryhustle for creating the amazing infographic of the 8 Pillars Of TribeSteemUp and For @eco-alex for creating the tribesteemup banner and logo.



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The quality of thoughtful, inspiring content produced by the members of this group just leaves me breathless. I can't even find the words to express my admiration for what we do.

Thank you @trucklife-family for producing this post. What a marvelous beginning to the week.

Thank you @kennyskitchen for this amazing assembly of talent.

And thank you all for being here and sharing your perspectives and wisdom. My on-and-off project for the day -- and probably tomorrow, too -- is to visit these posts and upvote them.


thank you @enchantedspirit, for you support and for the excellent posts that you write, enjoy reading all of these gems xx

All of them amazing people! I wish I had time to read all these articles!!


I know it is hard to keep up with all the quality content being written by the tribe, I hope you are well xxx


Yes it is, I am well thank you, just sometimes a bit overwhelmed with everything I want to do, and then I end up doing nothing;)

Thank you for including me ♡ I appreciate you compiling this list of so many wonderful articles and authors. I will definitely be checking out those I haven't read yet- there are a ton of goodies by the looks of it!


you are very welcome, your article was great, you gave us all such great info and all the while celebrating natures gifts to us, Love how they turned out too, really great colour xx

As always, thanks so much for your great curation. I've got my reading list for today.


you're very welcome @indigoocean xx

Thank you so much for including my work @trucklife-family I really do appreciate it .. sorry I've only just shown my appreciation, things are still settling down a bit here. I look forward to catching up with these works of art over the next few days.


wow it is such an excellent article @perceptualflaws, my pleasure xxx