Trial by Comics winner for "Stranger Things" week and next theme announced!

Good early morning, Steemit! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! The Trial by Comics announcements are way overdue. This week […and the coming weeks] are going to be really difficult to navigate. Holiday stuff, yeah, but it’s winding down to the print deadline for “Dark Pinup” with @wcpublishing. That’s the priority leading in to the end of the year above all things. There’s still a lot to do and I want it to be perfect. Silver lining is, had I made the announcements and award payout during the actual deadlines, you guys wouldn’t be able to cash in on these ridiculously inflated SBD’s that are happening right now.

Alright. This week’s theme was “Stranger Things”, and this was, without a doubt, the most creative entries I’ve seen since the contest began. Renditions of our favorite Hawkings nerds as Ghost Busters, Simpsons and Scooby-Doo. So many great entries, it was painful to parse then down to a few winners. 

I’d like to thank @iamredbar for co-sponsoring this week’s Trial by Comics. He kicked in 10.000SBD […which is more like $80 at the moment], so a big thank you to @iamredbar for supporting the art community on Steemit. @iamredbar is also artist, and one of my regular Magic: The Gathering opponents at the usual @caffetto duels. Give @iamredbar a follow or let him know you appreciate his contribution over at the Trial by Comics Discord channel.

First place this week for “Stranger Things” is @bryan-imhoff for his hilarious entry, “Dustin's Dance" - a Trial by Comics entry for the Stranger Things theme!”. An awkward moment caught between Dustin and his dance parter. I love the pencil and ink documentation on this entry. Everything about it reminds me why I got in to comics in the first place. Great job, man. 25.000 SBD’s to you, and do something with them while the doin’ is good! SBD’s are around $8 at the time of this post.

Second place this week is @justmousepixels for his entry, “My entry - Trial By Comics - Stranger Things - Eleven”. Fucking amazing, as always. I love how this turned out, and the detailed step by step progress is truly digital art porn. @iamredbar’s 10.000 is coming your way. Put the Trial by Comics trophy on the shelf with the others. Thanks for entering.

Third place for “Stranger Things” is @yanes94 for her entry “Trial by Comics: Stranger Things - Entry 1”. I drew the demogorgon myself for the theme artwork, so I know how difficult that monster is to get right. The likeness of Eleven is great, and I personally love that this is all pencil. Hats off for entering and doing such a great job, even without access to

I wish I could have chosen more winners for this week, but I wanted to share a few merit entries that missed the top three spots but a razor thin margin. Each of these artists have received 100% upvotes from me […actually, a lot of participants did. I actually had to allow my voting power to recover a number of times]. Each of these artists are worth following. We’ll want to all stay connected when Steemit Community roll out.






Trial by Comics new theme is “Star Trek”!

This was suggested by @artwatch on the Trial by Comics Discord channel. I couldn’t believe it hadn’t occurred to me earlier. I’m a huge TNG fan. I really want to see some bar raising art for this trial. Any Star Trek, any film, any spin off series. Klingons, Vulcans, Ferengi. Wouldn’t The Borg, or Picard as Locutus be so much fun to draw? This is your chance. Make it so!

Deadline for “Star Trek” is Sunday, December 17th 5:00UTC 12:00a.m. CTS


• Up to three entries per trial round [weekly].

• Original artwork only [process documentation strongly encouraged]

• Winners will be chosen based on quality of work, submitted before deadline and ability to adhere to the weekly trial theme

• Must resteem the contest post you’re participating in

• Must include #trialbycomics hashtag [please note the change because this is how we will find your entry]

The winner will receive 25.000SBD. If you’d like to contribute to the prize or match my own, please contact me as a sponsor for future Trial by Comics contests, but note that sponsors cannot participate in that weeks #trialbycomics!

That’s it! Start drawing and get those entries in by next Sunday. Thank you again, all of you, for making Trial by Comics such a success in a very short amount of time. For more comics, art and photography, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!


Love it, @cryplectibles! :P

oh cool!

Okay... You got me! :) Thank you for making me actually try and draw with a pencil again :X

Looks very beautiful, I like it!

Hello everyone ... here I leave you my first drawing for the contest, I wish you sweet dreams ;)

this one is amazing :)

Sooo excited for this one! I AM ON IT!!!! NERDUM here I come, Just dip me in tribbles and throw me to the girls with big horned rimmed glasses please.

Yay!!!! congrats to everyone!! :)

Looks like I forgot to post my entries in this thread... yup, I totally forgot.

Entry #2

Entry #1

No entry #3 yet, might not be time this week.

Actually I do have time this week for a third entry ;)

Hi guys, Hi @kommienezuspadt, here my first entry
WORF - STAR TREK - Trial by Comics - Entry 1

Congratz to all winners! Full of professional and fun entries x)

Wow thanks again @kommienezuspadt i'm very honored and congrats to @bryan-imhoff and @yanes94

Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved.


Hi everyone , my draw:
Captain JEAN-LUC PICARD - Star Trek - Trial by Comics

Congrats to all partecipants and winners!!!

Senseeiii @jacinta.sevilla lets get started?

YUPI wins the third place hehehehe I'm happier than a child with a new toy;) and more than the SBD is at a high value which I can do a lot with that money that I need so much... thanks @kommienezuspadt and congratulations to my 2 other colleagues @bryan-imhoff and @justmousepixels for winning the first prizes and everyone who participated.

Congratulations to the winners of the contest, the works were so good that I was glad that it was not me to choose the winners. I enjoyed very much participation in the contest and thank you @kommienezuspadt for the opportunity and your upvotes, of course I think everyone noticed and appreciate your upvotes.

Great work y'all!

I'm doing this one for sure! :D

I will not miss this great contest. Reestem & Vote.

Wow! I really didn’t expect a win with how big and full of quality Trial By Comics has grown. Thanks!
Star Trek, hmm... your Klingon is fantastic, inspiring as always!

congratz to the winner and applause for all .. man! Such cool entries! <3
Im too busy at the moment to participate in anything :(
Stupid people with their stupid end of the year schedules! ..

Hopefully i can squeeze something in this week!

Hi guys ,my second entry!!!
TYVANNA - Star Trek - Trial by Comics - Entry 2

Congrats to everyone!

im interested

:( Sad to have to leave the WIP here but I gotta go get actually fucked up instead of painting people in space getting fucked up! Ya know? You gotta do whatcha gotta do... So a cheers to you and Star Trek TOO!

Hope my entry does count at all. I just realized I forgot to resteem this post! 😫

Here's my entry:

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