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Creativity is the greatest SURVIVAL tool we have in LIFE:)
YES I am a complete NEWBIE here on Steemit... :D

This is OFFICIALLY my 1st POST! (kinda nervous to be honest lol)
SO... how exactly does this site work? any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
Apologize in advance I am completely lost about STEEMpower an how this works?
I can't believe i'd actually have the patience to make it this far creating my first post,
Honestly figured id have better luck on a freeway, holding up a creative cardboard sign!?

Fortunately i had the pleasurable Luck of being introduced to Steemit by a lovely lady i met while traveling... the kind and intelligent @heiditravels , and since i have been Completely "MIND BLOWN" with this sort of platform concept. STILL not sure exactly how all works, but after glancing over all some hilarious posts and many educational ones I still retain some skepticism that i too could actually do this myself???


Looking thru some of the posts i came across a motivational video posted by a:
@emilianiamh28 i decided what the heck ill give this a glance?
Following the video i was so inspired i immediately completed 150 pushups and 30 pull-ups... (Seriously no joke, and no I'm not a fitness freak) Thats how motivated this video made me... HIGHLY recommend watching it!!! (heres the link if interested in pull-ups?)

ANYHOW after exhausting all my resources and pushups, i felt so good and healthy due to STEEMIT i decided to write a comment on her post... in which i happily shared how good her post made me feel, THANK U to STEEMIT.
This morning when i woke up i opened my computer laughing about how Steemit made me worn out and sore the next day, completely surprised to see my first comment had already received votes rewarding me $5.69 !!!!!!!! HOLYSHIT!!!!

EASIEST money I've ever made in my life, + I'm even feeling fit from it!
THX STEEMIT Extremely excited to get involved with this PLATFORM
even if i don't make any money its all good fun.
Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 9.39.56 PM.png

"TIME... LET creative juices flow an hopefully bring Smiles
to strangers as much as these CREATIVE cardboard dreamers have Given me..."
PS- ALWAYS take a moment spare some change to anyone on the street maybe in a worse scenario than yourself; We are all children of this Earth and we all need look out for one another.

PROMISE will post entertaining and comical posts LOOKING forward to joining STEEMIT Family!
SMILE MORE... LIFE is SHORT Thx for the read

(feel free to resteem this post so i can see how that works also?) :)

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Welcome to Steemit @ajwsurfboards!
I'm a bot-helper, and I'm created to help. Congratulations on the registration on Steem - you really like it here! If you like me, make an upvote of my comment and follow me. Your upvote will allow you to give more money to new users, such as you. Let's make Steem better together!
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great hope that works!

Welcome to Steem @ajwsurfboards I have sent you a tip

There is my cent. Great post. Humour lots of it is needed in this world:) .......billytwohearts welcome,..........upvoted and followed


Thx @billytwohearts ! so it appears ur comment has now given me 13 cents? not just 1? Or does that 13 cents go towards u? how exactly does that work??? how does steemit decide that ur vote is now worth more??? Also it says i have 6days to receive payout does that mean in after 6days it all transfers into my account? One last stupid question? how to get paid??? haha apology super NEWBIE... figure no such thing as a stupid question... ? thank u in advance!


Best I can figure, the higher your number( in the circle) the more power to your upvote.
Each post after seven days, its total value is moved to your wallet.
When claimed by you it is divided
How you get it out ? It's really beyond me.
Hope that helped a bit............billytwohearts


haha sounds confusing right thank you though for the insight!

Welcome to Steemit @ajwsurfboards, you are gonna like it here :)


the dexter-k already really liking it... feel like I'm learning a lot about crypto its fun!

Great first post - Upvoted - Following

Welcome to this incredible platform,
Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. It's not difficult to get started. A little effort will truly go a long way. Wishing you the best !

You can follow my blog @wannerbet - I'm doing a 100K trading challenge starting very soon !


Hey appreciate it!!! looking forward to see what i can do on here... should be entertaining at least?

Welcome to Steemit @ajwsurfboards :)

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Alrighty!!!!! now were talking! Honey Badger WINS! :D

Awesome post! Glad you're here.


Hey Oddnugget! nice name! thank you look forward to be on here for a long time

good tips thanks