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I am brand new to STEEMIT... still trying to figure out what the heck this thing is all about??? Having doubts that I'm motivated to create these posts in hope to make some sorta "payout" Not even sure i care enough...
I came across this video you posted, and honestly have to say that was the best thing I've watched in awhile! Thank you very much Emiliani! This made my day and just motivated me to literally just did 150 push ups and 30 pull-ups hahaha Seriously!

I think i get it now... regardless of any payout i think if we can use a social platform like this we can start changing the world and inspiring strangers? than hell... This is 100% worth it. Thx again Lets all look into ourselves and live the life we desire in our hearts. Appreciate that! THX steemit I'm feeling fit now


WOW! this is exciting! i can't believe my comment has raised $5! this is my first official PAYOUT! hahaha unbelievable... Im a believer now!


ha ha great stuff :) you are going to do well just commenting!!!


it inspired me as well :) it reminded to go forward without fear as I know nothing in this life can hurt us. Have a great day :)