Travel Feed #13: Dubrovnik

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In August 2017, my good pal @danielw and I have spent 8 days in the saddle, traveling the total of 541 km while exploring the wonderful Dalmatia region. The location, briefly described below, is only one of the amazing destinations we have managed to visit during our tour.

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Dubrovnik is located in South Dalmatia, on the Adriatic Sea.

In 1991, the city suffered a major damage from shelling but restoration and repair works have been done. Currently Dubrovnik is one of the top tourist destinations in the whole Mediterranean Sea area.


Dubrovnik was the main filming location for the Game of Thrones TV show.


Old town residents can boast of their pretty unusual surroundings.


Eating out in one of the restaurants is an unforgettable experience.


I must say that out of all the cities we've managed to visit during our tour, Dubrovnik was my favorite.



Take the state road D8 south/north from Rijeka to Dubrovnik and drive until you pass the Dubrovnik bridge (approximately 604th kilometer of the aforementioned road).

Zrzut ekranu 2018-07-05 o 18.42.10.png

If you're traveling from the upper Croatia, please bear in mind that you'll be crossing the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and passing through the city of Neum.

Non-EU residents are required to present a valid passport prior to entering Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We've spent a night in the nearby town Orašac at Camp Pod Maslinom (the second night spent in the area). You can find out more about our experiences (including camping) by reading one of my previous travel feed posts, which is linked below.


Trsteno is a small town located in South Dalmatia, approximately 15 km from Dubrovnik. Is is situated on a steep bank that overlooks the Lopud island. Read more

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