Travel Digest #256

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Hi everyone, it's @livinguktaiwan today with latest issue of the #traveldigest. There seems to be a bit of an underground theme today in two of our featured post. Let's go and check it out now.

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Travel Digest

#1 Salina Turda - A Day In The Coolest Subterranean Theme Park

@adonisabril calls this the coolest subterranean them park and he's definitely not kidding. This theme park is located in a 17th century salt mine 400 feet below ground in Romania. You can walk down the wooden stairs to the theme park or ride the elevators that were used to bring salt up from the mines 100 year ago. Once you get down to the theme park, there's a ferris wheel there, a bowling alley, pool tables, mini golf course and a boat ride in the salt lakes. How cool is all that!!!

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#2 #letsgoto: CORON, Philippines

Philippines has 7641 islands and today @suitcasemama takes us on a tour to one of her favourite, Coron, Palawan. In fact she likes it so much, she been going back every year since 2012. Her first recommendations on the island are the hot springs to unwind from the long journey first, followed by a 700 step trek up the mountain for a breathtaking view of Coron. She also lets us in on her favourite places to go. All the lakes and beaches looks so gorgeous.

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#3 Eerie Stalactite Formations and Giger Inspiration — Caving in New Zealand, Part 1

Now we're going back down underground again. This time to New Zealand and @crimsonclad visits Aranu cavei where the stalactite formations are some of the most spectacular and vulnerable in the country. To be honest, I have no words to describe what she shows us in her stunning photos, apart from the fact I can feel the eeriness of everything. I can't imagine what its like to be standing inside the cave. Go check out her post yourself guys.

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Thank you about your post give me some information about kinds of travel very nice

Thanks so much @steemitworldmap for highlighting me along with the other great work! It seems like im the only "above-ground" post out of the three today, haha! Great posts from @adonisabril and @crimsonclad, wow!

Thank you, the prefect way to start our weekend and congratulations to everyone else who got mentioned.


Always a pleasure to have you on the #traveldigest. Savannah seems to have so many squares!


Just 24! Haha!

Thank you @steemitworldmap, for your continued support!


You're welcome!

Thanks for the mention and the upvote, my first one from Steemitworldmap! Great initiative you have going here, will check out some of the other featured posts and give out some support!


Keep the great posts coming! And thanks for supporting the others as well, that's exactly what we're trying to do here

Well that’s my evening reading sorted. Looking forward to reading all the posts over a cup of coffee later :)

Thanks for the mention ✌🏾


Hope you enjoy them all as much as we did curating them. Have a good weekend!

Thanks for the feature @steemitworldmap!


That's one awesome theme park you shared with us there