Travel Feed #9: Mostyska

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In May 2018, my good pal @danielw and I have spent 6 days in the saddle, traveling the total of 601 km while exploring southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. The location, briefly described below, is only one of the amazing destinations we have managed to visit during our tour.

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Mostyska is a town located in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, approximately 15 km from the Polish-Ukrainian boarder. Its name is derived from bridges which surround it from four directions.


For nearly 400 years the town belonged to Poland, up until 1772, when the elimination of the sovereign Poland has started.

On the 25th of November 2016, 27 soldiers and officers of the Polish Army who defended Lviv during the Soviet invasion in September 1939 were burried in Mostyska cemetery.



From Przemyśl

Take the DK28 country road east to Polish-Ukrainian boarder in Medyka. Cross the boarder and then drive for approximately 15 kilometers on the M11 highway.

From Lviv

Take the M11 highway west and drive for approximately 70 kilomenters.

Zrzut ekranu 2018-06-26 o 20.28.10.png


Unfortunately I was unable to find any information about a legal camping near Mostyska but luckily this was not a problem for us. After crossing the boarder with Ukraine and having a nice, well deserved dinner and a beer, we decided to seek for a spot to pitch our tent. Since it was already late and dark (also Ukraine is in a different timezone), we gave up the idea about traveling all the way down to Mostyska and spent a night in a nearby forest in Shehyni (approx. 10 km west from Mostyska).


Gulyásleves - a soup made of vegetables, beef and paprika


Chernihivske beer

Our home for the night
Photo taken by @danielw

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