Travel Feed #8: Chańcza

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In May 2018, my good pal @danielw and I have spent 6 days in the saddle, traveling the total of 601 km while exploring southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. The location, briefly described below, is only one of the amazing destinations we have managed to visit during our tour.

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Photo taken by @danielw


Chańcza is a town located in southeastern part of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland, approximately 2 km from a storage reservoir with the same name. The area involves the territories of the Cisowsko-Orłowiński Landscape Park and the Chmielnicko-Szydłowski Natural Park.



From Częstochowa

Take the DK46 country road west to Szczekociny. From there, head onto the DK78 country road that will take you to Chmielnik. From Chmielnik drive further west on the DW765 country road to Szydłów. Once you get there, take a left turn onto DW756 to Chańcza.

From Cracow

Take the DK79 country road north and drive until you reach the Ostrowce town. Then take a left turn onto the DW756 voivodeship road that will lead you straight to Chańcza.



Camping is available at Chańcza Holiday Resort and Zbigniew Feldman Campground, both located close to the lake. For us however, this was not close enough, so we decided to pitch our tent in a more desirable spot.



Chańcza is an excellent location for swimming sympathizers and waters sports enthusiasts. Besides that, the lake is available for fishermen who can count on catching a whole variety of different fish like carps, catfishes, zanders or pikes.


Travel Feed


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