Travel Feed #7: Podgora

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In August 2017, my pal @danielw and I have spent 8 days in the saddle, traveling the total of 541 km while exploring the wonderful Dalmatia region. The location, briefly described below, is only one of the amazing destinations we have managed to visit during our tour.

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Author's note: If you have been following my blog, you may already know that I am trying to avoid touristy destinations and rather visit small, quiet towns where I can blend in with the local culture. There is so much hidden beauty all over the world which is not spoiled by mankind... yet :) That is where I want to be and, at the same time, where I would like take you. Thanks for the continuous support everyone! To discover the undiscovered!


Podgora is a town located in Central Dalmatia, surrounded with the Biokovo mountain range, approximately 8 km south from Makarska. By many, it is considered to be one of the most scenic localities in the whole Makarska Riviera. The area is full of Mediterranean plants and fruits like oranges, tangerines and kiwis. The locals are also constantly taking their time to keep the ancient olive groves and vineyards in a perfect shape.


Unfortunately, the land was partially devastated due to a long lasting drought and many forest fires in the recent years.




Take the state road D8 south/north from Rijeka to Dubrovnik and drive until you reach the 473th kilometer of the aforementioned road. The Kovačića road will take you straight to the beach.



Camping is located at Kamp Sutikla, right in the heart of Podgora. This is probably the quietest and at the same time the most expensive campsite we have encountered during our Croatia exploration trip. It has a great access to the beach and a huge parking lot for those who came in by a car.



But as always, we would not be fully satisfied if we did not look for a stealth spot, away from it all, to pitch our tent...



I will not make a great discovery by saying that fun activities in Podgora include: scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking and of course cycling. If that however is not your pair of shoes, I recommend visiting the old town where you will find a ravishing Svih Svetih church.

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