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Hi. It's @choogirl here bringing you this Christmas Eve edition. I wasn't planning on writing this but @martibis messaged me this morning asking me if I could write today's post, since he's dropped his GoPro off a cliff in Malta and needs to work out how to retrieve it.

We'd also like to shout-out and thank @lpv for his generous delegation to @steemitworldmap this morning.

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#1 Hiking Upper Table Rock, Oregon, USA

First, @spc takes us on a gorgeous hike through a volcanically formed plateau near his home in Medford, Oregon. The Upper Table Rock trail is a 1.25 mile, easy hike, which takes about two hours to complete. The well-maintained path takes you onto the plateau and offers spectacular views, including of Mount McLaughlin. You can walk for a quarter mile in almost any direction and be surrounded by incredibly picturesque nature.

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Hiking Upper Table Rock, Oregon, USA

#2 Masada, Israel

Next, @raci takes us on a tour of the former Jewish fortress, Masada, located at the southwestern end of the Dead Sea in Israel. Inside the fortress walls are several buildings, including a limestone palace decorated with Pompeian-style murals and mosaics. A 900m long aerial cablecar leads from -257m below sea level to the summit plateau (33m) making it the lowest cable car in the world. In 2011 Masada was listed as UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site.

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#2 Masada, Israel

#3 The Great Wall of China, China

Finally, we head to China with @coldsteem, to walk along the Great Wall of China. Going during the shoulder season means fewer people, which is better for taking photos and shorter lines. The section he visited—approx 1.5 hours outside of Beijing—costs 40 renminbi (approx USD 7.50). Once on the wall, there are approximately 1500 steps, so good walking shoes and water are a must. There are a few more places with stairs at the top, but most of the wall is contour with even pavement that gently slopes up or down, making it much easier navigate.

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#3 The Great Wall of China, China

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Wohoo it's amazing to see my post here, hope it gives some people inspiration to visit this wonderful place 😊

Your post was great. Those photos look awesome. I'd never heard of this place until now.

Thank you, Israel is auch a wonderful country to travel, I will post more from my trip there soon ☺️

Thank you for considering my post in your honorable mentions!

I love your work, keep it up!

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How much dividend will come

Awesome!! Keep up the good work... you have some tremendous work featured here in the #traveldigest thanks so much for allowing me to be featured on the SteemitWorldMap with one of my recent posts... Hiroshima, Japan

Much Respect @conradsuperb

Ohhh the second photo. Masada, Israel. I was there 3 times. If you ever come to visit Israel, go there, listen to my recommendation, You won't regret going there.

Thanks for sharing those amazing photos!

Waooo that's good

Thanks for the feature! @choogirl Thanks for finding my post and letting me know about this!

nice :D Greetings from Colombia

Glad to meet you Mr. Introduce me from Aceh. We recently commemorated the day of the accident, severe stunami plg of war 13 years ago.

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