Travel Pro Adventure #6: Lost in Railey Peninsula Thailand! Part Five (32 photos)

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We continue our adventure on Railey Peninsula, so come along my steemit friends and lets get lost! Earlier in the day we took a Thai long tail speed boat an hour from Krabi Town to the beaches of Railey, explored a cave, found the secluded hippy town of Tonsai, met some interesting people there and viewed some very nice art work. We walked along the exotic beaches, saw rock climbers hanging off cliffs, monkeys swinging through trees, and we just finished our second jungle trek which dropped us off on the north side of Railey Beach West.

We pop out of the jungle and this is the view we see. We check the time. It's 1:30. Two hours to get back to Railey Beach East to catch the Long Tail back to Krabi Town where we are staying. While socializing with the travelers in Tonsai, more than once did we hear about people getting stuck on the peninsula.

If you miss your pre-purchased return boat ticket or you miss the last 5pm boat back to Krabi Town for a fair price, your option is paying 30 dollars for a private ride, or staying the night in Railey. Thirty dollars may not seem like much in some parts of the world, but when you get used to Thai prices it starts to sound like a lot of money.

Our round trip ticket cost seven dollars US. In this country 30 dollars is like 25 meals, or two weeks of groceries, or 3 nights in a hotel, or six hour-long Thai massages! Money goes really far here! It's part of what is so appealing about this "pay less get more country".

We are not really sure how to get to Railey Beach East, so let's just walk down this beach, Railey West, and find a local to ask.

These nice Thai ladies working at the pizza shop will know. "Railey Beach East?" I ask in the most simple way for their lack of English skills. "Go end beach, you go leeeeft!" With their drawn out Thai accents they say. Simple enough, let's go to the end of the beach and look for a path inland to cross to the other side of the peninsula which is only about one kilometer wide at it's most narrow point.

That looks like fun and reminds me that we are going kayaking through caves and mangroves the day after tomorrow. No time for that now anyway.

We reach the end of the beach and sure enough we see a cement path. We start walking down the trail. A sign says don't enter after dark or face a fine of 1,000 baht or 30 dollars. That's strange. Well, she said end of beach go "leeeeeft". Let's go.

The nice cement walkway abruptly stops and we start heading up hill over some rough terrain. Then it gets seriously vertical, and we are basically using the free style rock climbing three points of contact rule. This is where you make sure you have three out of four hands/feet in secure positions at all times. A fall here could spell disaster. I'm already thinking, this is a peculiar way to get to Railey Beach East; but it's Thailand, they do things differently here. Let's keep going.

Hey another cave! Let's check it out.

Don't think Railey Beach East is down there, we back out of the cave and continue on the path.

Maybe that's the way to Railey Beach East. Too bad we don't have any rock climbing gear, let's keep following this rough trail.

Seems like we have to go up over a mountain to get to Railey Beach East. Maybe climbing these roots is a short cut, nah that's way too dangerous. It's getting close to 2pm, we need to get going.

The trail gets more vertical, that's where we came from.

Now it looks as if the trail itself is starting to fade away into the jungle. I'm starting to feel like we may have accomplished our mission thanks to the girl at the pizza shop. Are we lost? I think that adrenaline coursing through our veins may very well mean yes! What's the worst that could happen let's keep going!

We must be deep in the jungle, that's by far the biggest tree we've seen all day!

Ahhh here were go, this will certainly get us up over the mountain and then surely we'll descend down the other side to Railey Beach East! Fantastic! C'mon!

Heads we go up the ladder, tales we continue on the trail. Nah that looks way dangerous. To come back down if we had to would be even worse. We continue on the sketchy trail but better than hanging off that ladder with no protection.

Wow, we really climbed quite a ways!

Look, another opportunity to get up over the mountain then down to Railey Beach East. We start to climb up, then quickly asses this is out of our comfort zone, with no one around and no equipment; we back down and continue on the trail.

The trail swiftly begins to turn down hill. Good news, it will probably drop us off on Railey Beach East. Perfect! We probably just went around the mountain. Let's go!

We say hello to the rock climbers, no need to ask for directions, there is only one way to go and that is down and out!

Hey we made it! This has got to be Railey Beach East. Let's go look for the pier. Wait a minute, this looks strangely familiar. Look, there's three red kayaks lined up just like Railey Beach West. Hmmmm, this is Railey Beach West!......Seriously?

Looks like we just got lost in the jungle and did one big loop. Oh well, that certainly was a fun adventure. Lets go talk to a resort security guard and ask how to get out of here. It's now about 2:30. Time is running short. Let's go!

The security guard explains that we have to go directly into Railey Bay Resort and Spa to take the walkway across the peninsula to the other side. So much for "Go end beach. Go leeeft!" Maybe we should go back and thank that girl, sometimes getting lost in a strange land is a "travel pro's" favorite thing to do!

Well that was a lot easier of a trail! It even has refreshments if needed! Within minutes we pop out on the other side where we began our day at 9 am.

Well, there's the pier, even after getting lost in the jungle it's about 2:50 pm. We're forty minutes early. We check the map and see we are fairly close to Cave Beach on the southern most part of the peninsula. We take a short rest, drink some water, and decide to hurry over there to take a peek. So come along my steemit friends in our final part six of this wild adventure in Railey Peninsula!

If you missed out on some of this adventure join us in part one, part two, part three, part four.

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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Nice story with pics. Reminds me of my trip to Thai

Thanks @onealfa. I checked out your page too and decided to follow. Hope to see you around more often. -Dan

Wow that beach looks awesome while im currently in -10 weather freezing our &%$$# Off !! lol! Supposed to get down to -17 tonight ! thanks for taking us on another awesome journey , still cant get over how far 30.00 dollars can go over their !! its crazy !! keep up the great work my friend , and that ladder looked pretty sketchy to me too lol! Steem On and Merry Christmas !! 🎀🎄🎅
I just found this one ! could have used it on my other post lol!

That ladder was sketchy. And climbing up to even get to that point had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up just a bit. So glad you came along for the adventure Karen. Love the GIFS.

-17. Yikes. Just spoke to my dad visiting family in NY. said it's 0 degrees out. Bone chilling. Don't remember how I managed living in that for my first 18 years. Too cold for me. From the warm equator in Guayaquil Ecuador...Merry Christmas! -Dan

Haha ! we all managed to survive though ! lol! I wear long johns ! haha ! Merry Christmas my friend , and happy trails to you !😂🎀🎄😀

nice theme friend , good job

Looks like you have had a great adventure there!! Look forward to see more!

Fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you around more often!

Awesome post. I upvote and followed. I am excited because traveling Thailand is what I love. I will be island hopping in January. I hope you follow my adventure. -Sam

Sounds good buddy. Island hopping in Thialand is one of my favorite things to do! Enjoy!

Thailand is really interesting place to be :) I like your work and you have my full support ;) Also, I do photography too and I would really appreciate if you could check out my profile ;) Happy holidays to you! :D

Nice blog you've started. Keep it up. Now that I'm not such a super minnow any more. I will help and support you! Keep up the good work. -Dan

Stunning photos, "pay less get more" are the best countries :)

Absolutely they are! Happy to see you enjoying my blog! Thank you for your support! -Dan

such a beautiful beach and surrounding rock formations in the early part of the post, just the kind of thing that inspires to me want to visit!

Thanks Ruth. I'm inspired to go back! I already miss the place. Hands down my favorite country in the world so far. Over a 10 visits and probably 2 years of life have been spent there since age 20 Island hoping and much more. Just an incredible place in so many ways.

Woww good post friend

Thank you. So glad you enjoyed. Hope you come along and see the final part of this journey!

I enjoyed the adventure to tell you honestly with a lot of emotions hahaha As if I was with you on that adventure while reading your post and enjoying the photos! Excellent! keep it up :)

I did my best to make it read like I was with my 700+ followers. We are all one big steemit family here! Thanks for coming along, and hope to see you around more often! -Dan

you are welcome Dan. Have a good one :)

I love the story, and photos very much, and why I love to travel so much, keep posting, my friend

If you like you can look my post

Thanks @Johnnyray. Merry Christmas, hope to see you around more often! -Dan

Most outdoor don't realize how nice Thailand really is. It may not be the most modern country in the world but I it has a lot of natural beauty. My wife who grew up in NYC went for a visit there and came back wanting to move there!

If I had to live permanently in one country it would probably be Thailand. My first time there I was twenty. Now I'm 35. Been back about a dozen times over the years. Probably spent over 2 years of my life in this amazing country. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see more of you! -Dan

It looks very enjoyable trip..

It certainly was. Thank you so much for joining me and hope to see you stop by again soon! -Dan

first rate work...professional in evey way...and great photography.

I put a lot of effort into it! Thank you for noticing!

It's awesome and nice pics. You can look at my post that I shared.

Ok I'll go check it out. Hope to see you stop by for the final part. -Dan

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