That night I ended up lost in Mexico with a Van full of Hookers

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[I've never told this story to anyone before, and for good reason]

I had never been out of the states before. So this was a dream vacation. My brother's and I would join my mom and step dad at their house in Acapulco. A week to remember - and it almost stalled out of the gate.

We were to be at their house by 4am so we could be on the road to the airport by 4:30. But Alex was running late. I thought he had cleaned up his act and I was probably the only one who knew what was up. But the problem was, a few hours before he had received special funds from our dad for this vacation. He wasn't allowed to have is own money due to his past heroin addiction.. or so we thought was in the past.

I kept making excuses for him and saying he hadn't packed at all and was probably doing one last load of laundry. None of my previous texts or calls were answered - so that usually meant one thing, he was getting high.

Fourty-five minutes later he shows up and we rush to the airport. All three brothers - myself, Alex, and Eric, all squeezed in the back seat. It was then that I noticed the mark from the needle in the crook of Alex's arm. It was smiling at me - I knew at that point it was going to be an interesting trip.

Shortly after we arrived in paradise and the drinking had already started. Probably a lot more than my parents thought we were capable of - at least in front of them. We always played it off casual during the day, like we were only kinda into it the free liquor and stocked fridge.

It was only a couple days into our trip and we began to get comfortable. We were often tipsy before dinner and since weren't driving the entire trip - we took cabs at night - which means we didn't have anything to worry about.. At least we thought.

Most of the nights blended together as one. We would drink a bucket of beer between the three of us, then bar hop to the next bucket. And this would continue throughout the night. Most of the time just talking to each other and enjoying the occasional tequila shot. Eventually when it was closing time, we thought about getting a cab but decided to start walking instead. Every alley we walked by seemed to have a of provocateur trying to lure us in.

1st Alley:

"Come on guys, want to see some pussy?"

2nd Alley:

"Hello boys, do you want some pussy?"

3rd Alley:

"You lookin for drugs? What kind you want? We have everything.."

We continue on our way until I realized that one of us is missing. The addict.

I turn around and start yelling at him to come back.

"ALEX get back here! Hey! I'm fuckin leaving you! come on, don't do this!"

But it was like the guy in the last alley was calling him by name.

I said to Eric "That's it, I'm walking"

And I started heading down the same direction we were going. Left my other brother Eric in the middle, torn between both sides. He didn't know what to do. He starts back towards the alley and tells Alex I left.

Finally Alex reconsiders the drug dealer's offer, and they start looking around for me. But I'm no where to be found. They could not figure out how I got so far and I couldn't either.

I remember having a good "general idea" of where I was going but the alcohol was setting in. And it was around this time that I was approached by an older, yet attractive woman.

She walked up and just started feeling my crotch. I tried to resist but I was lost both physically and mentally.

"Hey there baby, are you looking for some fun?.. Come with me and my friends and we'll show you a good time."

I debated for a second as I searched for common sense but none could be found. Before I knew it I was sitting in a van with 3 ladies and they're all groping me. My shorts come off and all I can see is hands. I couldn't tell if I was excited or scared. but I couldn't stop them in my drunken horny state.

Back in the alley my two brothers are still looking for me. Alex decides, on the same line of judgement that led him to the drugs, to take leak on the side of building. Within seconds the police are there. There's a lot of yelling going on as he's handcuffed and placed in the back of the cop car. Eric is in disbelief things have escalated to this.

So he flags down a cab and heads back home. He was frantic. Tells our mother that one brother's in jail and the other is most likely kidnapped. So they take their car and head down to the police station. The officers there ensured them that both brothers are fine and probably just enjoying the "late night-life." And eventually convince them to head back home in case we both took cabs back there.

Meanwhile, Alex is still driving around in the back of the police car. They pass the police station several times and explain to him he can spend the night in a Mexican jail cell, or he can pay him $200 dollars and be on his way. He decides to pay them the money. And then let off down the street.

He flags a cab down and heads back home to see Eric in the front yard with my mother and Step dad, but no sign of me.

Mother: "Where is your brother?"

Alex: "I figured everyone was home with you guys."

Back in the van with the thee chicas I begin to freak out. I can't find my wallet and this suddenly sobers me up. I start yelling.

"Where's my walletto?! Who took my walletto?"

Which I know isn't Spanish for wallet, but it sounded good at the time.

They pull the van over as I'm feeling around in the dark and find it next to my feet. I throw them my last $60 and get out of the van. If someone sees me I have a plan to tell them I got in the wrong type of cab and freaked out.

I recognize the area, but know I'm still no where near our vacation home.

I start walking.

After about 10 minutes or so I reach the highway I believe to be in the direction of where we're staying. As I'm walking I can hear people moving around in the desert within their shack homes. There are tents sent up and makeshift shelters with a simple chain link fence in between them and me. I'm scared. My walk turns into a run. I'm not certain if I'm even heading in the right direction but I'm out of cash so I didn't even bother taking a cab.

At some point during my 10 minute run I begin to sober up even more and realize I must be at least 20 miles from where I need to be. Considering it was a 15 minute drive every time we went into the city. So I stop and begin running back in the direction I came from. At this point I am almost completely sober.

After about 10 or 15 minutes of running I get back to the city and find the closest ATM. I take out the normal $20 cab fair and grab the nearest one. Finally I start making my way home for real this time.

When I do make it home, everyone is pacing around. It's almost 4 in the morning, they're all thankful I'm alive and want to hear my story.

I told them I didn't have any money on me and couldn't find an ATM after we all got separated. So I started walking home, which eventually turned into a run. But was too drunk to realize how far away I was. So I ended up walking back to the city to find an ATM and cab.

They all bought it, except my step dad. A few times after this when the story would come up, even months later, he would take me aside and say.

"So what really happened to you that night?"

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BWAAAAAA!! This was a fantastic read deff got my upvote! here's one of my posts for your pleasure Blessed BE!

I worked with a guy who ended up spending the weekend in a Mexican lockup because he didn't have cash to bribe the police when he was drunk. There was pecking order in the communal jail cell and in order to keep his fancy clothes he was forced by the leader to clean the toilets all weekend. It was either that or his pants. I think he chose wisely.

Yeah it's pretty crooked down there but apparently the cops just want money and aren't that mean. I like how the cells has leaders like portrayed in the movies.

I think we have all had capers like these. Great post.

thanks, it feels good to finally get it out there too... at least somewhere