Travel Story Part 05 - Walking through Atenas

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Welcome everybody,

this is Part 05 of my Travel Story from Costa Rica ❤️

I was a little bit ill on this day and stayed at the hotelroom, so my lovely girlfriend Martina decided to go to pharmacy and buy some medicine for me.

I told her to take the car, but she denied and want to go for a walk at noon when it was the hotest time there.
I just let her go, knowing that this is not the best idea she had so far ;-)

She made wonderful pictures, this is her trip:


If you wonder what this iron cage is in front of the house? this is for garbage, because of the animals


She told me, downhill she was so happy and enjoyed it until she have to go back up the hill :-)






Cool! An old Volkswagen, they are everywhere!


This is a cemetery, in europe they look much different! I like that everyone has the same grave, not like in europe where it sometimes looks like a contest who has the best looking grave with the biggest flower decoration, imagine in what a sick society we live.


This might be a park from Atenas.


The church. The interesting thing on this picture is the conifer tree in front of the church. I can´t remember that I have seen another conifer tree in this country




Christmas decoration everywhere ;-)
I feel curious about christmas decoration in summer, seems like a joke !



She was shopping fruits in this market.


She told me she was very hungry and found this restaurant on the right side.


❤️ Smoothie ❤️


Nice Burger, I had only crackers in my hotelroom.


The long way back, about 3,5 kilometers


with many holes like this on the sidewalk


She was finished as you can see on this picture. She came challenged, sunburned with blisters on her feed back to me.
I told her to take the car :-)

Stay tuned for...

Travel Story Part 06 - Breakfast at La Casita del Cafe

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Wonderful images. Thank you for sharing

wow spectacular photos and adventure. thanks for sharing

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Very nice post and amazing

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Beautiful, eye catchy and mesmerizing. 😍 muat have been a fantastic trip

Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me.
Thank for sharing @prosirius
I always wait for your next post @prosirius
because your post is always a motivation for me. I will always be your loyal followers in every post you @prosirius

Excellent story! But how long your girlfriend was going to pharmacy for medicine to you? Did she was hurry come back or not?

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very beautiful, maybe one day you can visit aceh indonesia, aceh also very beautiful

WOW such a beautiful blog post with amazing images in it. Graves are so interesting, I have never seen graves like these. Also Costa Rica looks super beautiful place to visit!

Thanks for sharing and keep on writing! :)

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Wow! This place is beautiful! It is somewhere I would want to visit. Thanks for this

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Beautiful place!

I wanna be a part of this series please how can I?

Wonderful photos indeed! Thanks for sharing :)

awesome taking

beautifull pictures.

Cool pictures.

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What a pleasant place, it is fantastic, very simple but full of color and a lot of tradition, it seems a place of quiet life. The food, the church and the market are very good. It has caught my attention. The photos that his girlfriend took who did not want to take the car were worth it, they were very beautiful. Greetings @prosirius

Greetings friend I hope you are good that you keep sharing your experience in Costa Rica, maybe what happened to you and it was the climate change and that's why you became ill, I like that you can see and constrict the societies, I did not know that in Europe graves, that banality so stupid.

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That smoothie looks phenomenal!!!!!! And very pretty flowers! Love Costa Rica...Pura Vida...

Wow. What a gorgeous place!! Especially enjoyed the cemetery and church! You're so right. All the graves being equal is so much better. Here in the US it's a sick contest too. 😷

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