Travel Story Part 04 - Chilling at Hermosa Beach

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Hello Steemians,

I hope you enjoyed my latest posts, today we will chill out at Hermosa Beach.
The pictures are from various days, so don´t wonder if we wear other clothes :-)


Kevin hanging around in one of the hammocks on the beach


Martina does the same


Simon, the guy who is always active and motivated, trained his balance skills on the slackline to improve his surfer abilities


Hermosa is a surf spot, check out the website on the picture for live cam.

Here is a short video about this place

We had a great time there, I love this black sand beach without stones.
Next time when I am there I will start learning to surf.



  1. ME: "Come on Baby, go to the water I want to make a picture"
  2. ME: "You have to go further into the water"
  3. ME: "Thats perfect, turn around and look at me"




That was funny :-)


Kevin had also fun


Claudia & Luke watched Simon surfing the waves


Unfortunately I didn´t get a snapshot from him on the surfboard, so I took a picture from him with the surfboard


Here we had some tasty smoothies and other drinks :-)


This is the Restaurant Vida Hermosa Bar&Restaurant, you get very good food here.



Nice view to have a dinner, right? Right!

At night we had dinner there with live music



This is great, if you ever go to Costa Rica then visit Hermosa


Cheers for today

Next Episode

Travel Story Part 05 - Walking through Atenas

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Great post
Looks great place .. good for you
Thank you for sharing with us your adventure

Simon has done really a great job. It is all about practice.
Your beach pictures jist reminded me of my first visit to Santo Beach in Singapore. It was my first time to any beach.

If really the success is based on the effort that person makes, very good photos, I would like to visit those beaches at some point in my life! I only know the beaches of the Caribbean!

Yooooo Buddy!!! So nice to see your review here! That was an awesome time together!!! #toberepeated ;)

Yes it was and will be in future Bro! Hey guys this is SIMON from the pictures above

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amazing !!!
looks like you enjoyed it @prosirius

show us more!!! :)


Shots from Costa RicaFB_IMG_1518634769759.jpg


Awesome. We ate at that restaurant too. Good job on your posts sir. Very funny with the waves 😂

wow buddy relaxing with good mood i think. Really nice place to chill out. Natural beauty,refreshing weather. Have a nice trip 👌😆

@prosirius You look afraid when the sea waves splashed on your face.But you look pretty too.I wonder how you sleep on that hammock.For me I am afraid on lying on hammock.I feel I would fall off.
Did you have a surf board ride on the sea?I would have wanted to see you on that surf board.
Good pictures and I love them all.Thumbs up!

@stevekay thanks for saying my girlfriend is pretty, I am the guy behind the camera :-)
If she would ride a surfboard, she would probably fight with drowning. Her life is full of little accidents

It's all amazing how you share your travel adventures here and make people's jaw drop and it actually inspires us too. This is really inspirational and kp travelling and discovering beautiful parts of nature. Nature is always waiting

Wow, what a nice tour u guys had there, your post has elicited my desire to go places, the pictures re very beautiful and i couldn't stop thinking getting myself inside the water just like your babe there. Nice job, keep making us feel the world. Thumps up

such a refreshing place! i just wanna go there. by the way thank you for sharing such an amazing place and photos .

Very good photos.
This beach is spactacular.
If I could I would go enjoy

cheers bro.


Nice post brother, if u have time u can go to sabang ? Very very beuatiful

Lookin awesome! 😀🐟🐚💙Enjoy your trip!

@networkallstar awesome is the word. Couldn't have said it better.

Oh i love beaches. Keep it up!

cool story, amazing adventure in the beach.

200w (14).gif

Nice share, you are the best

Interesting... I think I need to visit more places then...

Also check out my introductory post n my series.. cool stuffs too..

Good that you really had fun, I love the place, and those photos are great, how I wish I could have the chance to visit Vida Hermosa in the future.

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Thanks for sharing. Looks amazing. You should come and visit us in Hawaii. We think you will like it.

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I like this post and i also go every sunday on beech with friend

beautiful place... I love it...

even if I'm here in Pattaya Thailand...

I still wanted to see different places and beaches...

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Haha! Good rest.

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@dianna1 upvoted %45
Thank you @prosirius

I like your post. do not forget Follow me @hazrami. thank you

Itu was very good story.... Great!!!

@prosirius thank you for giving us one of your best experiences. I'll be waiting for the next story. Really inspiring me :)

nice post

I love it ! :) Keep posting

que hermosa playa, se ve genial como para darse un chapuson

What an adventure. Great work

Good one. Keep it up

Great post. We were in Playa del Coco for 8 mounts . close by ;)
But I really love Hermosa. I enjoyed that post, I miss the place so much.


That was our beach in Coco :)

what beautiful photos PURA VIDA MAEEE brother hehehe, brother I'll leave you another video of a beach in venezuela called el jaque is one of the best in the world to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing, since I see that you like extreme sports, I invite you to You come to my country, it's beautiful.

Here I leave a video of 2016

What an amazing trip this looks like!! I HAVE to go there soon! Wow.