Travel Story Part 02 - Good Morning Costa Rica

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As you can see we were very happy to be there. It was so wonderful to be woken up by the singing birds.
We had perfect weather in this climate zone ( 1 of 7 in Costa Rica).

Come with me I give you a picture tour :-)


This is our room from the outside


The parking area and the house from Vera, the owner of this wonderful place.


This Vera in front of the big palm tree and on the left the room where my friends from Austria are already living since 3 days.


Lets have a good morning drink with Simon - my friend and mentor since 3 years


The view on the vulcano, unfortunately we had not enough time to go there but we will make a trip up there the next time we are in Costa Rica.


Wonderful eagle...


... flying around - do you see him in the middle of the picture?


This is the smoking area ;-)


what a beautiful day


what a beautiful view from there




Here we had coffee & breakfast


This is the house dog. His name is Hermes and he is very cute and friendly to all the visitors.


This is the house cat. His name is Apollo, unfortunately he lost 1 leg because he was hunting snakes and a very venomous snake bit him in his leg.


We also had visitor, don´t know his name. He was the neighbors dog and got away to visit Hermes :-)


I saw a dead spider also, someone has killed them and put them on this leave.

This was the only Spider I saw the whole trip
I am a little bit afraid of these animals, so it´s okay for me :-)

Make sure, if you ever make a trip to Costa Rica than you have to visit this beautiful place.

Here is their website with all the information you need.

I love this place, big thanks to Vera and her team for this wonderful time.

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What a cute couple 😍

thank you

O wow man, it looks so good.
I am jealous of you gus now haha
By the way, looks like you had a great time.

yes we had a wonderful time, wish you can also visit this beautiful country

You guys look very happy indeed, then again who wouldn't be in Costa Rica? Hope you're enjoying the Pura Vida over there ;)

it was the best time of my life so far, Pura Vida Life and mentality is awesome

What a beautiful photographic journey, for those of us who had not had the opportunity to go through the beautiful landscapes of that country. Thank you!!

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View is really beautiful! It had to be a peaceful place. Far from all the bustle. The spider was very big!'s hard to top Costa Rica for a vacation spot @prosirius lovely view from up there...I'm tuned in!

Yes be prepared for my favorite breakfast spot in one of the next posts!


yes it was, thanks for watching

Wow so hilarious

yes it is

That is beautiful

yes it is, thanks for joining me

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Nice travel.

thank you

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Awesome @jerrybanfield project
I recommend this to everyone

buenos días desde Venezuela, se ve fantastico diviertete /Good morning from Venezuela look amazin have fun

thank you, we had a great time

3.88% @pushup from @prosirius

I'm fascinated with the eagle...thanks for sharing.

great animal, we were very fascinated about it

it just like amazing man! all the pics are looking so attractive you just need to keep such kind of work continue and provide such a real content.

thank you, I will do and give my best

Hay Hay ! I like hermes! 😁✌✌✌✌

he is sooo cute

Hope I was also part

A cute couple and a beutifull story..

thank you very much

Wow. I have to go there.

yes do it, i will go there again also as soon as possible. I am feeling like I have only seen 1% of this beautiful country - so I will have to go there another 99 times :-)

very hot weather, but no obstacles if close to a lover

muy hermoso ....

Morning from nigeria

:-) good evening from austria

wow it was a very nice sight.
see this photo of me

Wow cool, will go for it the next time

would love to visit this beatiful place someday ...till that time travellling by pics 🤪

I am sorry for you @shabab1 , but maybe this helps you to get there by the end of this year
Have a look here

That's really funny... But true.. Travelling by picsIMG-20180210-WA0007.jpg


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like my dreams. I want too :(