Travel Story Part 03 - Trip to the Beach

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Hello Steemians,

I hope you enjoyed my latest posts, today I will take you to the beach. Let´s go...


the roads are very curvy, had a lot of fun while driving


on the highway it´s not so funny :-)

For all the people wondering where the hell we are. here is the map so you can see the spots we visited and maybe visit them on your own someday


One thing you must have to drink in Costa Rica is Pipa Fria, which is full of electrolytes and packed with calcium, magnesium, and potassium and tastes very delicious. It simple is fresh coconut water and you can get them along the main streets nearly on every fresh fruit stand.



Every day traffic jam on this road because of the crocodile bridge :-)


this is a huge river full of crocodiles, would not go for swimming there


Here they are waiting for chicken, you can buy dead chickens there and throw them into the water to watch the massacre


This is the biggest one we saw there, I think it is about 4,5 meters long.
fascinating animals






It is a beautiful beach and we had fantastic weather.


Restaurants in front of the beach...


... with very delicious food :-)


We enjoyed it, like you can see on Simon´s face


Later that day, the weather was not so fine anymore...


... but more comfortable with the clouds.


Funny warning sign :-) That´s it for today

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I Love your photos!!

Very good trip!

Very impressed, beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, awesome looking food! Real tropical paradise. :D

WOW it looks like you had an amazing trip! The country looks absolutely beautiful and that lobster looks delicious omg. Makes me want to visit Costa Rica so bad!

Looks nice, except for the crocodiles.
I have never been to the pacific side of Costa Rica.
Spent some time with a friend who is now a legal resident.
She lives near Cahuita on the Caribbean side.
Some nice beaches there .

hello @prosirius great that you enjoyed the tropics that this country offers, I am from venezuela, here we have a very important biological diversity, we have a jungle very rich in bio diversity, the beaches are one of the best in the world for example the archipelago of los roques, the fall of highest water in the world is here in Venezuela I will leave you a video to see how beautiful my country is

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Excellent publication! I invite you to visit my publication of a beautiful tourist place, if you want, vote!

Lol I am always scared of crocodiles, could not imagine if someone fell from the bridge and get eaten by them..

I love the beach!!!!

Little scary. Let's roll

Love how we can travel with you through photographs. love the way you narrate!

see yeah in awhile crocodile see yeah later alligator..wouldn't wanna fall of that bridge!

Nice one

steady ☺ do not forget to stop in my steemit

How I wish I could go there as well. XD

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Nice travel series keep updating, nice one

very attractive post @homeraakter74
please vote me

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thats an interesting read

Crocodile bridge looks cool. Definitely wouldn't take a dip in that water though

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Very interesting travel story, nice pictures also, thanks!

Living in happy enjoy faces challenges,,amazing

Go run for it. Beaches are relaxing and awesome.

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Awesome sign there - and cool crocs. Thank you so much for taking us on your journey!

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Wow, never see so many crocodiles together. Thank you for the post!