Travel Story Part 01 - Costa Rica The Arrival

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I have done a trip to Costa Rica with my girlfriend Martina from 27th December until 08th January and want to share our beautiful pictures with you in this Travel Story.

Because of the fact I have not had any real vacation the last 10 years and my business friends invited me to join them on a special new year´s eve party - I decided to travel to Costa Rica and have some quality time without being online 24/7.

I booked 2 tickets from Vienna (Austria) to San Jose (Costa Rica)

Let´s get started ...


Waiting for boarding in Vienna


We went from Vienna to Paris - Paris to Atlanta - Atlanta to San Jose and had a good flight.
In Summary it was about 21 hours travel time.


Goodbye Austria - I live in front of this mountain


Enjoy this view!


We had a delicious breakfast


Business Class from Paris to Atlanta was awesome


My girlfriend sleeping ...


Me sleeping ...


The first cigarete after 12 hours - that was hard but we survived :-)


Atlanta Airport is huge


Take off one more time


The final flight to from Atlanta to San Jose.


Yeah, we arrived in Costa Rica the first time in our live :-)

We took up our rental car and went to Vista Atenas Bead&Breakfast

After 2 days without much sleep it was a challenge to drive in the dark on this curvy mountain roads to our final destination Vista Atenas but we got instantly rewarded with this beautiful view:



We wish a good night


Next Episode

Travel Story Part 02 - Good Morning Costa Rica

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Great, how did you like the country? How did the schedule change affect you? What you thought of their green landscapes is a very beautiful country.

I love this country, the people, the Pura Vida mentality, especially the green landscapes are so beautiful - this is real nature and we have to save them. because of that i have bought 10 000 squaremeters of rainforest to save them from the greedy bastards who want to destroy them for profit from the resources

what a wonderful action, if it can be human to contaminate with that level of consciousness the world that another, the elder brother is truly admirable your gesture with the planet.

Looking forward to seeing the whole trip!... haven't been to Costa rica before but it is def on my list! Hopefully you don't have to wait another 10 years for your next vacation :)

haha, it will definitely will not take another 10 years, I will visit Costa Rica again this year. I will post approximate every 1-2 days the next parts of this travel story. Hope you can also visit this beautiful country soon

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Awesome @jerrybanfield
I will delegate some power to your service in future

Awesome, have fun. Costa Rica is amazing, I just did a travel blog on it too... not sure where your going in Costa Rica but make sure you do zip lining and white water rafting those were one of my favorite adventures there.

thank you @alphasteem
I will visit your blog as soon I answered all the great comments
Like you see in Part02, we stayed at Atenas first. Have also done Zip lining and had filmed it - I hope I get the videos from my friend soon to share it here

woo hoo! I'll be looking out for it. see ya around!

You had a beautiful trip i hope you enjoyed

yes it was awesome

wow..nice pictures & nice story thanks for sharing..

thanks for watching - Part 02 will come the next 24 hours

Good travel! I like

thanks @julybrave
Part 02 is already published - have a look

I love Costs Rica. A friend built a hotel thee on the beach and I went to visit three times about 15 years ago. Fantastic and beautiful country. You will have a great time. enjoy!

Thanks it´s beautiful there - I love Costa Rica too and will live there in future

That first plane ride looks comfy. What plane/airline was that? That's how I want to travel really long distances!

it was air france, a 10 hour flight from Paris to Atlanta. enjoyed it very much and it was worth it

Wow! Want to have a BUSINESS CLASS in flight time too!

yes go for it, on long flights it is a must for me in future

looks like a awesome place.will wait for part 2

Part 02 is much more awesome - stay tuned

Wow, I really like your post.
You beautiful pictures are awesome and I am definitely going to follow your posts, because I love traveling myself it is always good to hear from other people how they have experiences a Country, town or city. So post away my friend because cant wait for your next experience in traveling. 😉 😍

thank you, much more is on it´s way :-)

It's such a nice place. Several friends own homes there :)

wonderful places there @tibra
I will also buy a house there with my PURAs for sure the next years

I've never been to Costa Rica, so I look forword to travel story part 2~ 😊

it´s beautiful there, you have to visit it - in the next 24 hours I publish Part 02


yes :-)


Yes it is - I love Costa Rica

uzun ama keyifli bir yolculuk olmuş belliki ,bu güzel anılarını bizimle paylaştığın için teşekkür ederim


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Am sure you guys must have had a lovely trip and lots of experience as well...thanks for sharing

you´re welcome @jayfamous , check out Part02 for more stuff like this

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What a blessing!!

yes it is

pretty pictures

thank you, more on it´s way

Travel was really long, but It certainly was worth it. I look forward to new photos from Costa Rica.

yes it´s worth it, Part 02 is already online - check it out @anastazia

Cheers to your trip and good time mate !

thank you very much

Good one

Happy journey

Likei back @prosirius. :-)

:-) I will

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Nice picture.

Salam sukses dan kenal dari saya

thank you