Building passive Income - The Plan

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Hello Steemians,

like I told you in my last post I have done very well last year thanks to Avalon Life I made 1 milllion $ portfolio value out of nowhere (~3000$) in less than a year.
Unfortunately, I have not sold at the top so it went down back to $ 400K and most of it is locked in masternodes or steem power :-)
Now I am forced to sell coins I am hodling since more than a year to pay my bills every month and that is not funny at all.

So I need to build passive income and I have a plan.

Avalon Life the company who made me a millionare has released their new product called bitsurge
You can read about here

In summary its a token built on waves blockchain and has a fixed value of 40$ per Token, they are earning money from
ATM business, Niche Mining, AI Coin Arbitrage, Coin Trading, Masternode Services, Crypto Venture Capital

The only way you can pay in is PURA
You can read about here

This are the Contracts


Duration 90 Days - after this period you get your investment back and the Tokens get burned.
You can put it in for the next 90 days if you want.

Depending on what contract size you choose you will get monthly a minimum on % gains - payouts are every day in BTO (Bitsurge Token)

So I want to make now the 10 000$ contract and will get MINIMUM 13% per month because I am License Partner at Avalon Life.

If you are no license partner at Avalon Life you will only get MINIMUM 10% per month - If you make a license 960 $ with a 4000 $ contract you will get minimum 500 $ more per year than with no license

I have now 120 000 PURA beside my masternodes and want to keep 50% longterm because I think it can easily reach 10$ until the end of this year. There are also many cool updates like mobile mining coming in the next weeks so I am expecting a big cup & handle formation is building like I charted out in the picture below


My Plan is this:

10 000$ when PURA @ 0.5 $ = 20 000 PURA
10 000$ when PURA @ 1 $ = 10 000 PURA
20 000$ when PURA @ 2 $ = 10 000 PURA
30 000$ when PURA @ 3 $ = 10 000 PURA
50 000$ when PURA @ 5 $ = 10 000 PURA

My friend tested it and now the returns are about ~20 % per month

In my next post you will get some details about PURA and what updates happening the next weeks
When PURA reaches 0.5 $ I will start my contract and share my results every day with you.

Have a good time
Yours prosirius


For those guys who want to try it
you can register here and buy it from the backoffice with your PURA coins

If you want to purchase a contract sized 4000$ or more please reply to me and I will show you how you get the most benefits out from that :-)

PURA is amazing! Thank you Tom for showing me this great product!

you´r welcome. I know you have bought heavy because of my recommandation and made nice gains with it. Now is time for holding and buying bitsurge to hedge your portfolio against falling prices. My recommandation is 50 % in bitsurge and 50% holding - so no matter what comes you will make money

Thank you Bro, yes, thats the best way!

considerable...please vote back to me

Great post thanks for sharing this wonderful piece. We are in the same shoes because I am striving to achieve financial freedom and I think I find this post helpful. Will give it a try

This is a great plan. I hope it works boss..

It will work - I am in it to win it

That's the SPIRIT!!!!

I believe in your vision @prosirius. Passive income is the only income that sets you free from the rat race. I'm with you bro..

13% or 20% return per month? Probably a Ponzi scheme. Somebody has to pay for it - probably the ones who buy latest.
Such a return is not sustainable. From where should it come in reality?
I would be very cautious with investing in this!

thanks for your opinion. before you call it a ponzi scheme you may think about it one more time and check out the website to see how they earn money

one fact you have to know is that the returns are calculated in $ and honestly if you trade not like a beginner on this market, then 20% per month is not much
I made a single trade this week which gave me ~35% return

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