Why PURA will rise in value 2018

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First of all - The Stats

Circulating Supply : 172.630.065 PURA

reserved for
Bounty Program: 3.500.000 PURA
PURA PLANET: ~3.300.000 PURA

Total Supply: 179.412.559 PURA
Max Supply: 350.000.000 PURA

Coins locked in Masternodes
104.500.000 PURA = 60,53%

Theoretical Available Supply
Circulating Coins not locked
68.130.000 PURA = 39,47%

REASON Number #1


Like you can read in the stats the theoretical Available Supply is ~68 Million Coins.

Its really only theoretical because you have to count

  1. the hodlers
  2. the people who collect Coin for Coin to get a full Masternode
  3. the Coins which are traded out of the market or OTC Trade

away from that.

The Aurora Update will introduce Common Nodes. For running a Common Node, you only need to hold 1000 PURA and will get rewards for them. So, the people who do not have the money for running a MASTERNODE = 100 000 PURA also get the chance to get some rewards with multiple Common Nodes.

Order Books on the Markets are less than 2 Million Coins on the Sell Side at the moment

REASON Number #2


One indicator of demand is Mining Power and more Mining Power means more Difficulty to mine a block

As you can see in the Difficulty Chart, it almost doubled over the last few days, so more Miners are joining PURAs Fair Mining Algorithm

The second and most important thing is:

that ONLY WITH PURA you can buy the new Investment Token BTO (Bitsurge Token) that gives you returns of 7% -13% per month depending on your investment.

These are the contracts


Read about this Investment Token and my plan to build passive income here:
Building Passive Income - The Plan


All Investors who want to buy the Bitsurge Token have to buy PURA first
BTO Max Supply is 20 Million BTO wich equals 800 Mio $
It’s a matter of time until the BTOs will be sold out

Now the theoretical Supply of PURA is 60 Mio PURAs (REAL Supply is much lower like I described in REASON 1)

60 Mio PURA x 0.33$ = 20 Mio $
Sold out BTO = 800 Mio $
800 Mio $ divided by 60 Mio PURA = 13.33$

So we have a POTENTIAL PRICE of 13.33$ which is 40 times HIGHER than now
and that´s calculated with theoretical supply, not the real supply!!!

REASON Number #3

PURA whales

Because of Low Supply and High Demand you can expect exponantial growth in the future.
I have talked to many PURA Masternode owners and they are all thinking the same and have a strategy like mine

INVEST in Bitsurge

10 000$ when PURA @ 0.5 $ = 20 000 PURA
10 000$ when PURA @ 1 $ = 10 000 PURA
20 000$ when PURA @ 2 $ = 10 000 PURA
30 000$ when PURA @ 3 $ = 10 000 PURA
50 000$ when PURA @ 5 $ = 10 000 PURA

This will accelerate price growth

because these PURA will all be invested and are counted out of REAL Supply on the markets, so there will be much smaller amount in the markets. Of course, there are also people who want only to sell with profit but there are many more people out there who want to buy if the price rises above 1 $ owing to these facts, so demand is much higher than supply.

Strong hands come in while the weak hands leave the market

REASON Number #4

The Chart

I expect a big Cup & Handle formation


REASON Number #5

Mass Adoption

In the first place, the vision behind PURA is to become the most widely used payment coin

With the PURA Aurora Update, there will also be a change in the Distribution of the block reward and 10% of each block mined will be distributed to the merchants and customers who use PURA as a payment solution.

Instead of charging fees from the merchant they will earn PURA with each zero fee PURA payment they receive from a customer.

Every day, more merchants are joining the PURA community and after all functions are integrated with the next updates, they will earn instead of losing money with each transaction.

If you are a merchant and want to have your own PURA ATM and POS Solution in your store, please let me know I will put you on the list.

REASON Number #6

Unique Blockchain Innovations








REASON Number #7


This is the last but MOST IMPORTANT Reason on my list!!!

PURA is a conscious cash movement for the common good, with a long-term vision of a decentralised global community of collaborators.

Set to become a leader in responsible decentralised living, 10% of all PURA created is automatically contributed to the common good.

PURA Planet is the treasury, and PuraMission is the funding platform that seeks to list, fund and track sustainable, environmental and social projects around the globe.

Fund recipients will be held accountable to the community through the PuraMission portal and the blockchain, thus removing the need to simply trust non-profits and prosocial causes based on good faith alone.


Join the PURA Community





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Very good article about PURA! I think PURA has a huge potential like Dash in 2017! PURA VIDA

Yes thats the real deal - empowering people & supporting the planet

Wow, solid article, and VERY interesting opportunity.

What a great Post-i will buy more PURA, thank you!

Thank you, great idea - I am also buying more and more on every dip

before the sale of the markets of the cryptographies PURA is outlined to have a good performance that is planned and learned

12.33% @pushup from @prosirius

Crystal clear analysis and compelling argumentation!

Thanks. I do my best

Very interesting strategie for passiv income 2018.
Pura Vida!

Check out my last posts - there you´ll find more of my strategy

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thanks, excellent post, PURA has great potential

Yes, in my opinion like you can read above it will be one of the top performing coins this year !

Being a financial platform for sustainable projects

Much effort went into that one.

Yes man I have done my best - wrote the half day long on this
I hope the people out there reward my effort

PURA is interesting, i'll certainly give it a look over. quite invested in other projects currently and am shifting things around once the markets recover. Thanks for the insight and info

I hope we reached the bottom now, if not it´s is okay - I have money left to get in more cheap :-)

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There have can i get free coin? 😁😁😁

by owning a masternode = 100 000 PURA you get free coins NOW

after the Aurora Update you can get free coins with
mobile mining and
owning common nodes = 1000 PURA per common node


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