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What is PURA?


PURA is an international digital currency that liberates you to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately and instantly, making your life cheaper by removing the expense or need for a middle man like a bank or a payment provider.


Performance through Masternodes

Pura’s next-generation peer-to-peer payments network doesn’t leave transactions hanging or leave anything to chance. Pura is hard-coded to financially reward incentivised individuals who actively protect the Pura network. So called MasterNode owners, these individuals operate servers that remain online, performant, and on call at all times, all over the world, in order to guarantee that Pura transactions execute instantly, privately and safely.


Fair Mining for the Common Good

By making the Pura network more attractive to higher volumes of individual miners Pura seeks to ensure greater democratic freedom through more evenly distributed and therefore decentralised mining power, and enhance network performance through a more consistent and therefore stable level of network hashpower.

It achieves this by applying an innovative mining difficulty retargeting algorithm known as DeltaDiff, that ensures a smoother and fairer adjustment in difficulty levels regarding the finding of blocks by miners.
Smoothing is achieved by adjusting mining difficulty based on a moving average of time taken to find blocks over the last 24 hours, eliminating much of the effect caused by miners hopping onto and off of the network based solely on when a coin is easiest to mine.

This innovative FAIR MINING code not only immediately benefits individual miners and the Pura network, but forms part of a greater strategic and technical enabling of upcoming features yet to be announced related to empowering “the average Joe”.


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I saw the price right now $0.323270. Too much ups and down!

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PURA is stable in BTC Price, I will post tomorrow why it will rise in value the next months

THAT INTERESTING that the platform uses this method DeltaDiff, that live the financial freedom, pure will be a hard platform you have to give more publicity

I've been curious about PURA for a while. thanks for clearing the air for me with this post @prosirius..

i like your post man..

It is important for the common citizen, because it limits the minimum of computer crimes through this platform.