Burning Man, Puerto Rico, and Steemfest3!

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Sometimes in life you just have to do the crazy thing. Well... I'm going to do the crazy thing. I'm going to Burning Man. I've been wanting to go for a while and some circumstances aligned so I could buy a ticket and stay with someone who has been many times before. I'm leaving on Saturday, and I'll be completely disconnected from the electronic world for a week and a half.

If you're not sure what Burning Man is, check out this video:

"Ignite" A Burning Man Experience (2018 Film) from Ryan Moore on Vimeo.

The future is what we make it and experiences like this are shaping the minds that shape the future.

I've been working really hard lately to help eosDAC launch as a DAC Enabler to see a bit more of my vision to create the world we all want to live in come to be. I think this time to disconnect and refocus will revitalize and empower me.

While I'm away, my business partner for over 10 years, @brettflorio, will have access to my witness servers, if needed. I've spoken with @someguy123, @jesta, and @anyx who have his contact information and will contact him and help him in case there's an issue with the Steem blockchain that needs a response from the top witnesses. My amazing wife @corinnestokes is staying home with the kids. I can't fully express how thankful I am for her and how awesome she is.

Speaking of family...

We're moving to Puerto Rico!

I took this picture while visiting in March.

We've been thinking about this for a while, and we finally decided to make it happen. We're going back in September for a week to figure out where we'll rent or buy. As of right now we're thinking Caguas, south of San Juan, will be a nice fit. The plan is to move by the end of the year. I don't want to support the U.S. Military Industrial Complex with my taxes, and renouncing citizenship and moving to another country is a bit too much for my family, so this is the next best thing given the benefit of Act20/22. I hope to be a blessing to the island and its amazing people who have been through so much already. I hope we can build a real-world example of voluntary, economic freedom and non-violent consensus through blockchain technology.

I'll keep you posted.

And last but not certainly not least...


You can now get your tickets to this amazing event. I went last year, and it was incredible. I would not miss it. I've already booked my flight. Actually, I should say we've already booked our flight because my whole family is coming with me! I'm so very excited about that. My wife and our three kids Devon (9), Aria (7), and Monet (5) will join us on this adventure. We'll be stopping in the London area to meet up with some of the eosDAC team before we head to Poland.

One of the things I regretted about last year was not experiencing it with my wife. Now I'll get to experience it with my whole family. :)

Life is an amazing thing. Some times it's crazy and a little scary. Sometimes we don't know what's going to happen, but we think we're heading in the right direction and the risk is worth it.

Those are the moments that shape our lives.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Poland and hopefully someday in Puerto Rico to visit as well.

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, programmer, STEEM witness, DAC launcher, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Learn about cryptocurrency at UnderstandingBlockchainFreedom.com

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Hello Luke our friends in Acapulco need our help.


What Che did not tell you in her post was Casey and her went to the US Embassy on an emergency basis three days ago looking for assistance.

Casey and Che paid the hospital bill which left them with no more money for food and Casey’s insulin.

The hospital would not release baby Cisco until they paid the $6000.

The US embassy is literally holding them hostage in Mexico now until Che and Casey can document they are US citizens with proof of residency with original documents for the past 5 years to get the baby’s documents to travel home.
Who has that when your traveling? Mind you copies? they can not be digital, everything has to be original documents due to the new immigration and naturalization laws.

A Passport is no longer proof you are a legitimate US citizen.
Can you please spare a upvote and resteem to them? ty

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The video you posted is amazing as well!!!!! ❤️ I will leave with one last thing, which you may have heard before, and they say at some point... the Playa... The Desert... Burning Man.. It get's you... they say there comes a point when you're there where you get out through some stuff and in a ways break down, nothing traumatic or anything but was warned this may happen. I heard that and was amazed when it happened, I didn't remember hearing that until after... I sort of laughed to myself how it turned out to be true. But yeah, just be forwarned as well, sometimes, occsasionally people can be brash, 'dirty burners,' while the environment is literally trying to kill you the whole time you're there... And of course take all this with a grain of salt, but just don't be surprised if sometime, somehwere out on the playa you end up going through some emotional stuff... A lot of people 'rag' on burning man because it's like burning fossil fuels, using resources, having a 'big-ass-bass out in the boonies and yeah, I'm sure that you'll also get a few breaths of some gross-ass exhaust from some people's art cars, but hey, I think what Burning Man it does for the human experience is vastly superior to any 'detriment' it may cause, some people would disagree but let's just call them surly-ass-bastards. But I do think it's good for people to come together and experience new different paradigms of thinking, being, freedom, creativity, ART.. fuck the art omg... mind bending place... there is just no other place on eARTh quite like it... not only in it's scope but vastness as well, everything under the sun is at BRC... and of course the place's phyisicaly MASSIVE to accomodate ...

Once again have fun, we'll be expecting a full write up from ya couple weeks from now ;)

@synrg you made me regret not to make it , again, this year. Shit I have to, next year!!! Thanks for a lovely write up. Resonated super strongly. Much Love. Following you ofc.

Thanks for the encouragement. My friend who has been many years said something interesting about how many people go through crazy experiences to obtain something he thinks I already have. That was encouraging to hear. That said, I do expect some life-changing moments, and I welcome them with open arms.

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Caguas is a great area as it is pretty close to the mountains and weather is a bit better. There is a town next to it called Gurabo that may also want to check out as they built very nice communities there which get you a bit away from the bigger city life like Caguas. I have friends that live there and don’t even mind the commute to work in San Juan every day because of how great it is there. I may be heading back in September fo a couple of days for business. Let me know if I can help you in any way!

Cool! Thank you. My wife said she's seen some nice houses in Gurabo during her searches. We'll definitely have to check it out.

This exciting news @lukestokes. I'm so happy for you.

I've been thinking of moving to Puerto Rico as well. Definitely, need to visit. Will be traveling for most of the rest of the year first, but perhaps you'll be there by the time I make the trip there. Would be cool to see you there. I any case, will be seeing you in Poland first.

Have fun at Buring Man. You're going to love it and meet interesting people there.

Definitely let me know if you come to PR if we're there by then!

And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing you, hanging out, and introducing you to the family.

Would love to meet your family!

OMG... you're going to Burning Man!?!? Fuck bro, you better buckle up man, that place is CARAY-ZEEEE... YEAAAAAAAH BUDDDAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

It's unreal man, like it will live up to the hype, I'm sure I don't need to add to it any more that, just other than a bit to fuel the STOKEEEE!!!!! ;)

Wish I could be going as well. I was going to say, to save yourself the heartache next year, you should basically just accept the fact that you need to do two in a row, I mean, it's so vast, even on a bike you'll not ever get to see even more than 1% of what Black Rock City has to offer - but that won't stop you from trying the next year. Funny thing is, it's a completely different place every year.
I only managed one year and was really mourning not being there the following year - but it may be a bit easier seeing as you'll be in a different part of the world by that point.

Regardless, "Buckle up your seatbelt, Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye" 😉 Have fun, be safe, take some pics. Catch ya on the other side!

Thanks. I'm really excited. I'm already thinking I'll want to go back next year also, and I haven't even set foot on the Playa yet. :)

Wow man, you got my jaw dropped with the BM. That's massive! I hope it's gonna crack some of that thick "mind" skin of yours brother (said in a loving way). Hope I can still make it to Steemfest as planned, although my fresh news is that I'm moving to Hong Kong at the end of September, so not sure if I won't be too busy making life happen there, beginnings are hard everywhere. Wish you all the best in Puerto Rico brother, so happy you made it happy! You guys will be surely super happy. I hope I can come visit! Much Love

Hong Kong just around the corner! Awesome, man. That's fantastic. I hope you can come visit also and I hope you can make Steemfest happen. I'd love for you to meet the family.

And yes, I expect there will be a lot of mind cracking going on. I'm pretty thick headed for sure, but I think in terms of brain stuff. It's all electrochemical reactions to me. :)

Wow! That’s a really inspiring post! I’ve consistently been amazed by the way you’ve taken to everything going on here on Steemit and beyond over the past two years. Keep it up!

Thanks so much. It really has been an amazing, crazy ride, and I'm loving every aspect of it. I can't wait to see everyone at Steemfest3.

  ·  last year (edited)

ditto! all the best to Luke! ^^

Thank you! :)

I want to go to Steemfest, maybe next year. I want to live in Puerto Rico, maybe soon. So much fun you're having, life doesn't have to seem so difficult after all. I love the blockchain technology all the more... So I guess we'll be happy to miss you, since it's all for fun you'll share with us later (?). It's a go! ✌

The video you posted is amazing as well. Great
Nice post

Congratulations for your trip in union with your family, I hope it will be fruitful for your soul, blessings and good concentration, that Puerto Rico knows how to appreciate in good times

I wish you the best luck in puerto rico, maybe you'll run into Peter Schiff haha.

If I do, I'll be yet another person trying to convince him value isn't just in piece of metal, but also in the shared stories we tell ourselves and cryptocurrency is a solid, cryptographically-secure story. :)

Doing crazy things is like to exploring the inner abilities.. Your completely abandonment of electronic world for one week is very unique and exceptional idea... Very nice post...

If you're not sure what Burning Man is, check out this video

@chronogn is at burning man right now, hit him up!

Maybe among 70k people we'll run into each other :)

Ahh, put a steem logo on yourself and I'm sure you'll rendezvous.

No logos at Burning Man. :)

Thank you first of all Luke @lukestokes for being such a Big Part of Steemit and the Steem Community. Enjoy all your adventures over the next few months and yes we know you left the important stuff in good hands so nothing bad will happen.................

Have a great time at Burning Man. I have never been, but I hear it is awesome. My wife's cousin when a couple of years ago. Also good luck with your move to Puerto Rico. It is awesome that you are going to support a region that has been through so much in the past year or two.

sounds like you have a lot of awesome experiences lined up! i look forward to hearing about each of them and especially seeing your life in puerto rico unfold. all the best.

Amazing to see how you create your reality and lead the way with your endeavors. It will be great to meet again at SteemFest3 as I am planning to come as well.

A hell of a life you’re leading here, Luke. To say I’m jealous would be an understatement. Best of luck with all the adventures, I’m sure you’ll be thriving.

Life is what we make of it. I've worked really hard and taken some big risks that have paid off well, so I'm pretty stoked to see how things are going so far. Adventure is out there for sure. :)

You're the last person I'd ever expect to go to Burning Man. And I don't even mean that in a bad way. I hope you enjoy and make a post about it. Legit intrigued.


Either I’m not doing a good job of expressing myself accurately through my posts here, you haven’t read enough of them to know me (and really, who would, as there are a lot), or maybe I’ve been placed into a labeled stereotype in your mind which doesn’t fit me and wouldn’t be used to describe me by those who know me best.

Interesting to explore.

In fairness, I haven't really read your stuff or interacted with you much. I just equate libertarians with the engineer types - whereas Burning Man is a hippie convention, almost.

My girlfriend is super into Burning Man and has been for years.

Remember to make a post after the event, saying "Next year was better". :D

It's part of the thang.

I just equate libertarians with the engineer types

Well, don't.

Hey. Say hello to my sister, would you? At burning man?

Actually, she and her man will be at the gate much of the time as part of the intake team. They live burning man year round.

So. Just tell Karen hello for me and I'm sorry I forgot her birthday. My excuse is we don't have mom around to remind us of stuff like that anymore.

The Puerto Rico move is HUGE! :O I'm glad you were able to pay for your current house fully before you made the move. I hope the kids take it as a fun experience. I know many people who benefited from growing up away from where they were born and I know your kids are just going to fluorish. We live in such an amazing time where moving to a different country isn't that difficult as it used to be given how connected the whole world has become. Man, I'm so happy to see everything that you've accomplished, and this yet another milestone. I hope you're having fun in Burning Man, and I hope you're going to have a blast in Poland!

I doubt that I'll be heading to Poland any time soon... Anyway... What do you think might happen to Steem, once the U.S. Crypto-Dollars and Decimal Cents are Activated...???

Last year, I read a book " The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" Book by Robin Sharma. the video made me think of the book theme and stay disconnected from professional, social duties. It is an excellent video. Enjoy your trip to steemfest3 with your family and hope they will like it too.

Just awesome man

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Great article ..nice ..pls upvote my posts..

Great news on the move! Saw it coming, nice to see a date being set! Good luck!