Frequent Traveller #31: National extended their ONETWOFREE rental offer until 2/28/17

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National Emerald Club just extended their ONETWOFREE rental offer 

This is a great promotion I have used in the past. This time you can combine up to 3 free rentals and the rentals have to be booked and used before June 2017. You have to rent a minimum of 2 rental days to be eligible for a free day of rental.

Offer Landingpage

ONE TWO FREE® 2016 Terms & Conditions  

One Free Rental Day will be awarded each time a Member earns 600 points in the ONE TWO FREE®  promotion (the “Promotion”). Earned Free Rental Day coupons may be  redeemed to cover base rate (Time and Mileage) only for a rental day but  does not apply to taxes, fees, surcharges, refueling, drop-off,  delivery, youthful driver, additional driver, pick-up, or one-way  charges or any optional product or service, which are the responsibility  of the renter. Earned points and Free Rental Day coupons will expire at  11:59 p.m. on June 15, 2017.   During the Promotion, Members may  earn points through one or more of the following methods. Members may  earn 300 points for each Qualifying Rental made after the date on which  the Member registered and which occurs during the period beginning  August 25, 2016, through February 28, 2017. A Qualifying Rental is a  paid rental, via the Emerald Club®, of a Midsize or larger vehicle at participating National Car Rental® locations in the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, for a period of two or more consecutive days  during the Promotion. Members will only be awarded points for one  rental out at a time, which identifies the Member as the primary driver.  No credit will be awarded Members for rentals made prior to a Member's  registration date.  In addition, Members may earn points through  one or more of the following bonus opportunities. Each bonus opportunity  has a specific point value which (if earned) can be combined with  points earned for Qualifying Rentals.  Bonus Opportunities: Preregistered Bonus Points: 300 bonus points when you preregister for the Promotion.  Preregistered Rollover Points: Points earned during the 2015 Promotion are rolled over when you register for the 2016 Promotion.  Redeem a Free Rental Day: One-time bonus of 300 points when you redeem a Free Rental Day earned during the 2015 ONE TWO FREE® Promotion.  Mobile App Download: One-time bonus of 25 points when you download the National Car Rental App.  Mobile App Rental: 75 points when you reserve using the National Car Rental App and complete the rental.  Refer A Friend: 300 points for each Refer A Friend who  enrolls in Emerald Club and completes a Qualifying Rental. Limited to 10  Refer A Friend bonuses for up to 3,000 points.  Email Opt-In: One-time bonus of 50 points when you opt in to receive Emerald Club emails, which provide useful information, special offers and savings opportunities.  Opt In: Virtual Credentials: Virtual Credentials: One-time bonus of 50 points when you opt in to receive your next membership kit electronically.  Weekend Rental: One-time bonus of 100 points  when you rent two to four days with a Saturday night keep (in addition  to the points you earn for completing a Qualifying Rental).  Weeklong Rental: One-time bonus of 200 points when you rent for five days or more (in addition to the points you earn for completing a Qualifying Rental).  Neighborhood Rental: 200 points when you rent with  Enterprise Rent-A-Car at neighborhood locations (excludes airport  locations). Limit to three bonuses for up to 600 points.  Emerald Reserve Service: One-time bonus of 25 points  when you access the Emerald Reserve Service to receive a specific car  class — Convertible, Minivan, SUV or any other vehicle. Available only  at major airports throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Latin American or Caribbean Rental: 300 points when you rent at participating locations in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Rent in Europe: 300 points when you rent at participating locations in Europe (through Enterprise Rent-A-Car).  Take Our Survey: 50 points when you complete a brief Emerald Club survey.  Add SiriusXM: One-time bonus of 300 points  when you add SiriusXM Satellite Radio to a Qualifying Rental at  participating locations in the Continental U.S. (additional fees apply).  Surprise:  One-time bonus of 100 points  when you click on the Surprise bonus opportunity on your dashboard.  Surprise bonus opportunity will be available on your dashboard from  December 2, 2016, through December 16, 2016. SOURCE 

Another Great rental car promotion today (find the other one HERE)

You can really get some great value of these kind of promotions. It is basically pay 6 drive 9 or pay 2 get 1 one.. Incredible if you have to do some rentals anyway. If you are in the US shift your bookings to National!

Did you ever rental with National before ???

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I would like to read more about your travel "travel tricks", hopefully I can apply them one day.

there is so many. I try only to share the ones which are useful to a broader audience here. ;) but yes I i will post more hacks

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Hi knozaki2015, I have a doubt, does steemit allow you to travel the world and report it to the rest of us common mortals, I've recently joined steemit and your posts seem to be everywhere, trending, hot, most popular, god knows what. And you seem to be a prolific writer.

So my real question is, have you reached Nirvana? Just kidding, but seems like your doing what is you like and making a killing out of it.

Regards from a fellow portuguese reader