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Koh Rong Samloem Travel Guide

in travel •  9 months ago

Hi Steemit I'm back with another travel guide for Koh Rong Samloem island. This tropical paradise is located just off the coast of Cambodia and is filled with beautiful white sand beaches to explore.


We stayed at a hostel located near the port of Mpay Bay which appeared to be the backpacker side of the island and I'd definitely recommend you staying here if you want to be part of the action on this already quiet island. The hostel we stayed at is called ''yellow moon'' and it was such a fun place to stay all of the staff were so friendly and provided some of the best backpacker chat I've had. The hostel has a very chilled atmosphere during the day with hammocks dotted all of the place including a swing over the ocean.


The bay has one small street where all the restaurants and most of the hostels are located so this is where you'll most likely be going to have your breakfast in the morning. You'll witness some truly local families at work providing food for all of the backpackers at a very reasonable price of around $2 to $4 for a meal. My favorite restaurant is right along the ocean front and is called ''Touch Restaurant''. It is run by a local family and the owners children are the real stars of the show ! One of the daughters is probably no older that ten and takes all the orders in perfect English and delivers everyone their food. She always does it with a smile ! One of the younger girls pushes a card board box around on the sand collecting all of the empty dishes and she must be less than five years old ... Definitely a truly memorable local experience.


One of the best things I did on the island was seeing the luminescent plankton that you'll be able to see every night at around 12pm once the lights on the island have all be turned off. Sadly I do not have any pictures or footage of this but it was breathtaking moving around in the water with this blue glow wherever you splashed. Definitely something you have to do on the island ! I guess there are three beaches you can reach from Mpay Bay all improving in quality as you move away from the port. The best of which being circle bay or as I like to call it secret beach. I've got a blog and a video showcasing this one which will be up in a few days. All of the hostels on the island also provide boat and snorkeling tours to different beaches all round the island that are inaccessible by walking.


This video shows you how to reach the ''Secret Beach'' walking all the way from Mpay bay and here's a link to the blog post.

Thanks for reading be on the look out for my future travel guides as I've got many more to come. If you've enjoyed this post then please remember to follow me.

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The place looks beautiful, i never visited that place, maybe i should


I'm sure you'd love it 😍

As my son @yourmate is on the better known neighbour island with his mate @klickboom I was happy to find your report. He hasn't written his report about this wonderful island yet but we received photos and I am looking forward to his post. Seems to be fantastic there. Maybe one of my next destinations! Following you.


Thanks 😊


I wish my mom was on Steemit


:) It can be a benefit but also disturbing. Just imaging your mom reading all your posts... I admit there was this post about the attack in Bangkok when I went very emotional...
By the way, another news... From today, @yourmate‘s granny is a Steemian, too!


My mum is :)

I have never been to Asia but from your photos, it looks like paradise. The restaurant looks really interesting i bet you get a great meal here :)


You'll have to go :) I had so many good meals there !

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Just discovered your blog, love it! Hammocks and swings sound like a palce to stay for me :) Is it located on the beach? Will follow your journey :)


Yep right on the beach ! I'd highly recommend it ! Thanks :)

I thought that I cambodia all people did not speak English language so I am surprise a ten-years old spoke perfect English. By the way I really like the second photo


I was surprised how good her English was ! The kids learn at school now I believe

Whoa, so this is a beach in Cambodia?? I wanted to go to the south of Thailand for the beaches...but this one looks just as nice...what do you think? I could just go to the south of Thailand later! Also, LIGHT UP PLANKTON!!!!!!!

I've seen it on a SUPER small scale before...but I mean...I think I need more!


Yeah a Cambodian island :) Thailand probably has more good beaches but this was so empty which helped ! I love having a little place all to myself makes it even more special .... Islands like Koh Phi Phi in Thailand and so busy at peak times but I still love them :)

Beautiful location! thanks for sharing. I am trying to find areas like this that are far more low key than others. It seems like a relaxed out of the way spot.


Glad you liked it :) Yep having your own space in paradise is amazing !

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