Bangkok Sky Bar

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Hi Steemit todays blog post is about the tallest tower in Bangkok called the Bayoke Hotel. We had friends who had been to the top of this tower prior to us arriving and saw some beautiful pictures and decided that it was time we visited another sky bar like we had done two month before in Hanoi Vietnam.


Here's a link to my blog post about the skybar in Hanoi

This skybar has an entry fee of 400 Thai Baht and this grants you access to the skybar and the rooftop which will provide you with the amazing view over the city. You are also able to redeem you ticket for one free drink at the skybar on the 83rd floor of the tower. Its definitely as fancy as other skybars I've visited over Asia but the view is definitely worth it. We arrived to the bar about 5:30 a little bit before the sun started setting and stayed up the tower until the sun had completely set. This is a magical moment being able to see the lights of the busy traffic buzzing around the city and the buildings shimmering in the nights sky.

Here's the location of the Bayoke Skybar:


To get there totally depends on your location in the city but if your are located near a BTS (Skytrain) line or an MRT (Metro) station you''ll find it super easy to get there otherwise your best bet will be to get an Uber/Grab through the busy Bangkok traffic. If you are using my preferred option of taking the train you'll want to get off the train at a station called "Siam'' and this will probably cost you less than 60 Baht Depending on where you are coming from.
Now here's a collection of pictures from our time up the top of the tower overlooking Bangkok.







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I always loved skyscrapers and I'm more fascinated that this time we are talking about a hotel. I can only dream about these views you have from the top of the tower! :D


They have a lot of highrise buildings, but you can also see the divide between the streets and the highrise buildings. People are so different in their way of life.
I went to a Skybar, which was in the top 5 tallest buildings or so. It was really nice and the services were spotless, we felt we were being pamepered. Everything was cheaper than in Romania, still! A whole course with deserts was in the range of 12-15$ per person. And it was a 4 star hotel :D


I like to try a big rooftop in every city they are such a great way of watching life down below :)


Wow. Now that's what I call to be spoiled, haha.


Skylines are my favorite !! I'm currently in Hong Kong and its even better here it blows my mind !!


Looking forward for the pics haha :D

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Thanks guys :) Been so busy, so many blog posts ready for #travelfeed !!


Awesome! We can't wait to read them :)

Great view, I was also in Bangkok a couple of months back and you made me remember it. Actually Thailand was very nice, not as warm as i'd have imagined. Pretty good place to visit.


The skyline is incredible ! If you love big buildings go to Hong Kong ! I'm here now and its breathtaking !

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