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Another interesting week in the world of Steem, and another busy week for the 100 Days Project.

We have now crossed the halfway point and are very happy with progress so far.

There is still much to achieve in the remaining 48 days.

We hope you will enjoy the rest of the journey.

The Diary Game

On Thursday we launched The Diary Game where you can earn upvotes and win prizes.

By posting a daily diary on Steem you will gain points - both for the post itself and for sharing it on your social media.

There are 10 points to play for each day - up to 5 points for the post, and up to 5 points for promoting the post on your social media.

A record is being kept of the points earnt and every Saturday we will be publishing a leaderboard of the top players in the game.

There will be interim prizes for leaders each week, but the big prizes will be awarded at the end of the Diary Game on Day 100.

We are delighted that so many people have entered the game already, but there is still plenty of time to join in.

With 10 points available every day you can soon move up the leaderboard - especially if you do some good sharing on your social media. The sharing can be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…

Community Curators

The first group of Community Curators are now entering their final week and doing a great job of curating as many as possible in their communities.

Several of them have posted new weekly reports so the community can see how they are operating…

The applications for the June Community Curators have now closed.

We have received applications from @acostaeladio, @alikoc07, @beautychicks, @bitrocker2020, @ciska, @clixmoney, @darlenys01, @dilimunanzar, @elgranpoeta, @goodreader, @greece-lover, @greenhouseradio, @jacobyu, @lanzjoseg, @nextgen622, @project.hope, @roadofrich, @sajannair, @sportsncoffee, @stef1, @wherein and @yehey.

If you have applied this month and are not on this list do comment below.

There will again be seven Community Curator accounts available in June - two with 500K SP and five with 200K SP.

Based on feedback from the May Curators we will be making a few small changes to how the project operates.

We will give details on those changes when we announce the June Community Curators on Tuesday.

The STEEM POD Project

There are now 7 people enrolled in the STEEM POD Project - @cmp2020, @cryptokannon, @kiwiscanfly and @mariita52 as Steem Greeters, @marcosdk as a Social Promoter, and now @leveuf (@knitrias) and @team-mexico as Community Leaders.

We would now like to invite @oppongk to become our first Country Curator for Ghana.

@oppongk - if you can confirm acceptance of the role in a comment on this post we will send over the delegation, and will look forward to working with you.

We are keeping all the STEEM POD roles open for applications on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in taking on the role of Steem Greeter, Social Promoter, Community Leader or Country Curator check back in previous 100 Days posts for the details, make an application post and put a link to your application in a comment on the latest 100 Days post. Remember to tag @steemcurator01 in the post and the comment and we will take a look.


We also ran three more challenges during the week - and there is still time to enter all of them if you get in quick...

There will be another new challenge tomorrow.

The 100 Days of Steem has been a fascinating project.

Getting to know so many people in the community that we would not have met otherwise really makes it special.

There are wonderful people here on Steem and it has been a privilege to learn so much about you and the countries you live in.

We hope in return Steem can play a small part in enriching your lives.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

The Steemingcurators Showcase

The @steemingcurators project has produced another edition of their showcase of the best creators on Steem...

Hawaii-Polynesia Steem Community

@shortsegments who lives in Hawaii has set up a Hawaii-Polynesia Steem Community...

SPUD4STEEM coming soon

SPUD4STEEM organizer @kiwiscanfly has posted a reminder that the next Steem Power Up Day is coming up on June 1st.

There are now prizes available for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th best SPUD’ers through donations from sponsors @xpilar, @reflektor, @bippe, @hingsten, @kiwi-crypto, @ciska, @kiwiscanfly and @steemcurator01...


Thanks you @steemitblog and all the #the100daysofsteem team for the single honor done me to take up the role of Country-Curator for Ghana. I will first all with humbleness accept this role and thank you too. I must say that from the time you launched the running of these great and lovely projects, seeking more committed Steemians to assign roles of POD, it has been my dream to also get some place to fix in this area. Though, there are many steemians who could fix the same position, but I'm lucky to be selected in this area, while I didn't dream of it. Thanks very much, I therefore accept the position and move for the next course of action!


As steemgreeters I place myself at your command.
I will try to give the greatest possible support to their praiseworthy work.

Thank you for the confirmation. Your first delegation should now be with you.

We look forward to working with you as Country Curator for Ghana.

The Steemit Team

Good luck, @sajannair! :) Your own content is top notch, and I think you would be a good curator, too.

Thank you So much! 🙂

Hey @steemcurator01

Sorry little bit late
But the translation is ready for the post in Hindi for Indian community:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 52 - Weekly Roundup #7

Thanks you to @alokkumar121 , @rajan1995 & @amit1995 for resteeming this post

Trying to contact more Indian steemians to resteem this translation

Another great week of many emotions. Thank you very much for the opportunity and we continue working! Thanks Team, for keeping us informed. :)

Su designación es bien merecida.
Definitivamente un excelente trabajo.

Hello @steemcurator01, here is the diary of 25-05-2020, I share the link on Twitter as following:



Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

The Steemit Team

Up until the last hard fork, in my mind, Steemit inc had the moral high ground.

However to take all steem from all the @theycallmedan's accounts, without rectifying your mistake will render Steem worthless.
Who in their right mind would invest with this behavior going on?
You need to return ALL funds immediately.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

The Steemit Team

Hello Steemitblog and @steemcurator01, I have updated the new Diary Game as following, enjoy!


Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

The Steemit Team

Thanks @steemitblog for the update.

Thank you for the meaningful efforts.. I will take part as far as I can

Hello @myfreelive, your mother @vipnata makes great diary posts.

Are you going to join The Diary Game too? There is now a 1000 STEEM prize pool...

@steemcurator01, thank you so much for your invitation.
i'll think about it tomorrow as Scarlett said in "Gone with the wind" by M. Mitchell
You are very good curator, thank you so much.

Dear @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

Thanks you for giving our project opportunity to be part of "Community Curators Program".

We would like to support applications of few users, whos work we consider very valuable for this blockchain:
@bitrocker2020, @ciska, @clixmoney and most of all @lanzjoseg - who has been part of few communities.

At the same time I would like you to consider increasing your trust towards @project.hope and increasing stake of managed by our team curation account @steemcurator06.

It would allow us to continue our current efforts and follow up with few new ideas.

One of them is to allocate extra voting power to support publication posted by authors, who are growing their accounts (not powering down at the time) instead of trading all received rewards.

We want to encourage our community members to see Steem as an investment.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder

Friend @crypto.piotr, I am very grateful for your mention in this comment, sincerely thank you for all the trust you place in me.

Would it be a good idea to let the community vote on the new curators?

What means of voting would you suggest?

By number of accounts, or by stake?

Would everyone be allowed to vote?

Not sure there would any way to hold a meaningful vote that would be acceptable to everyone.

I think an election by majority vote would be fairest, the stake should not be of interest.

One could make a comment for each candidate (a "real" proposal would probably be too elaborate). A vote is one vote and at the end the number of votes, not the value, is counted.

Anyone may vote, especially anyone who reads your contribution. The applicants can advertise the election date in their communities.

Of course, this form is probably a bit prone to abuse and double accounts. But it would still be worth a try in my eyes.

It was a spontaneous idea of mine, I honestly didn't really think about the implementation...

Thank you for your additional thoughts on this.

I have heard that splinterlands will be moving. Is that true?

That info is being censored on Steem, but it's true.

Really? I can't believe they would do that.

I know, shocking right? :P The only announcements and posts you'll see on Steem is about Justin's greatness I'm afraid. Anything that makes him look bad gets buried.

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