Tell A Story To Me Roundup - Vote and Win Steembasicincome - The Last Forest Edition

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We are back for part two, vote for your favorite entry to win! We had so many entries! Woo yeah! I wasn't sure about this prompt, but damn, you all delivered in style!!

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Artwork by Mad Uncle Studios

More Prizes?

That's right, there are even more prizes in part two of each round, this time eight voters can win!

Popular Choice - wins 1 SBD and 2 @steembasicincomes shares

Six Winning Voters (Authors) - 1 @steembasicincome share for six authors who vote for their favorite story

Two Winning Voters (Public) - 1 @steembasicincome share for two members of the public who vote for their favorite story

How To Win

Read the entries below and decide which one is your favorite, cast your vote down in the comments below to be in with a chance to win. Let me know which entry you liked the most, and why. The winners will be chosen at random from the most well thought out comments (which are not necessarily the longest).

Vote for your favorite story in the comments before the end of the day (midnight BST) on Thursday 23rd May

This round, six authors who entered a story and two members of the public can win just by voting, so let's get stuck into the entries! We had so very many this time! It is amazing to see so many people getting involved, I appreciate there are a lot of entries to read this round, and the increased voting prizes hopefully represent that.

The Stories

Check out the fantastic stories and vote for your favorite in the comments.

@vida-blanca with Samuel and the last known forest

@cyemela with The Last Forest

@felixgarciap with The Last Forest

@theironfelix with And shall Dæmons perish

@agmoore with Reign of Fire: Let's Make a Collage #17

@dirge with The Last Forest

@sarez with About Gargoyles and other creatures

@riottales with The Last Forest

@sacra97 with Three cute kittens in the woods

@vasigo with The Last Forest

@gaby-crb with The Last Forest

@oivas with The Last Forest

@wakeupkitty with The last forest is mine

@darthgexe with The Last Forest

@adncabrera with The Forest On The Loose

@jadams2k18 with The first forest

@maparari with My last camp trip

Requested information on judging

When it comes to judging, there are no rules for writing/English/grammar and no definition of what qualifies as a story, it’s about the story you tell me. I love it when people surprise me, so never worry about pushing the boundaries of the prompt. I don't want anyone to feel like I am trying to repress diversity or am just looking for a certain trendy story. The prompts I chose come out of pondering and thought, and I always look forward to seeing how different people mull over ideas and produce such wonderfully different stories. Long term entrants will know, I don’t comment before the deadline, and I don’t read the entries as they come in. Instead I will spend a day reading all the stories (with plenty of tea breaks) so I am in the same frame of mind and each story is read under the same conditions. I will normally read each entry a few times and write my comment - as a genuine and sincere reaction to each story as its own entity. I then wait at least 24 hours before I start actually judging to allow some time to mull the plots over. I tend to take a further few days to make up my mind, reflecting on each entry, narrowing it down gradually over this time.

There can only be so many winners, that doesn't mean the other entries weren't good, or I didn't enjoy them. I leave comments with the best of intentions and try to be as fair as possible, I never want to hurt anyone. I hope there is no one else who has been hurt by my judging/comments, but isn’t comfortable telling me. You can always send me a private message on discord (calluna #8697). I am as flawed as any other human, more so - so I sincerely appreciate an opportunity to see another person’s perspective and to try and find a way of making things right. If anyone has any tips of ways to make it easier for me to be impartial, also greatly appreciated. I don’t read the votes here until I have chosen my winner, so it is completely unaffected by who you all vote for.

If anyone would rather I didn’t leave a comment on the post, I won’t be commenting until the weekend, so you can let me know now. Equally if anyone wants more constructive feedback, just let me know. As always, it is a pleasure <3


The Bananafish Tribe!

Tell A Story To Me is part of the @bananafish family, who run a selection of regular contests including a wonderful weekly haiku contest, and the occasional challenge to #finishthestory, all writers are welcome so head over for your fiction fix!

A special thanks to @gwilberiol, @dirge, @tristancarax, @theironfelix, @raj808, @brisby, @maverickinvictus, @cyemela, @marcoriccardi, @hidden84, @calluna, @oivas, @ntowl, @f3nix,, @khasa @vdux and @blueeyes8960 who's precious delegations make these projects a reality!


Thank you so much to everyone who has entered this round, I feel so lucky to get so many stories, I really can't wait to get stuck in <3


Got a chance to read through all these great entries again. Nice mix of poetry and prose. A couple of these stories had dialogue to start the story that caught my attention. However, I felt @dirge took the top spot of this round with an exciting tale with interesting details.

Hello, everybody.
It's really hard to decide for a favorite, when all the stories have their own heart. Congratulations to all, we are all winners, the fact of imagining a world, a situation and take it to letters, paragraphs and finally a beautiful story that is part of oneself, is sensational.

I have two stories that captivated me by the emotions they made me feel and by the world to which they moved me:

@darthgexe: With his story where the father is able to face anything for the health of his beloved daughter, and that marvelous power that the girl somehow acquired

@jadams2k18: With his wonderful android in the care of a child, showing human feelings and defending at all costs his beloved Alba.

I read them all and agree. All great stories and so differently told it is hard to pick one.

My number one is...
@jadams2k18** with "The first forest".
To my opinion, this story does not have a happy end at all. That boy showing up spoils everything, but it is a fairy tale, even a very modern one.
I am a big fan of fairy tales. They contain a lesson or warning and just like the original tales in the old days they do not live happily ever after.

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Why are you so upset about the boy? If it weren't for him, they would have killed Alba. (oops! Spoiler alert!) And I assure you that the story becomes even more complicated when Alba knows the truth about the provenance of the new humans.

Hahahahah :D

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My dear @wakeupkitty!!!!

You're my sunshine

Gracias muy amables por leer.

Thank you very much for reading. @bananafish

Me encanta @felixgarciap with The Last Forest

@adncabrera with The Forest On The Loose

@jadams2k18 with The first forest

It's hard to choose one .... I'm sorry they're all very good

Es dificil escoger una.... lo siento todas son muy buenas

Thank you, @sacra97, for your reading, as always, kind. I'm still reading! And I still can't make up my mind! A hug!

YAY! We have enough time to read all the stories

Hello, friends! I'm reading, fascinated. Hopefully I'll have time to read them all so I can vote and comment!

It's hard to decide which is the best story. All are special, all in their own way describe a different way of seeing the last forest. So don't look at me! Like Jon Snow, I know nothing. hahahahaha

This is the hardest part of the contest: pick one out of so many favorites.

I'm going to vote for @adncabrera. Her's was sophisticated, complex and thought-provoking. Also, some of my other favorites were more richly rewarded so I'd like to see her receive a bit of a bonus.
I was tempted not to vote, but that's a coward's way out. So, good luck to all.

Oh, thank you, @agmoore2. In this case, your courage favors me and is welcome.
A hug.

Well, friends from Tell a story to me, I'm finally done reading the entries. My days have been a bit complicated. Without a doubt, your texts have made them more bearable.
There are many very good stories; also very good poems. It is difficult for me to point out a single text of my preference, although there are some that have a more original or fresher approach to the premise of the contest.
The story of @cyemela, The last forest, impressed me by the angle it found to develop its story. The @maparari story, My last camp trip, was an evil oasis of freshness, very funny. The story of @agmoore immersed me easily in its fantastic world, hand in hand with the voices of its characters; the whole situation and the conflict caught up with me; it is very well told. I found @gaby-crb's poem very beautiful and with a very solid poetic development of the metaphor... I could go on, but then I wouldn't make a selection.
However, if I had to choose one of the texts, I would be inclined to About Gargoyles and other creatures, by @sarez, by the fantastic world created in the context of the last forest. It's a touching and charmingly melancholic story. It reminded me of The Endless Story, by Ende, because the reader suspects that the metaphor of the last forest points to the end of fantasy. I am particularly grateful for this story. It is very beautiful.
Looking at the entries as a whole, I reaffirm the idea that doing this contest is a magnificent idea. Many forests were born from this experience. I have enjoyed it enormously, I am grateful to the authors for giving so much beauty and imaginative force.