Can I whiten my teeth naturally without damaging them?

in teeth •  9 months ago


There are so many YouTube videos claiming to have the answer to this question it is time I put it to the test myself and record the results here on Steemit & DTube.

I am not happy with the colour of my teeth, yellow from years of smoking and coffee drinking. I refuse to go to a dentist for this when I can see so many people claiming there is a better way.

In addition, my mother is coming to visit in a month to check in on the growing kids and I know how much pleasure it would give her to see my teeth clean for the first time in many years.


What's the plan?

I have already watched a bunch of films and feel like I have a pretty clear idea now, but will continue watching a few more before I come up with my final system.

From what I can see there are a few things which are always involved:

  • Baking Soda - this is sodium bicarbonate, a salt composed of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions

  • Coconut Oil - virgin oil seems to work best

A paste is made from these and applied to the teeth & swilled around the mouth. The techniques appear to vary and so too do the extra ingredients, ranging from turmeric to apple cider vinegar to lemon juice.

My concern is that bicarb is an effective cleaning product so yeah it will clean the teeth but at what cost? I will do another post in a few days with my discoveries before I begin the cleaning process.

This African lady claims her mixture will do the job in just 2 mins!

I am sceptical.

Anyone had experience with this?

I would love to hear from anyone who has tried a natural cleaning method. Good or bad... I wanna know!

Sick with me way or another I am going to have clean teeth this time next month.

I will put the shame to one side and have Sabrina photograph the side of my teeth no one sees. It's not pretty at all but i want there to be a before and after shot here on the blockchain forever so that everyone may know it works.

Here's to those beautiful pearly whites!


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Brother, I am looking forward to the results. I was born with degenerative bone disease. My teeth never had the hard enamel on them, so I have had to have them all pulled. I hope that it really works for you. I don't blame you for not wanting to go to the dentist. As much of an issue as it can be sometimes to not have teeth, at least I never have to worry about going to the dentist.😁 Oh, and I have transferred some money to you that is for your friends that passed away. I sent it to you because I couldn't find the other site. I hope this is okay. Keep up all of your great work here. You continue to be an inspiration to me. So thank you so much. I hope that you have a great day. Sending you all of my love until we meet again.


That's a tough break with the bone disease, but as you say no more worrying about the dentist. Have started with activated charcoal instead of tooth paste... so let's see how that goes!

I saw your transfer and forwarded it to @savetukadpetanu. Thanks again for being so supportive.

In the end it was something in the region of $60 we were able to contribute. I know she will appreciate the gesture :)


Thanks for the update. It's nice to know when you tried to help people that you're making a difference. And I wish you the best of luck with whitening your teeth. Till I see you again I send you all of my love.

I've been using the coconut bi-carb for years now... (adding a few drops of peppermint/spearmint oil to the mix gives that familiar miny fresh taste) hydrogen peroxide is a good call, as 3% mouth rinse (not too often, approx 3x per week) ....and your own living water, as often as possible ;) Oh, plus stop coffee and smoking; the obvious elephants in the room :P


Elephants... where? ;)

Thanks for the tips. I started this routine a long time ago back in our London days but didn't keep it up. New routine has begun. A distiller is on the cards for that living water... though it seems mad when we are surrounded by mountain streams. Just like Bali, pesticide central... insects dying, fruit trees blossoming... can't trust the most obvious source of water.


Mountain streams are deadly. Mountains..... are made of dirt. We don't want to drink dirt. (yes mountain dirt is better than city-water). We get minerals from food. Water should be pure H2O, nothing added.... (zero inorganic mountain minerals; body cannot use em, they're like sand in the gas tank -deadly). Distiller should be No.1 Priority, and only £100ish, maybe £200 for a Megahome (best one)

P.S. - What if there was literally an elephant in the room.. ?

I am actually using the virgin coconut oil for oil pulling; I've been doing it for about a week and so I am still experiencing myself, but so far I really like it even though it is pretty gross at first. It is supposed to whitten your teeth, cleanse your mouth out of all the bacteria, it is also more effective than flossing and it is great to fight cavivites.
I do this daily, first thing in the morning for 20 minutes. Here is link for my post I made about it, where I explain more about it. I also use clove essential oil with it.


Great that you are busy doing it already! I will soon be joining you...

Have already started with activated charcoal because we happen to have it in our home. Just need to find the virgin coconut oil now!

Yes - coconut oil works well if you oil pull (swill it) for about 5 mins a day.

BUT - here is the real issue - all tooth health is dependent on eating quality animal products - so being vegan and poor teeth go hand in hand.


I've heard this, yet I have plenty of vegan friends with great teeth so I guess it doesn't always mean this. A few people have mentioned the Weston A. Price book to me on Steemit. I may have to actually read it one of these days!

Let's see how the coconut oil works... and a bit more vegan lifestyle research. I would like to try and avoid the meat if I can :)


This one is always controversial - I have several vegan friends on Steemit who say the same thing - but we sell supplements and joke that half our customers are ex vegans with bad teeth! (except we are not actually joking)

The best explanation we have is that teeth heath is dependent on the animal products eaten by the parents, and by the child for their first 5-10 years.

But starting with a depleted nutrient store a vegan diet will destroy a person's teeth in 1- 15 years (longest time before problems starting we have heard of)

So any vegan without a history of eating some animal food is unlikely to maintain good teeth for more than a decade

Dude, I was just thinking about this today. lol. I drink coffee everyday and was looking for a safe way to whiten.


Excellent! Let's do this thing together! Now is the time for so many reasons...

Am guessing there are a few people out there who have been putting this off for a long time like me so I'm hoping the results of this will get them motivated.

I do my teeth whitening with peroxide carbamide which works well on my teeth without much tooth sensitivity. The only downside of this is that I have to avoid greens veggies and coffee.


Hadn't heard of this one, but i see it is just as common as the hydrogen peroxide. Thanks for the tip bro!

I read the same recipe - baking soda plus coconut oil - sonewhere else on Steemit and I am testing it. Will send you the link.
First days of use: uncommon taste but it works. I used a toothpaste with baking soda as an ingredient before - so the difference cannot be that big. However, I try to use less chemical components in daily life and enjoy using this mix for cleaning. I add baking soda and sea salt to my bath, too.
Several times I read that kurkuma can be added to the selfmade toothpaste and is helpful to brighten your teeth.
Advise, however, for persons wearing a tooth provisorial (not ceramics): Your provisorial turns yellow and it is tought to bleech with some bleaching toothpaste afterwards. Better no use while havin provisorial teeth!


Thanks for all the fab information here :)

Am still collecting ingredients before I begin and trying to take photos of my teeth. I feel shame looking at them!


Sorry it took such a long time. I am tied up with too many things going round. This is the link I promised to send you:

And here on turmeric (kurkuma, curcuma longa) combined with coconut oil:


Awesome! Many thanks for getting back to me with these :)

I know the best way to whiten teeth..You need to use coconut oil for your teeth..
just you little bit take oil on your finger and apply on teeth and wash after 5 to 10 min


I prefer this idea of applying directly to your teeth. Most people are saying to use it as a mouthwash.

Thanks for the tip!

One of my friends has teeth that can be used for a Colgate commercial. I asked him and I've been taking his advice for about a week. He brushes his teeth 3 times a day right after he eats. Light brushes first two times and at night he thoroughly brushes. Another friend uses charcoal paste and he also has pearl white teeth. But the downside is you replace your brush weekly since gets black. I hope that helps I'm trying to do the same as a stubborn kid I never got braces so....that's that.


I don't mind a black toothbrush if it works! We actually have some charcoal tooth paste already which I will look for some further information on now. I would like to understand how something black can make them white?


The chemicals are strong and not the healthiest which is why I don't personally do it. I'll have to ask my dentist next time. But brushing 3 times a day is more natural and I think the better solution to this.

A 3% hydrogen peroxide rinse works good, I did it years ago and you just reminded me to have another go. Best to use foodgrade but the regular pharmacy grade will be fine, just don't swallow.


Excellent! The same stuff they use to dye hair blonde right? Shouldn't be too hard to find...

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL!!!! Turns your teeth black.... then white! ;0)

BUY ANY "Activated Charcoal" --coz it's all the same shizzle, no need to get a fancy "toothpaste/whiten-version" for 20quid --same shit, different packages. iloveu


Awesomeness. We already have some in our 'tool kit' and have been using these last few days.

Buy Charcoal Toothbrush

yeah watched some of the videos on youtube for naturally whitenning theeth some of the lols said baking soda do that i tried its very harmfull and damaged the mouth skin but found charcoal is the best incredient
Its harmful for daily use but you can use twice a week..

Note: Use at your own risk if you have sensitive teeth or skin ;)


Interesting to learn about charcoal. We actually have some charcoal tooth past already but haven't used it much. Perhaps it's time to give it a try!

Hi sam,

Your teeth must look like mine which is brown since I breath with my mouth open especially when sleeping.
I am waiting for you to come up with a safe way to brighten your teeth so I could follow your lead.


Looks like coconut oil is the safest way to go, but I will keep you informed...


Thanks for letting me know. Coconut oil....

I've tried whitening with ingredients around the house and it doesn't usually work too well ahah. I'd be very interested to see your results though!


Fingers crossed they are going to look great!

I am also annoyed with the yellow color in my teeth. hopefully this way is effective.


Hope you are able to get them clean!

I think there are many natural ways to get white teeth... Many guys try it with Baking soda, but I think that it's not that good. Soda can damage tooth enamel... I read something about banana peel... I will research it :D


Yeah, too much baking soda never gonna be a good thing

El bicarbonato de sodio puede ser muy eficaz para eliminar las bacterias de la boca así como para sanar posibles heridas y también para aclarar mas manchas de los dientes, sin embargo los resultados se ven después de usarlo durante varias semanas. (su uso prolongado puede dañar el esmalte dental). Uno de los remedios naturales mas efectivos que he probado es Aceite de coco y Cúrcuma (hacer una pasta y cepillar los dientes un par de veces diarias) Suerte.

Need to check it when my braces will be off.
@remind-me in 2 years..


Hey @adasq, I will notify you on May 19th 2020, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)