Team Vietnam Statistics - 2019-07-29

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These are statistics gathered for the following Vietnamese tags: #vn #vietnam #vietnamese #teamvn or #teamvietnam.
Authors displayed in this article have used above tags at least 5 times in the last 30 days, except for the global statistics.

First Steemians using the Vietnamese tags

Global statistics

Number of Steemians who used the Vietnamese tags (no time limit):

  • 2635 Steemians used the tag
  • 850 Steemians used the tag at least 3 times
  • 687 Steemians used the tag at least 4 times
  • 587 Steemians used the tag at least 5 times

Last 30 days statistics

Number of Steemians:

  • 33 Steemians used the tag
  • 12 Steemians used the tag at least 3 times
  • 11 Steemians used the tag at least 4 times
  • 8 Steemians used the tag at least 5 times

Trending posts (by number of comments received) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@hhiep[Hữu ích] Một số website hữu ích cho cộng đồng2
2@hhiep[Giá như tôi biết sớm hơn] công cụ lướt Steemchain cực hay2
3@jumartphotoGirl in the lotus lagoon - People Photography by Worldcapture Week #321
4@teamvnTeam Vietnam Statistics - 2019-07-221

Trending posts (by number of timed resteemed) on the week of 2019-07-22 00:00:01

#AuthorBlog PostCount

Top 20 Steemians order by engagement on the week of 2019-07-22 00:00:01

1@joeyarnoldvn245 comments
2@karinxxl46 comments
3@happydolphin11 comments
4@tieulongdl7115 comments
5@hhiep2 comments
6@lantracy1 comments

Last payout statistics

Top 20 Steemians order by payout (on week 2019-07-22 00:00:01)

#AccountPayout (STU)

My upvote stats

I upvoted the following posts in the last 24 hours

1@firepowerSteem chat contest 88 winners announcement100%
2@rollandthomasCryptocurrencyrelativestrengthanalysisreportforweekstarting72819 0i4znnunvv100%
3@rollandthomasIntermarketrelativestrengthanalysisreportfortheweekstarting72819 4s6ht76hl1100%
4@beastlybanter4dxr7r beastly tales missing in action100%
5@don-thomasPictures from sicily on of my homebases or bilder von einem meiner drei heimathaefen szilien or fotos de uno de mis tres lugares100%
6@stackinDporn is live a new community built on the steem blockchain100%
7@hatuBinance s next ieo evidences the superiority of stp s micro token offerings100%
8@flemingfarmHeading out campingclimbing yrneum93100%
9@zakuNeoxian silver neoxag power contest for communities or or 10k neoxag power or or100%
10@zakuHighlights of the day dq and mystery rewards sm guild sneak peak dec statics and spt posts curations100%
11@driptorchpressDailyish thoughts 103100%
12@rollandthomasForexrelativestrengthanalysisreportforweekstarting72819 1b0fmujj4y100%
13@ritxiChelsea system of play in season 19 20100%
15@beastlybanterBeastly tales the first prize100%
16@hhiepHuu ich mot so website huu ich cho cong dong20%
17@stackinSplinterlands update my daily request rewards100%
18@stackinAlpha kw 8 appics im 29836100%
19@moemanmoeslyHow to earn usd50 worth of eos absolutely free100%
21@r351574nc3Garden gallery at los angeles museum of natural history part 4100%
22@zakuNeoxag manual curations tribe progress and neox neoxag price updates100%
23@muratkbesirogluSci fi story independent cinema all parts100%
24@oendertuerkMcu marvel studios has announced all movies and series for the upcoming 4th phase part 2100%
25@oendertuerkThe road through the forest100%
26@waybeyondpadthaiI d love to meet you at sf420%
27@waybeyondpadthaiMalay malay call out steemians in malaysia20%
28@eddiespinoBorderlands 3 is coming soon100%
29@adityajainxdsThe two tree100%
30@oendertuerkMcu marvel studios has announced all movies and series for the upcoming 4th phase100%
31@beastlybanterBeastly tales the toupee100%
32@r351574nc3Night blooming cereus100%
33@muratkbesirogluSci fi story independent cinema part 2100%
34@lenancieVietnamese translation source the curious expedition part 13 1321 words in english25%
35@cryptoeaterSteem monsters new ability and feature suggestions100%
36@onealfaAlpha kw 8 appics im 29588100%
37@zakuHighlights of the day dq and mystery rewards neoxian tribe tournament result alpha toke price and statics spt posts curation100%
38@quochuyElite worm breeding an online course by larry j shier55%
39@flemingfarmU of g researchersfirst to unlock access to pain relief potential of cannabis u of g news100%
40@moemanmoeslyHow to earn up to usd9 43 per post100%
42@zakuThe tribe of neoxian airdrop reports and future airdrops100%
43@a-aliceTasteem 24adc345%
44@lenancieVietnamese translation source biblebot part 1 1510 words in english25%
45@themarkymarkStemgeeks and the stem token100%
46@detlevBonanza in thailand travel with detlev100%
47@flemingfarmActifit flemingfarm 20190724t044424517z100%
48@takosdiaryVn tako s diary review kiem samurai do f toys san xuat20%
49@lantracyTranslation vietnamese the curious expedition part 22 101330%
50@flemingfarmSome sights from around the farm yh8l2ykr100%

Community delegators ordered by SP

1@qurator515.15 SPFri Jun 01 2018
2@nuoctuong306.87 SPTue Jun 19 2018
3@carlpei153.35 SPFri Jun 29 2018
4@quochuy152.19 SPMon Nov 19 2018
5@hanggggbeeee102.48 SPMon May 14 2018
6@a-alice102.41 SPMon May 28 2018
7@nguyenthanh102.07 SPTue Jul 31 2018
8@thanhquyen51.12 SPFri Jun 29 2018
9@adam.tran51.10 SPThu Jul 05 2018
10@ngocbich50.98 SPSun Aug 19 2018
11@lantracy40.92 SPSun Jun 17 2018
12@crypto.hype25.56 SPFri Jun 29 2018
13@steemitguide25.55 SPMon Jul 09 2018
14@lenancie20.46 SPTue Jun 19 2018


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