Grieving And Doodling To Cope | A Free Downloadable Coloring Page (Limited Time)


I am writing this with a heart full of grief.

My cousin, Richard, passed away yesterday, at the age of 54. He was a father to 5 children who are all adults and a grandad to 5 beautiful grandchildren. We were very shocked, I was shocked. He was gone after a short illness which started with a mild cold, fatigue and muscles aches. His condition deteriorated very fast and he was warded in the ICU and on a life support machine. A day later he was gone.

Richard was our "big brother". The person we all looked up to when we needed to settle issues relating to our village or family affairs. He was very friendly, approachable, kind, and highly respected by all.

I wasn't particularly close to him but we used to communicate a lot through Facebook and commented on each other's posts. And both of us were in the same Whatsapp group for the relatives. He was active in the group chat and often sharing funny jokes or news, advices, tips. The last photo of him was taken in the ambulance en route to the hospital, and he was his usual self, smiling and giving a peace sign. He looked healthy. I guess he was trying to be strong for the sake of the family. But the truth was his body was very weak with the internal organs slowly shutting down...

I am not good with words. What I wrote about him seems shallow and doesn't reflect the grief I am experiencing.

There are no tears because they feel pointless. Only numbness and an aching sense of loss.

The only way to cope is through art. Art is my outlet for almost everything; when I am happy, sad, angry, even in pain, I turn to art to cope.

The doodle

I doodled this coloring page earlier today, thinking of him and our family and relatives back home. I can't attend the funeral because plane tickets are expensive and I need to bring my kids with me.

Doodling is very therapeutic. It requires less effort than sketching portraits or painting. If you never doodle before, why not give it a try? I wrote a simple tutorial for anyone who wants to learn to make doodle art. You can see it here: Doodle Tutorial For Complete Beginners.

Good news! I am making this coloring page available for download but only for a limited time. The doodle is a bit intricate and might not be suitable for young children but perfect for adults and older kids. You can download the page from the link below!

I Miss You coloring page downloadable PDF

Note: The coloring page is only for your personal use and not to be resold or redistributed. I obtain the full copyright and please do not remove my personal details on the page. Thank you!

Here are the progress photos...





Thank you for visiting! What do you think of this doodle? Please leave your comments below.

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My gifts & merchandise available at REDBUBBLE (international), Printcious & CreativeUnited (Malaysia).

Thank you!


My avatar was illustrated by @pinstory

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i'm sorry for your lost, thankfully all children is already an adult and could take care of the family


Thank you @kennethtks . Yes the kids are all grown up but losing him is hard on everyone who knew him.

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My condolences hugs you...I actually lost my uncle yesterday morning from cancer...but we'll get through this! The doodle looks beautiful~


I am so sorry for your loss @thilah. Hugs to you too and deepest condolences to you and family.

Deepest condolences. May Richard's soul rest in peace. Amen.

I believe Richard would like to tell you and his family...


Thank you for sharing the video @patlu. "I am the soft stars that shine at night" ~ I love to think so.

I totally feel you... I lost my Dad at 57 (made a post about him recently, 'cause it was his 10year death anniversary). What I wanna say is I feel your pain. And, even though you won't forget, you'll slowly get used to it at some point... Amazing artwork you made there for him <3 Upvoted+resteemed. Lots of love girl !!! :*


Thank you @meanmommy33 ...hugs to you too. I read that post about your dad. He was amazing and very talented. You look so much like him.


I take that as a compliment - I do, don't I??? So thank you girl ! <3 :) :*

So sorry for your lost. Time does heal, eventually... personal experienced from losing both parents.


Thank you @joelai . It was so sudden. He was healthy and cracking jokes one day and he's gone the next day.


I notice lately a lot of cases like sudden death happens among our society, I'm not sure the reasons but to just wish everyone stay healthy and live a happy and stressless life, cos life is just too short.

I'm sorry for your loss.
Big hugs!

I am so sorry for your loss sis. May your memories give you peace and comfort.