TeamMalaysiaChallenge #01 | MERDEKA Challenge

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Greetings fellow steemians from #teammalaysia

Its been only a couple of months since starting out this new initiative of growing teammalaysia and the number has been growing consistently every day. For those who are new to #teammalaysia curation program, kindly read this introductory post #teammalaysia project curation of the malaysian steem community

As part of our ongoing activity for #teammalaysia , we would like to announce our very first post challenge themed towards our 60th Hari Merdeka

Here is what you need to do

  • Go out and take a photo / selfie of a point of interest in Malaysia.
  • With of without your face is ok, however included in the photo MUST show your steemit username with the date
  • having the Malaysian flag in the background would be an added advantage for judges selection
  • WRITE YOUR POST with the PHOTO and a description or history of why you choose that POINT OF INTEREST
  • you must UPVOTE and RESTEEM this post and also follow our new official user @teammalaysia
  • Your post must have the tags teammalaysia and teammalaysiachallenge

note: failing to follow any of these, your post would be disqualified.

What is the prize ? ( there will only be 1 ultimate winner )

- As the winning prize, winner will get 1,000 Steem Power Delegation for 1 month ( meaning all your upvotes would be worth much more for an entire month )

- An original customized Avatar by @littlenewthings check out her awesome blogs

note : as a bonus all posts which follows the criteria of this competition will be upvoted with #teammalaysia curation

How do I submit my entry ?

  • You need to link your post in the comments section of this post
  • Each user is only allowed 1 submission

How do you determine the winner of the challenge ?

  • Judges consist of a few people which is mainly myself ( @bitrocker ), Kristian ( @awesomianist ), Jessica ( @littlenewthings ) & 2 more judges which will remain anonymous at this point of time.
  • Judging would be based mostly on creativity of the entire post ( photo, writing, formatting and all of that )

Must the writeup be only in english ?

  • Your post can be in either English or Bahasa Malaysia
  • other languages .... not for this challenge. Perhaps in our future challenges
  • This is one challenge which accepts manglish haha .. why not lah

Disqualification if you do this

  • If your post content is NOT original ( both photos and text )
  • If you use upvote bots like randowhale, booster, bellyrub or even minnowsupport
  • do not follow the set criteria of this challenge
  • political or religious or NSFW posts

Who is eligible to join ?

  • This contest is open to ALL MALAYSIANS
  • Or permanent residence of Malaysia

How long will this challenge be open ?

  • All submission must be done before the payout of this post ( 7 days )

When will the winner be announced ?

🏁 We will announce the winner on Merdeka Day 🏁

We fully encourage your participation in our little challenge and Good luck to all participants and keep on steeming and don't forget tagging #teammalaysia

Payouts of this post will be given to @teammalaysia to run other challenges in the near future. Do join our discord channel for hanging out with us and discuss anything to improve #teammalaysia We would love to hear your suggestions.

Thank you and please vote for my witness to continue and support #teammalaysia

to vote, goto and scroll all the way down


I have upvoted, re-steemed this post and followed @teammalaysia. So the only thing left to do are:

  • Go out and take a photo / selfie of a point of interest in Malaysia. Included in the photo MUST show your steemit username with the date.
  • WRITE YOUR POST with the PHOTO and a description or history of why you choose that POINT OF INTEREST
  • Submit entry in the comment section


There are few photo contest related to Merdeka. One of the photo contest is organized by Mid Valley.

i'm sure there are many events going on especially with SEA games and Merdeka around.

Great project. Still traveling so not able to take part now.
[Trans-Mongolia Rail Adventure](Exploring The Beautiful Flower City Of Irkutsk, Siberia]( This post is presently earning less than $1, please give it some love, thank you so much

Yay i fully support this initiative....good effort. Go teammalaysia.

Yuhuuuu. Sedaap denga contest ni. Saya nak cuba sx, sape tau bole jadi. Hahaha. Nice ncikk @bitrocker. Malaysia move on to top level same as famous community. Amazing revolution for team malaysia. Thanks for everythink my senior.


Go la snap it! You will never know you might be the winner!

I think he did but he didnt tag his post on the comment section.

oh I see. Gonna go check those out later. I think @teammalaysia will later make a compilation of it.

great .. looking forward for your post

(^.^)/ Go TeamMalaysia Go!!!
Malaysia Boleh!!!
Scratching my head where to take photo and what to write liao... =_=|

haha..... KLCC ! -.-

How you know? LOL... Now you even can read minds liao...

Here's my entry...
Aiyah.. I made another silly mistake liao... You can ignore my entry... Not qualify for the run... Wish everyone else all the best!

Hi @bitrocker2020, must i hold the paper with username & date in the pic? That doesnt look good, haha. I can just add them in the pic digitally.

support this initiative #teammalaysia, will be hunting for photos after this!

I am going to have fun looking through the selections!

yet to capture any photos yet. weekend task!

Awesome. Unfortunately I will be a lot busier for the next couple of weeks. Not sure if able to participate :(

It's 1000 STEEM power 😁 hope u can join in

Yeah I know. If I win, it would make me a mini dolphin instantly even if it doesn't last long :P

But to have it for a month can do a lot for yourself and help others too. :)

I have to defer this time around. My kids have been sick and I am limiting my time on Steemit and other endeavours until all is well again. All the best to all participants ;)

Oh no! I hope they will feel better soon!

take care of your kids.. i understand how you feel . hope they get well soon.

Thank you @littlenewthings and @danieldoughty . Yes they are recovering, at least no more high fever.

I only learned about the function of "Resteem" now ... sorry I am late for this. :(


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