Happy 1 Month Old -- Milestones on Steemit

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I've been on Steemit a full month now and let me share my experience and milestones so far.  It's been an exciting journey to reignite my love for blogging and to add to that, I get to blog about one of my passions -- makeup and beauty!

The Beginning

On 9th September 2017, I attended a talk organized by the KadazanDusun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) introducing me to the platform.  My friend @madeve convinced me to give it a go and here I am as a fellow Steemian.

Visit @madeve to learn more about the KadazanDusun culture and my homeland of NorthBorneo.

With the introduction by @bitrocker2020 and further encouragement from @danieldaughty, I was on my way to writing my first post.  Unfortunately I forgot to register before the talk and wasn't able to get my post up during the talk itself.  Nonetheless, better late than never, a few days later I posted my #introduceyourself introductory post! Go #teammalaysia!

My aim was to contribute to the beauty community on Steemit.  As a professional make up artist, I figured that would be the are to build on for me.  So far I've shared some product comparisons, product review, fake makeup awareness and started my Tools of the Trade series.

Where I'm At Now

How have I progressed so far in the community?

  • I've reached 200+ followers!  Thank you for the Steemian support and to all the new friends I've made.
  • I've built my reputation to 50 from the initial 25.
  • I got my first big earning post -- USD$70+!
  • I've amassed a wallet of almost USD$100 from the initial USD$0.67.
  • Did my first round of the #colorchallenge with my own Beauty spin to it.
  • Joined my first #contest flexing my designing skills.
  • Updated my Profile Cover Image.

200+ Followers & Reputation 50! Yay!

Almost USD$100 average value.  Keep posting guys!

My first big earning post.

My first #colorchallenge compilation.  Challenges are a fun way to produce content and have fun with the theme.

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

My first contest.  I didn't win this one but it was still fun to give it go.  Let me know what you think.

This is my current cover photo with my red lips from the #colorchallenge post and I'm pretty happy with it.

What's Next?

So the big question is what's next?  I'm going to continue my mission to build the beauty community on Steemit.  I've recently gone for a Mobile Apps training class and I may be sharing some of that here as well.  We'll definitely be seeing more product reviews, tips and techniques and makeup looks posts.  I'll be doing another round of the #colorchallenge in a different theme too!

See you then!

Lots of love, Adelina
Website: Make Up by Adelina
Online Store: Adelina Beauty
Facebook: @AdelinaMUA
Instagram: @adelinamua

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Wow congratulations @adelinamua.. And thank you for the mention. Am glad to see you progressing and that's how I wish to see all that I have 'touched' will get something good out of it. Would love to see you building up yourself as a successful person one day . Fingers crossed 👌🏻 go step by step...


Thanks @madeve for your neverending encouragement and support. Truly appreciated.

congrats @adelinamua. I have given you an upvote and a follow. I am gonna go through your posts and see if I can come up with some ideas for content.


Thank you @linkdead13 for your support! I hope you find inspiration for content.

All the best! Looking forward to more great content from you. And thanks for sharing your experience too!


Thanks @maverickfoo! Will definitely be coming out with more content. Thanks for enjoying the journey with me.

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Thanks for the badge update @steemitboard!

Nice progress!



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Thank you @cryptohustlin and @minnowpond. Thanks for continuing to support minnows.

Looks like you made some good effort on this. I hope those that really add to the community climb the ranks, verse those that copy and paste from the internet.


Thanks @garyph! I hope to continue bringing new and original content to the community.

not bad


Thanks @fundurian. :)

thanks to @bitrocker2020


Congrats on your first month anniversary on Steemit :)


Thanks @coloringiship! I can't believe it's only been a month

Well Done Adelina ( @adelinamua )!!!!!!!!!

I'm not into the beauty thing, (prefer being old and ugly ;0) but your post, inspiration, and enthusiasm was enough to make me look at your blog and follow. I do like good content.

Love how you showed your progress in detail and showed others how they can do the same.

Looking forward to seeing more from you and helping you grow your little business here on SteemIt.


A little Steem goes a long way!


Thanks @fredacker! Appreciate the support.

Beauty is definitely a passion of mine and it's always fun for me to share it with as many people as possible! Having themes has really helped (and challenged) me to think of what kind of content I want to put out.

I think it's important for others to see that Steemit has big potential and is a pretty awesome community to be posting in.

I would love to see Steemit grow more in content variation moving forward and I do my best to be part of that movement.

Your doing great and come so far so fast I am learning as well


Thanks! Find your niche and keep posting.