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I weep as I write this, because debt bondage has existed far too long!
Gold as money is not the solution.
Neither are cryptocurrencies.
Ignorance of the truth breeds slaves.
Or expressed another way:
Knowledge of the Truth makes a man unfit to be a slave.

First, let's address the weeds and low hanging fruit.

  • It is commendable to say don't contract more debt (i.e. credit cards, car loans, home mortgage, etc.), but this doesn't go far enough.

  • Have precious metals as money - again this doesn't go far enough as overt forms of slavery and indentured servitude existed when national currencies were gold and silver coinage.

  • Blockchain virtual currencies will destroy the debt based system - isn't this assuming the banksters controlling governments will abolish their control mechanisms over the citizens?
    Is that delusional or wishful thinking?

Ever since the 2008 Financial Crisis, or the so-called “Great Recession“, the popular soundbite to “End The Fed“ gained momentum. Those who researched what fractional reserve banking really is, called for resilient alternatives to replace debt based money.

The message is simple and clear:

  • The CRISIS is the Central Banks (masters of governments) Will Never Solve The Problem Because They Are The Problem.

  • Governments' Protection Racket has the monopoly on the use of violent force and creation of money.

In 2010 the 189 IMF member countries were committed to a new monetary consensus via the IMF treaty that was later ratified in national legislatures , including CHINA, the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, the U.S. CONGRESS and the others.

I call that 2010 IMF quota treaty the DE-Dollarization Treaty as they agreed to remove the requirement of trading in USD and reduced the veto weight of the U.S. while simultaneously increasing the weight or "quota" of other members.
The treaty also committed to increasing the usage of SDRs as well as including CHINA's RMB into the SDR reserve basket of currencies.
The SDR will have a blockchain element and be used more broadly than ever before, and CHINA is leading this globalization agenda.

– I See More Prepping and Less Promoting Alternatives –

Witnessing good people get caught up in the wealth net saddens me:
They wake up to discover that the mass indoctrination centers have deceived them about money and the current worldwide monetary system.

This monetary system is debt bondage, structurally unstable whereas, crises are very common.
The IMF has documented 421 crises between 1970 and 2007!

Thus, the 2009 "Great Recession" wasn't uncommon, it was more acutely felt worldwide.

Individuals wake up to learn the horrific fraud and debt foundation that was omitted from their education.
Then they begin to see the coming crisis and prepare, but remain stuck in the vicious monopoly money loop…

Many innovators and entrepreneurs are duplicating the 1% – they want to be wealthy clones.
This is the perpetual cycle we discuss and there is no Freedom at the end.
Bondage to the debt slavery system – Forever.

Often they say something similar to: “If you want to be successful then do what the successful businessman did”.
Focusing on tangible assets and storing wealth is the (gold) monopoly money trap.

The fractional reserve banking (criminal Kakistocracy) controllers already have enough gold and silver to buy it all up and remain in control. They also have armed militaries and policy enforcers to take your vaulted assets if you directly oppose them.

In my opinion, too many individuals are focusing on accumulating wealth in hopes to ride out the next crisis, rather than adopting an alternative system with a different structure to found a free community.

I also see too many banking with the G-SIFI, TBTJ, Mega-Banks, when they could at minimum close (boycott) their bank accounts and transfer to other financial accounts and assets.

I call on freedom minded and innovative thinkers to consider alternatives to this debt based monetary system.

What Is Money?

It is IMPORTANT to Remember that Money is an Agreement.
Consider: Local and Complementary Currencies, P2P exchanges, Co-ops, credit unions, etc…

Bernard Lietaer is among the minority voices for freedom calling on abolishing the monopoly on creating money.

I wish to see mass popularity in alternatives to fractional reserve bank notes (debt instruments).

We actually have the capacity to create a very different reality by enabling our energies to move more freely where they are most needed. -Prof. Bernard Lietaer "Changing our Monetary System. Why and How"

Title: Self-Issued Credit: A Monetary Solution
Video posted 18 Dec 2012 by corbettreport
Podcast: Play in new window or Download
CLICK HERE to continue watching on

Title: What About Money? Bernard Lietaer interviewed by Lars Schall
Video posted 21 Aug 2012 by Michael Leitner

“Lars Schall meets Bernard Lietaer: In this exclusive video interview, the internationally renowned currency expert Lietaer, who has worked in many different functions in the world of money, advocates an upgrade of our monetary paradigm as a systemic solution to our global financial crisis. The monopoly of a single currency in favor of the banking system must be eradicated. Diversity must substitute monoculture.”

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Now..what are those things that cause harm to be thrown away....

@immarojas in a grassroots (leaderless) boycott, what would you boycott and throw away?

Peaceful noncompliance

I would ask my family and friends to throw out the microwave ovens and boycott all bank funded corporations - that includes governments with corporate charters being funded by banks. The U.S. gov is corp-chartered and bank funded. The U.S. corporation should be boycotted, a tax boycott and job walkout would shut them down.

People stop buying and start alternatives and repairing oldies for community use would go a long way to providing what is needed for the communities until the beast is starved to death and we can then start fresh - when washing machine and dryer breaks rather than buying a new one (boycott the corporations) and wash by hand or repair the oldie or collaborate among the engineers and craftsmen to make a alternative...

But I don't see that kind of massive grassroots boycott and job walkouts lasting very long before the beast system grinds to a halt.
Innovate & collaborate in a AGE of CREATIVITY.

Well..that is life in the cities that the people in provinces like to emulate. Don't forget, the Philippines want almost everything like the US.
As a child, we can live without money. If there is an alternative without using "money" and we use tokens for example, is much better.

Isn't President Duterte moving the Islands away from emulating the U.S?
Islanders have their unique way of living and resonating with life that the continental American doesn't have.

That's his plan yes..the political evironment is changing. Nationalism is on the rise or so i hope. How it is for the young, am not so sure. We hope.

@immarojas over the decades this has happened many times, it now encourages me to consider the people on earth will remove the reign of the Beast - some day.
In the past, when my research efforts uncovered a portion of the truth that most are taught to ridicule as nonsense, most recently is this blockchain/FINTECH plan by the international money mafia (aka money masters or banking cartel or IMF/G20/BRICS) only a few days after posting now I see others reporting on it too and that is very encouraging.

At your leisure see these posts, give extra attention to the videos:
The Digital Kingdom: China Shows Us What The IMF Planned For The Blockchain, Called ACCHAIN

Blockchain Video Promo has creepy subliminal message!

The IMF's SDR Role as the Preeminent Reserve Currency: De-Dollarization Policy Agreement

Perhaps you will see the value in sharing this.
Obviously, emotional cryptocurrency enthusiasts who own a lot of bitcoins and ethereum tokens will not be pleased about this, but this is part of amplifying awareness and then starving the beast to free the People on earth.

Some individuals will have to face their own greed.

I will check those..ive seen that one with subliminal message. Interested @dreamily??
Thanks @ronmamita. Waiting for more :)

Without our sharing awareness and the will to discuss these deceptive institutional activities, I think the pit of despair would claim all life on earth.
my space is small but collectively we are worldwide and we are the change.

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Great post! We need more awareness about the intrinsic problems with central authorities "controlling" value representation and economic grease.

Bernard is a great guy, I had the chance to meet him once and aksed him about his feelings about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies... he was not convinced in 2014!

hi @fraenk I'm pleased to meet you.
Yes, I am not a blockchain enthusiast, but the problem is not gold, fiat or crypto currencies, or the digital economy - no, the problem is institutional governance with the monopoly on use of armed force and the creation of money.


The concept of central authority institutionalized must be addressed or freedom will be a fatality.

indeed! the systemic problems are a lot more far reaching than the monetary dictate!

but the monetary system might just be the achilles heel of the system as a whole!

I upvoted and re-steemed. Now it is time to go back and watch some of the video clips.

Hi @realestatecoach I am pleased to meet you, and thanks for resteem 👍

I often wrestle with the irony:
Is This The Information Age or The Age of Deception.
Sadly it may be both, but isn’t it obvious which one is dominant?

I failed to include information about the alternative model of ABUNDANCE - but the post was already too long for my steemit-guidelines I attempt to keep all posts brief.
I will dedicate a post to the abundance model and resilient free-source alternative technologies -Cheers!

Great post. I like the thought that building wealth is a fallacy if it's done in the wrong way. I like the idea of using crytpocurrency and shunning my local dollars as often as possible, plus homesteading to grow my own food to step back from my dependence on the system as a whole.

Good article. Thanks for you thoughts.