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The video below provides more evidence for the globalists' plan for the digital economy.

Cashless Society Plan in 18 Steps_p1.png
Cashless Society Plan in 18 Steps_p2.png

Title: Is Visa helping the Central Banks go cashless?
Video posted 18 Jul 2017 by ITM Trading (w/ Lynette Zang)

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Jim Rickards posted a very revealing report about how the globalists plan to abolish cash, titled:
"How Governments Can Kill Cash"

"B.E.P.S." Hiding the plan for global taxation:

As if inflation, confiscation, and negative rates weren’t enough, the global elites are coordinating a new plan for global taxation. As usual, there’s a technical name for global taxation so non-elites won’t understand the plan. It’s called base erosion and profit shifting, or “BEPS.”
The BEPS project is being handled by the OECD and the G-20, with the IMF contributing technical support. If you’re interested in BEPS, there’s an entire website devoted to the global taxation plans and timetables. -Jim Rickards


Yes, I saw this. This is very disturbing since these big guys just get that money back and we are stuck with all no way to get money that we spent back. Once again, more BS that is cause the little guy to get punished.

@revelationquotes Yes, the social and financial engineering is obvious to see, for those who are willing to look at the evidence.

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