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The Globalists Are Forcing The Digital Economy Upon Us, Weather We Want It Or Not!

I recall my first day in public school, in the lunch line I felt uncomfortable and stressed as a kid and I wanted to go home. So what I did was loudly say "Mooou - Moo!", like the cows on the farm!
I laughed.
That was my way of dealing with being herded against my will at that young age of about 6 years or so...

I also recall my anger at being forced to accept EFT of my paychecks rather than physically being handed my paycheck - yes, I was accustomed to getting my paychecks in hand at the workplace!
The day came when the administration asked all workers to volunteer for direct deposit to your bank or credit union. Some workers volunteered and many of us refused.
Then the day came when they made it mandatory and TOLD us we could no longer receive payments by paychecks and you must fill out the paperwork for direct deposit into your bank account.
I was so angry I considered ...

Fast forward three decades later, when I acutely feel the herdsmen again, with the digital connections everywhere I look.
People walk like zombies looking into the "smartphone" or talking to invisible individuals - again on their cell phones.

I recall one very eerie sensation when this man walked pass me while having a very loud conversation with no one!
Then, I barely noticed the tiny Bluetooth earpiece, that I imagined was a Transceiver for his cell phone - I was so startled that I had to laugh!

Digital Cashless Economy


‘There is not one single national economy in the world today whose people are free’ -Hugo Salinas Price (is a Billionaire who saw something)

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I feel you on this -- I've been a big opponent to all things that have a power-over feel, my entire life. I'm totally not into AI and 5g, smartgrids, and cities, well almost everything we are looking down the barrel at.

The thing I love about block chain tech is that at least it is taking third party "rulership" out of the equation and making it almost impossible to track our data and goings-on. There is no going back and to survive one must learn the game and find ways to walk like a shadow or surely the eye will see you and focus in, you know, first to slaughter.

These are indeed times of change and the masses have been bred by the generations to accept "what is".

I could go on and yet, I won't... as you seem to be on the same page.

*No cell phone here and I live more like a Victorian than I do a modern human.

@mamadini and it pains me to remember I was once a fanboy of sci-fi tech.

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. -Aldous Huxley

As was I (well, fan-girl, but you understand)... funny how that works. ha.

@mamadini ha-ha, we are not alone as more fangirls and fanboys hear the truth and see the mass deception. 😃

I totally agree... :)

When can we go back to swapping shiny stones instead of strings of ones and zeros?

@fortified Ha-ha I like my pet rock! LOL 😃
But seriously, the hidden hands have always been above us haven't they?
Digital money wouldn't be so objectionable if it wasn't forced upon the world by slave masters to perpetuate their rulership and world hegemony.

The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them. -Patrick Henry

The veil is slowly lifting. We just need to keep chipping away at it slowly.

@fortified AMPLIFY Awareness by sharing Truth

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