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According to ACCHAIN:

ACCHAIN is a global open source community, a decentralized, digital platform and the tool required by the age for asset digitization.

The Asset Digitization is the greatest application of blockchain

Is Creating A New Order in the digital age.


When I was explaining the globalists' documents ( the Federal Reserve, IMF, G20, OECD, and others) that I read they intended to put the SDR on the blockchain and mandate all citizens be digitally connected for the emerging digital economy (cashless society with mass surveillance and digital tracking tech). Explaining the Billions of dollars spent for supercomputers and A.I. along the way.

However, this ACCHAIN promotional video summarizes it best:

Photos From top left to top right: Vanguard Guiyang blockchain Finance Limited CEO Achcen; Single Qingfeng Distributed Systems Engineer Asch chain founder; To Haotian Artificial intelligence expert Led the national supercomputer Tianhe-2 in the field of Life sciences Artificial intelligence applications, and now the country's top A.I. team official booster system ACChain; Zhang Sheng High Performance Computing Ph.D.; [2nd row] Ben Gibbons Collins Barrow partner; Joe F. Attrux CPA, CA (Ontario) CPA (Hong Kong) International Certified Public Accountants; ZHAO Jing column International Association of Software Architects (IASA); and Pucheng Jun Blockchain information protection Research Association.

ACCHAIN_IMF blockchain_SDR_Ethereum_Bitcoin_super nodes_p2.png

Look deeper into ACCHAIN's Initial Coin Offering known as Asset Coin Collection (ACC) token.

The ACC ICO aims to structure an international supernode networks of digital assets, and establish a digital currency “Special Drawing Rights” (SDR). The SDR will help in populating ACC and form a more stable global digital finance and asset system for businesses and consumers across the Acchain. The digital currency SDR also supplements the traditional SDR to help establish a new order in the financial world. -Read: Digital Asset SDR System: Establishing New Order Of Blockchain Finance posted 23 May 2017

The growing number of institutions and corporations joining ACCHAIN on the blockchain is staggering.
Scrutinize them closely.

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Wow not good, feeling worrisome. Well just don't use them, they have no real authority anyway. They're all a scam, literally, the whole legal and money system. best advice ever.

@nutela "not good", indeed.
Many argue from Mt. Ignorance that blockchain cryptocurrencies will destroy the debt based monetary system and free humanity...

Please Share the evidence and amplify awareness, those who are ready to look and seek truth will find truth.

I'll share when I see more evidence, this ACChain is too new for me.


Awesome. Thank you.

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