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Welcome to #SublimeSunday a tag presenting you with the unique opportunity to post something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy and instigated by me @c0ff33a ☕️

First up though is a #beautifulsunday (hosted by @ace108) photo with a #funkyedit (hosted by @krazypoet) with Saturation to the Max.


Finally we have had some rain in the UK, it feels strange being pleased about it raining - but after such an extended period of incredibly hot dry weather the downpour was a relief - we even had some hail mixed in with Thunder and Lightening. Ironically it is still as hot as some of the best summers we have had - just not the thirty plus degrees Celsius we have been suffering from recently.


The rain was interspersed with periods of sun, so I even got to see a Rainbro , @saffisara tried to kid me it's a Rainbow - but I know a Rainbro 🤛🏽 when I see one.


With the rain we have not been out much, but I did head out around the neighbourhood for supplies and grabbed some pictures while I was out. @bluemoon pointed out previously my photographs are bigger then a laptop screen - so I'm trying that trick where you have a reduced size version and can click it to pop out a full size one. I had to look up how to do it, the first post I found explaining was how to make your pics big when clicked and it had to be by @old-guy-photos because he really does know all the tricks.


So I walked the streets of my neighbourhood taking photos of some of the prettiest flowers I could find in gardens, you have to wonder what people think about a random stranger talking photos of their gardens. I did find going into the gardens can make them a tad salty.."Ere, what ya doin in me flower beds", "I'm talking photographs of your flowers to post on Steemit", "Steeming? I'm fuming get orff me dalias or you'll be extracting my boot from your backside".


I decided to resort to my now favourite photograph - "middle of the road", where I risk life and limb to get you these incredible road shots. It made me think we should get "Danger Rewards" proportional to how much physical danger the post creator was in while producing their Steemit post.


Ok, so I'm actually on a pedestrian refuge so this isn't THAT dangerous, although you never know when someone who's garden I have trampled might be driving up the road and see me as a potential target!


Look, they are coming at me both ways - this is extreme cutting edge posting, you don't see this level of risk taken every day on Steemit to get an original photograph.


This BMW driver had practically stopped by the time he was along side me, I could not work out if he was bemused at my unusual photography angle or another gardener with a grudge. Time to beat a hasty retreat!


It's another 🌈🤛🏽 with this day of sun and rain.


Some more flowers, these were definitely on the street 😉


Berries! Gotta love the twig and berries. Let's get a close up.


And some yellow flowers, quite pretty I thought.


Let's finish up with a #FunkyEdit of the rainy weather yesterday


#SublimeSunday done, all it takes is you, something that takes photographs and a little time to go and find something to photograph.

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Fab shots of the rainbro! Thanks for risking life and limb to get some swell photos. 🙃 but be careful for we need you on Steemit. 🤗


Thank you very much, I'm pleased you liked it including my daring road photos and extreme flower photography. I'm still waiting to see if this post get's extra payout in "Danger Money" 😋

Awesome post! You got some really beautiful photos @c0ff33a!! I was getting ready to type "get outta the road" but saw you were in a safe area..mostly! I learned that same thing from @old-guy-photos(he does) 😉! Glad it's cooled off a little for you!! xoxo


Thank you very much, I think these Middle of the road shot's can get more and more daring - by Christmas I might end up in the middle of a Motorway! It is so much nicer it's back to being cold and wet in the UK - feels much more like home!


You're very welcome!! You are daring enough already! Glad it's feeling more like home! :)

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A daring and dangerous post!!😂 Love it! Great photos....especially those stolen flower pics!


Thank you very much, and honestly no flower beds were trampled in the making of this post 😉

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Ohh wow... You really are a risktaker my friend, living on the edge 😜 lol
All for us to se the shots from the middle of the road. Brave! Hahsahahhaashhhaaahhhaa...😂
But I love your flower pictures and such beautiful colors, first picture is beautiful with its bright red and I love the light purple ones. Awsome shots. And... RAINBOW.. 😂😂
You know I love them and your pictures are beautiful and great captured.
But sure let's say you saw a rainbro... Lol
You Crack me up with that one dear.
Have a wonderful night and Go to bed... Lol


Thank you very much, I am pleased someone finally appreciates how much actual physical danger I put myself in to bring entertaining blog posts to all you wonderful Steemians. In fact typing this comment is pretty risky - I nearly broke a nail on the p key

Thank you for the compliments on my photography, my neighbours to do have lovely flowers - and squashed flowerbeds lol.

It's a Rainbro -


...you don't see this level of risk taken every day on Steemit to get an original photograph.

Had no idea you were such a risk taker! 😎


My Witness server is running v0.19.10 - my tolerance to risk apparently knows no bounds 😬


LOL! 😂

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Great job @c0ff33a, keep it up, thanks for your infinite support! I love the pictures you've shared .. See you!



Thank you very much, I am pleased you enjoyed my pictures. You are always welcome of a little support, to be fair I'm trying to work my way through half of Steemit so something has to give at some point - but I try my best to keep up with everyone.

A quick head up - @sircork is no longer a single Witness - he is now a group witness under @noblewitness


All is explained there. And Wackou gave up being a Witness a long time ago so you could swap him out for someone else who is active.

Cannot imagine hail mixed in with Thunder and Lightening in the hot days.
That house is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


It was very strange to see hail bouncing off the ground when the air still felt warm! And you are spot on - I should have knocked on the door of that house and asked where they were hiding me pot of gold.

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one of the best and creative posts this made my day simply superb :D


Thank you very much, I am pleased you enjoyed my pictures.

The rainbow photos and "supersizeable" vibrant Hydrangeas are my favorite photos! Had to laugh at the comment about your adventures into gardens and the owners being salty bout your trespassing, all for the sake of Steemit! Be safe out there! @c0ff33a


Thank you very much, two Rainbro's the weather has been spoiling me. I do get some funny looks from people while I walk around taking photos in gardens! It is all good fun though, hopefully nobody wants royalties from their flowers being on the blockchain! Thanks for calling by :-)