Introducing the all-new, all-star @NobleWitness Team! Oh and also, Happy One Year on Steem to me, today!

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Hey Again, Steemitizens,

I have some big news to share with you today!

Today is my one year anniversary on steem.

Today I stand at 7900 posts, and over 3000 followers. I manage two major steem exclusive organizations, one of which is a worldwide humanitarian aid foundation, the other is a 24/7 live streaming network, both are exclusive to the Steem platform. I have created or help to operate several growing user communities, and I've been a witness for just about eleven months of the year I've been here. I do a ton of stuff around here in one-on-one conversations as well and lately it's been all consuming of my time, energy and attention.

I love doing all of it, but in order to keep from killing myself with sleepless, unfed hours spent at the keyboard here, it is time to expand and share the responsibilities with other sturdy, steadfast leaders on the platform.

To that end, a couple of months ago, I teamed up with well known community leader, writer's champion, curator, real-world non-profit animal rescue operator, and all around awesome person, @RhondaK and we became a partner-witness to strengthen our positions together in lifting voices on the platform and providing new opportunities, tools and services for aspiring steemians via our work with The Writer's Block, SteemStar Network and our other contributions which most of you are already aware of.

That's a big deal right?

Well, not quite as big a deal, as what I have to tell you about now...

We realized we could still do even more, be even stronger, with the right partners on the team.



The @SirCork Witness team is growing again, and we're getting a brand new name!

Introducing @NobleWitness - The "No Bull" Witness!

That's right! @SirCork witness is adding two people and changing our name!

I am pleased to announce that the team will be expanding from myself and @RhondaK, to now include @Anarcho-Andrei and @Gmuxx!

Yep, you heard me correctly!

One team, four great steemians working together to serve you!

@SirCork, @RhondaK, @Anarcho-Andrei, & @Gmuxx!!!


You already know @RhondaK & I but please allow me to introduce Andy and Muxxy...

@Anarcho-Andrei is currently a steem witness and already deeply involved in multiple initiatives that support veterans, authors and charitable service work on the chain, and he will be disabling his current witness to join our team and become a part of what is now one of the strongest witness teams on the chain.

@Gmuxx is a formidable and logical addition to the team as well, having once been a witness himself last year before a health issue forced him to set aside that idea as a solo responsibility. His partnership in creating @TheWritersBlock with @RhondaK, as well as his former experience as a senior mod in PAL/MSP, and his on-going work as a community leader in the Writer's Block and in several other efforts supporting authors and artists on the chain, make him a logical extension to this team that is all about serving our fellow steemians with opportunities to improve their craft, and improve their visibility around here.

Each of us has made a post like this one about this epic new team up and you can find the other team member's announcements here:

This is great news Cork, really it is! But... why?

All four of us are members of each other's initiatives and corresponding communities already and always seemed to be aligned on most of our values and opinions about the future of the steem ecosystem and the blockchain platform in general.

We believe that the witness landscape is changing. What was once an easy solo gig, is now becoming more and more demanding of time, knowledge, technical skills, and platform awareness and presence. We believe that it is counter-intuitive for us to be operating individual witnesses and stretching ourselves way too thin, when we can align, team up and be a stronger as a witness team serving you and the platform with our very best, together.

This is a full, equal partnership. All decisions, costs, responsibilities and any potential witness producer rewards will be shared equally by all members of this team.

We are very excited to be working together, and we believe this group of people will be a strong, credible and reliable witness for you to place your faith in, as we all march together toward the future on Steem!

Now for the hard part. We need you to do something for us!

Move your votes!

If you vote for the @SirCork witness now, or the @Anarcho-Andrei witness, we need you to move your votes to our new name @NobleWitness, and once we have gotten all our voters moved, we can disable our existing witnesses and operate this new one exclusively. I actually believe Andrei has already disabled his witness, but I didn't want to shock my voters before making this announcement. That said, now is the time, let's relocate your votes to @NobleWitness!

To move your vote, simply visit and use the "write in" voting option to enter your vote for "@noblewitness" at the bottom of the page. Once you have done that, you can click on the listings for SirCork and Anarcho-Andrei to remove your votes from our old witness and reuse those votes as you see fit.

If you need assistance with how to go about moving your vote to our new witness name, feel free to contact any of the four of us via discord or and we will be happy to help.

And boy, do I already feel relieved just by saying "contact one of four of us" instead of only "contact me", because if you know how much time I spend around here, well, you already know how much of a relief that really is on my workload already!

This is all going to be so great, and thank you in advance, for rolling through these changes for the better with us!

See you in the steem!

Yours in service,
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStarNetwork 24/7 live stream at the center of the steemiverse
Member, @NobleWitness team in partnership with @RhondaK, @Gmuxx & @Anarcho-Andrei


Good luck with the new association. I hope the whales migrate their votes too. For easy migration, it can be done with SteemConnect by visiting those two links:

Oh, and happy anniversary.

thank you for that link it was not letting me do it over steemit <3

I send everyone to your link, Drakos. :-) I'm so glad you built that tool.

I didn't build SteemConnect. It was developed by Steemit Inc.

Well, everybody calls it "Drakos's Witness Thing," LOL, so you're getting a lot of credit for it. The witness info tool is what I'm referring to.

Oh that, lol :D

@drakos is my favourite Witness, well after @Sircork, @enginewitty, @jatinhota, @guiltyparties and @thekitchenfairy - definitely in my top....err hang on though @yehey is awesome and so is @noisy.witness - in fact I like every single Witness just because they keep us all running here on Steemit.

Thank you for being an awesome inspiration @drakos - you are my favourite Steemian I admire from afar 🙌🏽

He really is an absolutely amazing witness. I'm @anarcho-andrei, and I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near where I'm at now without his diligent help. The man is truly an example for all witnesses to follow!

@c0ff33a did you say Yehey?! 😱


To this day he still owns the

Thank you for this. Yes, I just migrated my vote. Happy anniversary and steem on!

Thanks for the help by dropping the Steem Connect link! You're a giant among men, and you're one of our favorite witnesses. Keep up the awesome work; we're rooting for you!

Great to see teams running as witness. Running a witness should be much more than a one person thing.

Not really, individuals with the adequate skills are capable of running solo.

I certainly ran solo for a long time, but this was a good idea regardless.

Thank you for the support.

WHoop whoop! Happy 1 year Steemiversary! I think it's great that you've joined forces. Makes so much sense, and what a great team! Off to switch those witness votes right now! 💖

Congratulations on your one year on steemit. I appreciate the work you doing with @youarehope and steemstar network. Whatever step you seem to follow, I follow. You got my vote already on @noblewitness. Those fours are really strong forces and well you guys well on that. Keep doing good

I fully support your endeavours @NobleWitness
As a regular in The Steemstar Network discord server, I've witnessed first hand the hard work and tireless input you provide!
Good luck with your new journey team!!!

#teamuptosteemup (my hashtag)


My hashtag from nearly a year now :D

That's a mighty long one man!
It's so true though isn't it?
Cheers again

Thank you so much for your support! We're going to strive to be the kind of witness that continues to earn your support.

Congratulations on your one year anniversary and the birth of @noblewitness
Keep up the good work @sircork

You already had my vote @noblewitness has it.

And thanks to @transisto for resteeming this.

Much appreciated.

Happy one year Steemit anniversary.

I just transferred my witness vote to @noblewitness.
Wish you more votes

Here is a python script, unvotes @sircork and votes for @noblewitness in one transaction.

No thanks needed.

Ran it interactively. Didn't feel like putting in my WIF but, since I already have the Steem Python BIP38 encrypted wallet, just needed to put in my passphrashe and was good to go!

Worked like a charm!

Cool. Going to save this one for further reference. ;)

Yes! We have the support of people who can replace themselves with very small shell scripts!

Lol. Why wouldn't I employ overly elaborate methods of doing something instead of using the GUI like some sort of savage? :P

Have you ever played MouseTrap? Kind of relevant.


Actually, would make for a good meme on \r\programming_humor or a demotivational poster.

Excellent - I bless this ship and all who sail in her :)

Much excited to be part of this team.

No-bull ;-)

Bull free. For sho.

Done and done. :D

@sircork became my mentor within a little short period of time but it is becoming as if he has been there a very long time cos of his charming attitude, assuming he's in my age bracket he would be called Prince Charming. Through him I got to know @rhondak an amazing personality too. Congratulations to @noblewitness they just got my vote and my friends too.

Also happy steemaversary @sircork! I just hit mine on june 2cd =)

Thanks! Right back at ya!

Good to know, heading over to address now

Vote changed over and partners followed. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and here's to bigger and better things! Glad you're getting the help and support man, you've been heavy lifting for a while now!

Love this idea! You have my support, vote moved.

And happy Steemitversary! Mine is in two days :)

Happy Kittenversary!

That is SO Arbitrary!


I like her, she doesn't talk to me often enough :)

Thanks hun!

Keep doin a great job @sircork . Happy anniversary and congrats on the team up. Im sure many great things to come from this!
Vote moved.

Done. Updated my vote.

Gosh! This is it. Happy for you guys to finally team-up. Indeed, all star! <3

Voted for gmuxx, rhondak and sircork. Reform now folks!.... to benefit ALL steemians...

The rewards system needs to incentivize good quality content and de-emphasize steem power as the most important factor in determining rewards, both those received and granted.
Bots need to be thoroughly rained in, including no paid upvoting, and no buying/selling of witness votes, ever.
Malicious downvoting needs to be defined and dis-incentivized.


Here we see @MePatriot giving our witness team a short lesson in reformations.

How did you know I used to be a history!

When you started repeating yourself.

see what I did there?

I never repeat myself!


I never, ever repeat myself.

Got it?

I got my witness votes changed over to noble witness.
I'm kind of surprised to find out that I've been on steemit longer than you have, I joined in the middle of May.

Happy belated! <3

Your balance is below $0.028. @dustsweeper is now disabled for your account until you transfer new funds.

Many thanks!

Ok i unapproved you and Andrei but we have a problem i tried 15 times to approve @NobleWitness and it is not taking ... i a going to keep trying but this is an issue :(

used drakos tool it worked Yay!

Sorry you had trouble!

It's ok it is just not the first time it has happened and i am thinking of all the votes that might be lost :( because people did not double check if it stuck

Happy one year anniversary @sircork
long live the four membered team.
We believe in you all for exploits making.

It's great to see more people collaborating as witnesses!

I've updated the @deadwitnesses tool to reflect the team behind your witness.

Still looking to improve this so I'd welcome any feedback.

@sircork, will do after this! @gmuxx has supported us on occasion with @pennsif and we congratulate you on the great new team! I also suffered health issues recently (had a major operation) and please take care of yourself! Stress is deadly! Hope the new team will help to take a great deal off your shoulders! Will be great if @pennsif could also be on your team! Blessings!

Much appreciated!

Congratulations on the anniversary: let's hope it's the first of many to come! Good for you that you decided to spread responsibilities instead of spreading out yourself too thin ;-) You and @meno are are the Steemians I know are committed 101% to the platform and especially the people that make the platform, and I thank you for that; you make Steemit a better place for all of us! :-)

So I thank you once more and wish this project, you, @gmuxx, @RhondaK and @Anarcho-Andrei all the best. :-) <3

Nice Cork. And congrats on the 1 year anniversary. You have done a hell of a lot and this united witnesses sounds great. :)

I just saw this post @sircork . you have been my friend from the beginning and you are part of what i am today. What a selfless individual! I love you and i can never forget you.

Happy steemday buddy... I give you this little image design. Lol #youarehope


Question for the unwashed masses:
If we've proxied our vote to you should we now re-proxy that vote to the new witness?
Thanks, and congrats!

If you are proxied any of us, there is no need to change it, if you still support this witness that is.

Thanks. Just wanting to make sure.

I'll definitely switch my vote over when I get a chance. Meanwhile this reminds me of... 200w.gif

Switch done!

I like this, I'll move my vote from @anarcho-andrei to your noblewitness! Take good care of us guys :D

I support this new team witness because I believe in 400% more goodies.

Happy 1 year anniversary Sir Cork and thank you for informing us of the move.

Will remind people to change their witness vote from you to @noblewitness

This reminds me I have not voted for the @giftinkindph account yet lol

Congrats Corky! I'll touch base with the others sometime next week. Like I said, I only vote for witnesses I know. No offense intended guys. I just like to know my witnesses personally and be assured they are serving the community.

Happy anniversary friend good job greetings and success

Congratulations, although I still feel a little bit of a let down given you managed to do 5 times more then me on here in a fraction of the time -_-

I am however excited to see what you will all bring to the platform as a team, taking the techy coding and server maintenance aside this is still a community platform and it's the engagement and interaction that make the real difference - 4 people can do that far better then one.

To keep this platform moving forward we need real people that engage with it's users at the forefront, I hope the holders of the strongest votes recognise this and give @NobleWitness the opportunity to bring communities together and take Steem to the next level.

Your faith in us is well-placed. We've all been stronger proponents of community building, and we're going to carry that forward with all of the confidence you guys have placed in us. We're beyond excited to see where we can take this :)

I am going to share your link with all of my friends. It's really helpful. Everyone should use this tools. Thanks for sharing.

Happy anniversary man.

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Happy Anniv @sircork! And congratulations on the team-up! ^_^

Thanks for all of the work you folks do to keep this place functioning and fun.

I gave you a mighty redfish witness upvote.

okay, made the change and you all have my vote! :)

whiskey cheers

give me a vot i will back your vot @zahid69

done my friend @sircork, voted and well amazing news! glad to read about your year here! YAH its an amazing comunity im too glad to know about this, i hope that this fusion will be helpfull by a lot of people, so congrats too all!