The Software Piracy Chronicles of Slobberchops (The THG Years) – Part Seven

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This series is dedicated to my friend ‘The Pieman’ who hosted ‘THE P.I.T.S’ BBS in New York City and sadly passed away in 2016. I know his son ‘Blake’ will be reading this sequence of stories with anticipation.

We will never forget you man, you were one of a kind.

Also I would like to say a big thank you to Fabulous Furlough, ex-leader of ‘The Humble Guys’ who helps me fill in the gaps of what happened almost 30 years ago, The Slavelord who has given me a plethora of memories from the early days and to Suicidal Tendencies (@trolleydave) who remembers more about the UK scene than me.

The Software Piracy Chronicles of Slobberchops (The THG Years) is a continuation of my previous series, The Software Piracy Chronicles of Slobberchops

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April 1991

Organising a meeting for a bunch of anarchists, phreakers and pirates was quite the challenge, I tell you! It's not like there were many on the invite list but you need to remember this was the pre-internet and pre-sat nav era.

The exact date I can't recall but the agenda was a Saturday morning start, bugger about all day, crash when we can't stand anymore, and split Sunday around noon.

The days of being single... ah.., except I was not single then and my girlfriend at the time was non too happy about all these damn weirdos descending on my house.

What still amazes me is that EVERYONE who was on the guest list arrived and on the correct day too. The order of arrival is murky, but Bungle and his 'dad' were first.


Bungle was this high flying executive, with a flashy company Jaguar car who traded a lot of warez in the UK scene, likely from work and using their facilities. If anyone was the odd one out it was probably him, in terms of social status.

He bought along this older dude, who was promptly named 'dad' by the rest of us. I still don't know who 'dad' was or is until this day, only that is was NOT Bungle's real dad.

Suicidal Tendencies (@trolleydave) and Jolly Roger pulled up in this old crappy rusting mini, and I was surprised that they were both, how can I put it.. 'rather large'.

@trolleydave explained to me flatly that it was a case of eating too many pizzas due to having a job. I guess some have more restraint than others.


The next time I would see Suicidal Tendencies (@trolleydave) would be a year later. During that time he had lost his job and 80% of his weight. I have honestly never seen such a change in anyone.

The picture above is a much older Suicidal Tendencies (@trolleydave), and that weight never came back again. Bloody pizza's eh?

I had struck up a good relationship with Suicidal Tendencies (@trolleydave) on the BBS's messaging system and had something in common besides ripping off software in the form of Video Nasties.


Both of us hated censorship and we felt we had the right to watch these mostly terrible movies just because was could.

This was despite the BBFC's fears that by watching this gruesome content, we would instantly turn into rapists, murderers, serial killers and criminals.

He had brought up a bin bag full of third and fourth generation VHS copies of films such as 'I Spit on Your Grave', 'Faces of Death', 'Last House on the Left', and 'Cannibal Ferox' amongst others.

Jolly Roger was Suicidal Tendencies (@trolleydave) co-worker and a fellow 2400 baud user. This would be the first and last time I would ever meet him.

I seem to remember JROK coming to 'a' meeting but not this one. There were at least THREE more over the course of the next TWO years.

Night Ranger arrived by train and I had to collect him from Burnley. He was a tall skinny dude with long black curly hair and drainpipe black jeans which matched his worn looking leather jacket complete with tassels.

Well what else would you expect from an INC member?


I always felt a sense of morbidness around Night Ranger, not that he was unfriendly but he did have a liking for all things related to death.

During the course of the weekend, he watched, 'Faces of Death' several times and told me something a little strange.

'I once witnessed a suicide where someone jumped from the top of a high rise and splattered themselves on the ground'.

It indicated that he found the sight of squished brains, blood and gore as 'interesting'. OK mate....!!

Last to arrive was Hi.T.Moonweed and the most visually interesting character by far. He arrived in an ancient rusting Renault or Citroen with tires about as thick as a bicycle, though it was not a 2CV.

How that junk heap had made a long journey from Norwich beats me.


He was a little taller than me, Albino, with long white hair, cowboy boots (without the spurs), a Cramps t-shirt that was missing the sides, black leather trousers and a black studded leather jacket. He was also vegetarian, but not adverse to some smokes (as was @trolleydave).

With all of us arrived by around noon on Saturday it was time to party....

To be continued...

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This made me think of the time when we hosted a party for all the members of the local boards. My girlfriend was freaking out because we had no idea what these people were like in real life! Can you imagine trying to do this today with random facebook people?

It actually turned out to be pretty cool. This one guy brought over the best egg rolls I've ever had. It's funny too because people are so different than their online personas.

There was this dude who's handle was Maelstrom.. He was a complete jackass on the slam subs. He was always going on about how he pumped iron in the gym every day etc. He showed up, and he was the skinniest guy you've ever seen.

The thing I miss the most about those days was that most people online had some general computer knowledge. You could throw technical jargon out there and most people would not get lost! I guess getting those warez and sexy gifs (all night download of 100kb) was worth the effort. haha

I have great memories of the first meetup and the pissed off girlfriend did take a photograph of us which has of course got lost. I know what you mean about persona's being different than your expectations.

I guess getting those warez and sexy gifs (all night download of 100kb) was worth the effort. haha

Make it 1Gb and your right, HDD space was super expensive then. I'll cover that later though.

1 gig at 2400 baud. See ya next year!

Sounds like quite the motley crew you have gathered there. I look forward to hearing about what happened next. I can see how people that work somewhere might eat out all the time and not be very keen about their weight. I am lucky enough to bring my own lunch. If that wasn't the case I would probably be eating fast food every day!

The answer I got was that, 'I have money so eat lots of pizza'... it was funny at the time.

He's one of the most clever people that I have ever met and is currently doing a masters degree in psychology.

You'll give me a big head saying things like that! :D Awesome series dude, sorry it took so long for me to get round to reading it all. Uni and all that. But have finished now til October, handed in my final assignment for the year a couple of weeks ago. One small correction, it's a masters in philosophy that I'm doing, not psychology. Have got an undergrad in psychology and philosophy. :)

Blimey, look who turned up! The is a 2 month post dude, so don't vote it... stuff here pays out on day 7. The latest one (Chapter 10) is still valid.

No worries! Have upvoted the most recent one but didn't do this one because of how old it is. Had vague memories of the 7 day thing from when I was using Steemit last year.

A LOT has changed since then... seems like another time!

Yeah, noticed there was some differences when I logged in. I had to get a 'posting key'! Was kinda confused at first!

Yes, that was changes to the wallet. Happened a few months ago. Lost of other stuff changed though, games running on STEEM etc..., you missed DrugWars.. would have been up your street.

I guess I can't blame him for that. Pizza is one of my fav's!

That sounds like quite a memorable gathering. And that photo of @trolleydave is hilarious - the cat looks as big as he is.
I saw the Cramps live in 1978! (I was still at school by the way.) They were supporting The Police. Me and my friends hated them, and I have been heavily slagged off for hating the Cramps.

You saw The Police in 1978? Woo.. I was a big fan and am still am. Their early albums were great, as for The Cramps... I couldn't say.. having heard zero of their songs.

Hi.T.Moonweed was a big goth fan as I remember and liked The Mission. another band I did enjoy at the time.

Yeah I was a huge fan of the Police. Then I got a bit bored with them. We were lucky to see them in 1978.

I remember the BBS times and all the „good stuff“ you might got as nobody from the real world was watching.

We had the Solaris BBS and all the MausNet stuff.

Great post and my little upvote plus a !BEER

A motley crew indeed!!

They were, but they were also cool. I don't tend to judge people by appearances.

Me neither, thankfully for my mates :0D

That's an odd assortment of people, but they obviously had at least one common interest. This is all very revealing about you :)

It was 28 years ago, and I was a different person then. I still am a non-conformist to some degree, maybe that was a reason I was attracted to this blockchain.

Most of us have some incidents from our youth that might be considered naughty, but if you ever get famous they can get dug up. At least you are coming clean with yours. I expect you will gain respect from many on Steem

I'm not expecting to get famous anytime soon ;) , there's things I can't and won't say on a pubic forum, which will be in the next one.

I usually use the word 'eclectic' to describe a collection of inanimate objects, but I think it fits to describe this group as well.

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