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This is a story/contest and also a way to share some great experiences about how we you first heard about Steemit, it might also shed some light on what some of the most effective ways to promote steemit to new users might be.

My story on how I discovered Steemit might seem a bit boring but this is what happened, as a crypto junkie I on several ocasions each day open up the coinmarketcap page to check the prices for diferent altcoins. Well over time I kept noticing the name Steemit again and again but I resisted to open the link , I had also noticed some of my FB friends posting things about steemit but in this case I also for some strange reason could not bring myself to open and read them ( bad experiences with altcoins I guess ) One day I found myself googling something for my cats and I ran into this article written by  @sweetsssj  


Of course at the end of the article I noticed 35.63$ and then I thought to myself isn't Steemit that altcoin that keeps popping up everywhere?

Next thing I knew I was confirming my email and phone number and found myself amazed at how inovative this project was ,also I realized that Steemit had been staring right at me the whole time and I never looked her back in the eyes until then!

Bought some steempower right away of course and I haven't stopped posting/curating since!

Rules of the contest:

  • Comment with your story about Steemit (or link to your post)  
  • Every Story will win a diferent amount of Steem
  • Resteem to win more (make sure to mention that you RS'd in the comment)
  • If you heard about Steemit from somebody tag them in your story to win more Steem

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Hi @mallorcaman thanks for sharing your story on how you joined steemit!

I'm so happy that one of my posts was able to bring a user here, that means very much to me!

As for my own journey, I actually stumbled across Steemit on a WeChat moments share on my friends feed. My friend is largely interested in cryptocurrency and prior to this, I had no idea that this niche is becoming a wildfire ! Of course, I had heard about Bitcoin before Steemit but I didn't think much of it and that it was just a fad, how wrong I was.

So before Steemit, I was mainly using WeChat to share pictures and short stories, but this was just limited to my friends as the content cannot be accessed outside of WeChat by people who are not friends with me. There are some public accounts which actually use a form of advertising revenue share and microtipping as a way to monetize the content but with 1 Billion users on WeChat, it's quite hard to get much of an audience or be discovered.

I decided to sign up to Steemit because there seemed to be quite an active Chinese community but then I didn't expect the rest of the community to enjoy my culture clashing posts about Asia and China etc. So I decided to try put down my thoughts in both English and Chinese. Perhaps one of my more unique advantages here is that people can get a look into the life of a Chinese millennial which otherwise would have all been written in Chinese.

Of course, I wasn't a very proficient writer at the beginning and I was adamant on writing bilingual posts which take a very long time. I felt that this would reach a broader audience and that's one of my main goals, to share my life with all who are interested. Of course it would take a long time before my posts got a bit of traction, but I'm thankful to the people who have supported me and continue to support me, making this journey all the more fun and engaging.

I wish you a very pleasant time on Steemit. Your post made my day! :)

Re-Steemed! (I love fun contests...)

As a member of the Anarchapulco group on Facebook, I began seeing an article or two appear about Steemit. Clicked on the articles, liked what I saw (OK, yah, couldn't believe the BIG $$$ payouts I was seeing), and signed up.

Since then, I haven't looked back. I've been amazed by what I read about the technical superiority of the Steemit infrastructure, and believe that it holds great promise for the future. That's why I continuously "power up" at every chance; I want to support the platform and look towards its long-term growth.

I love to write, have lots of stories to tell, and am sincerely seeking readers for my blog. Won't you stop by? You can check out my Topical Table of Contents by clicking on the GIF below: 😄😇😄


Thanks @creatr for an excelent reply, I try and read your posts whenever I can. In any case I have you on autovote ( along with a few other accounts( just in case Im sleeping) payout later thanks for parcicipating

Thank you, my friend. I appreciate you! :)

I need to learn some simple way to autovote...

Join @steemvoter, if you need any help I would be happy to explain

Thank you my friend, but, No Thanks.

I am extremely reluctant to give out any of my keys...

What I need to do is set up a Raspberry Pi or something like that to do my voting... ;)

The only key you give up is tour private posting key, this you can change at any time and cancel. But sounds interesting to set up your own autovote, I hope to be running a fat curation trail in a few months time!

First I wanted to say this was a great idea! Not only is it fun to tell "how we got onto Steemit stories," it also gives some good insight into the person behind the username. I think we often forget that while we individually remember what all we've posted, most if not all other users haven't seen the whole series of posts.

Anyway...on with the story:

I was introduced to Steemit by @winstonwolfe early this last July seeing the HUGE post and comment payouts that were going on at the time. After asking tons of questions to get over the "too good to be true" perception, I decided to sign up around the 15th of that month. Even though I'd had social media accounts, I was rarely if ever active on them...but the idea of earning some money through writing was intriguing. I had not written anything for at least 10 years, preferring conversational learning in deeper conversations with people in real life (versus online.)

I went to sign up and guess what? There had just been an issue (that I don't remember enough details of to get into) which prevented any new signups for a while. I tried to signup every day for a week until things were all fixed and I got to make this account on July 22nd. Yay!!

I started off making a couple of "nothing" posts so I could get used to how things worked on here. Then I got to begin discussing some of the 'utopia' ideas that I had worked on for a while, looking for some feedback and ideas. A few people happened to pick up on this, being UBER excited to be having any kind of payout after starting with a string of zeroes since I had no idea of how to market myself or connect with others yet. I was at the mercy of the feed...there wasn't really even a follow function/feed at the time. (At best it showed on the feed in steemstats.)

Anyway, I finally had my 'break out' moment with my introduceyourself post called My Transgender Journey. Even though this wasn't the thousands that others made, I was beyond ecstatic about this. In fact most of my higher paying posts back there were on transgender issues or concepts.

Without drawing this out too much, I've never been a huge earner making it to the trending page on rare occasions...which really was just fine. I was having fun...my writing/content creation bug had been sparked and hasn't stopped.

I ended up starting what is not @steemittalk podcast with @winstonwolfe and launching the Steemprentice Mentor Group. There's of course a ton more that I could bore people with, but there are the main items of my story and why I'm still here.

I truly hope to see this community succeed in figuring out how to tweak the system, economics and other issues so the world can be potentially be shown a better, sustainable option.

me and my husband @paolobeneforti are artist and creative people, but the love for Horror movies and for computer sciences have been united us some years ago. We are both a net surfers and we love to try new platform, applications or SF. My husband found a steemit.com post on twitter and then started his account. After few hours he gave me the link of Steemit and I started to read all articles that I found on the net (on what's steemit.com, how this platform works, etc), so I started my account! Now I'm here and I'm very happy to be on Steemit! ^_^

Thats awesome, I will be following you both from now on. thanks for sharing your story and stay tuned later on for your comment payouts in Steem! Love hearing these stories

Thanks so much, @mallorcaman ! Followed! ^_^

Resteemed too ;)

So many thanks, @mallorcaman ! I just opened steemit and I watched my wallet!!! wow, You make my day ^_^

Steemit is awesome! I am also hitting the follow button on you and your hubby. Best of luck here. The community is really great if you give us half a chance :)

Thanks so much, @merej99 ! Followed back ^_^

Good morning dear friend @mallorcaman, thank you for this opportunity to comment on my experience, I am 48 years old, I had a very intense activity in work matters, I started my first jobs at 10 years old, this in my province is very common.
All my life I work under a relationship of dependence, two years ago I quit my job to dedicate myself to the work of the web. I answer surveys, pages of ptc, faucet pages of criptomonedas and mining in the clouds, go through different unpleasant situations, I have been robbed virtually, I was cheated and numerous pages have not paid me.
I work many hours a day, more than 14 hours. That makes me relate to many people, so I came to a working group that was led by a person from Mexico called Amauri Contreras, he knew of the existence of the platform and sent us a post posted on the platform that was valued at $ 14,000.
This called our attention a lot and disembarked about 20 people, all that group I just left, the rest withdrew, they were accustomed to something else.
My personal experience was very unpleasant, I had a very bad time, my forte is not writing or writing and I did not know much about this type of platform.
I was penalized many times, for not placing the sources of the works, or the sources of the images, I penalized myself on several occasions for coinciding works on the web like plagiarism, in the end thousand unpleasant situations, all products of my ignorance, a Day had position 43 and the other day had position 8, that happened to me on several occasions, received bad reviews everywhere, believe me if I tell you to come to cry the anger.
I had always been very successful in all my previous work, this was not going to be my first failure, I started again from scratch, I apologize for all the mistakes made and with the help of many people on the platform and a lot of effort on my part, I began to build my path on this wonderful platform.
I dedicate many hours to her, today I have position 70, more than 700 followers, almost 10,000 post seen I am in the general ranking in position 72.
In my blog you can find, original legends, urban legends, stories and fables with morals to reflect, a post that goes from Friday to Sunday dedicated to suspense and terror, on Monday unpublished news and a daily post to 10 interesting image of The web and now on Thursday a post dedicated to the history of beer of my country.
As a message for those who begin. It is that you can, not surrender, work hard, be creative and genuine, be a partner, feel empathy for the work of the other and above all things, be perseverant.
I hope this comment can leave something important for those who start.
Many thanks to you @ mallorcaman and the whole audience of your Blog.

Buenisimo! Una historia de verdad gracias por tu super aporte!!!

I think you're pretty awesome @jlufer. You learned the hard way but you never gave up. You're a prime example of building community through hard work, interaction, and learning from those mistakes to be a better Steemian. Good luck. You definitely deserve an award for your participation.

Thank you very much dear friend @ meriq99, for these beautiful and encouraging words, always so kind and kind towards my work.

i am interesting in everything cryptocoin and in promoting my websites... so thats how i ended up here. i bought steem when it was at $4.4 on an open exchange and that was one of the biggest investment mistakes i ever made in my life. It was a knee jerk reaction rather than reading about steem dollars steem power and inflation rate...

WoW 4,4? thats a nasty loss. Hope your here for the long run and hopefully our dreams come true and we go mainstream! Stay tuned later for contest payout

yes... and a lot of money too... i loved the steemit idea so much that i was blinded by idea and didnt look at the economics behind it

thank you very very much for that steem :-) following you now forever :-D

very big ouch and big chunk of money .... :-(

I'm actually not sure how I found out about Steemit! Feels so silly, as it seems like most people here have cool stories about how they stumbled across it or how their friend told them it's the next big thing...
I must have found a link when browsing through some Wordpress blogs, but I'll never be able to tell who got me here!

Anyways, it was a join for the money, stay for the nice people thing. I'm still here, because of the active community and the many challenges, like improving my own writing skills and the challenges from the community.

Lovely story, stay tuned later for payout and thanks for participating, :)

Hi @playfulfoodie - I just hit the follow button on you because I've not seen your posts before and I love your response here. :)

Aww thank you, that is so sweet!

Great post so lets get started shall we?

I always wanted to find ways to earn extra money via internet but most of those ''solutions'' i found where either not worth it( and i mean nothing according to time you were wasting yes wasting) or i didnt believe in them ( so if i was getting started i would propably got bored fast)

So i knew about cryptocurrency and just because i was curious i was searhing the ''top 10'' or ''top 5'' or the best for 2016-2017 you get the idea.
At the same time just for fun i was watching for over a month the coinmarketcap but only the Btc so one day i say '' lets check the first 10 more deeply''
When i learned about Steem i was very fascinated and without further thinking i started with my first goal to earn money ( yes i said that!)

Before i write my intro post i checked a lot more posts by others and concluded that it was not so easy as it seems to be. After my first intro post that i earned the great amount of 0.11 i think instead of deleting it my whole mindset changed for no reason

i said to myself, i can write without pay anything whatever i want, its exactly the same as having my own blog so yolo. My first goal became just to make post with great content ( at least i believe so, check it out and tell me your opinion) that i would like to see if i were in anyone's shoes.
Every post i do has a good amount of pictures and words and i dont even care about the money i will earn i even say to anyone that i prefer to just read the whole post and comment me than just upvote me. I want this community to grow and more people believe in this and above all think whats good for community not only themselves

That was the who and why i came to steem and how i change my mindset in a couple of days and i hope it wasnt tiring enough

Resteemed @mallorcaman

A Steemit Newbie

Thank you, @goldmatters

@goldmatters introduced me to @steemit as a channel to advocate for Goldmoney.

A newbie fumble

I posted about Goldmoney, even before I began learning that on Steemit, the norm is to first introduce myself.

A Steemit evangelist

As began learning & understanding the concept, I began advocating Steemit, as well. You have given me an idea to create a post summarizing some of my @Steemit advocacy efforts.

And a whale watcher

I resteemed because it's Steemit History Dude.
And deserves a bigger audience ;D~

I hope we get a few more good stories on this post , thanks for sharing

I joined Steemit from watching Craig Grant Bouncy Castle videos on You tube as i hire out bounce houses in NZ , i then noticed him waffling on about steemit and encouraging people to join - so i did and have enjoyed the platform ever since. I also encourage my Friends to join.
I have earnt most of my 1,600 steem ( i am a fish egg in the grand scheme of Steemit) brought a couple of $50 USD lots. going to buy some more and am here for the long haul!

Steem on i say


Nice story indeed, I am a never ending machine that talks about steemit as I do about decentralization and the other cryptocurrencies I love like Dash etc. Enjoy the Steem and thanks for sharing your story with us, Lets all be a little more determined to make this work and one day in the future we can all look back at these times with pride, building something real. Have a great day and read you soon!

agree and following you now
re steemed

My Steemit story has kind of been shared a couple of times in the 7-months that I've been active here. But here's the quick version:

Seven months ago

@phoenixmaid asked if I could help with writing prompts on a FB page for people who were participating in Steemit with the potential to earn money. Out of curiosity, I signed up for Steemit (because I sign up for everything to ensure my username is mine because I've been using merej99 since... well... 1999.) My immediate thought was Steemit was going to be like Bubblews or Tsu or any of those other pay for content sites. It wouldn't last a year and I didn't want to waste my time or stories on a site that was going to disappear without paying me. Then I read the whitepapers and was blown away!

I was active every day until I recently found employment outside of the house but I am very happy to achieve Dolphin status and sign in when I can. That being said - Steemit has gotten me through some very dark, tough days. It's paid for a couple of meals, bought me much-needed glasses, and has helped keep the electricity on. It's been my good luck charm and in the 7-months I went from being practically homeless to getting caught up on bills. I also give back to the Steemit community on a regular basis with random drawings and the #payitforward initiative.

And that is my Steemit story in a nutshell. :)
also resteemed


I was interested in media and used lot of English language (it's not my native language). So my sister's husband @good-karma noticed it and invited me to steemit to communicate more in different languages to improve my English and Russian. At first everything seemed confusing. But in time I got used to it and started blogging. It turned out to be like facebook for me.

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Cool idea @mallorcaman!
I learned about Steemit from @gringalicious around August or September of 2016.
After posting something and making quite the payout, she said, "uuhhh, you may wanna check this out and try posting some of your art." I'm new to cryptos, but I went ahead and made my account and first post... now I've fallen down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. Haha

I'm actually putting together an idea to offer my graphic design/art abilities for payment in multiple different cryptos! I'm hoping to get a post out about it in the next few weeks. :)

I joined out of curiosity.

That was a fast reply :)


Followed back @mallorcaman!

A man that I have known since we were teenagers, @noganoo, told me about steemit and encouraged me to join last summer. I am glad that I did.

I call this the "It's 1 am - long story short version!"

Hello @mallorcaman. I received $15 SD from you, and I appreciate it, but I'm not sure why? Did you have a promotion of some kind?. I look forward to hearing from you.

21 minutes ago Transfer 15.000 STEEM transfer to @michaelstobiersk
Thanks Michael for participating in my contest

Thank you. Resteemed.

Thanks dude! Apreciated

Was the payout for this post? If it was, I feel kind of funny accepting it, given the scope of my comment. 😰

Im feeling generous today, !!!!

That's very cool! I'll return the favor sometime. ☆☆☆☆☆😎

I'm trying to figure out how this works, why is this post only worth $2 if there are 216 votes, 67 comments and 111 views, all from some high ranking members?

I arrived here because I saw a post from my friend, @merej99. She happens to be a friend in RL as well. We worked together at a newspaper once upon a time. I've been following her around the Internet every since I added her to my friends' circle on Google+ so when I saw a Google+ post from her about Steemit, I followed again and signed up. Although I was a little disappointed not to "make a killing" with huge pay-offs on my posts, I stayed because I enjoy the friends I've made here and find myself looking forward to seeing what people are going to talk about. I mostly talk about whatever random things pop into my head, but the topics that seem to recur the most often for me are Writing, Programming, little application tips. I do my best to write things people will enjoy reading and I've stopped thinking about taking money out, at least for now.

Resteemed, of course!

I've tried "other places to make money writing online," with mostly no results, but I figured I'd give it one more shot. I came for the money and stayed for the company.

I'm back to say thank you again for your very kind generosity, an additional gift of 15 Steem... I've applied all the Steem you gave me to "powering up."

Steem on, and Thank You again! :)

Thank you, my friend @mallorcaman, for your very kind and generous gift of 15 Steem... ;)

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