Birth - Chapter 13, Song of Angels, Book II

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Written for Steemit: A love story occurs during a time anomaly. A woman from today somehow steps into an anomaly and meets a cowboy asleep on his ranch, in his bed, in the 1850's. ©Jeff Kubitz 2016 - All Rights Reserved.

Birth - Chapter 13 - Song of Angels, Book II

Mindy Woczlewski courtesy of Nastya Muratokova

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Now, Mindy and the family had got along fine but they were there for five days! During that time, the fence was fixed on the corral and all the cattle rounded up and penned in.

At the end of it all, the weather being nice and no snow, it was decided that it was time for everyone to head back home. The feasting, celebrating, and jokes were starting to slim down. Before they left, the men pushed the Jeep back into 2012 while the women watched, and then, just past dawn, off the Mereweathers went to their home.

The first thing Mindy and Cyrus did when they all left was to run inside the house, strip each other naked, and jump into their bed. For hours, they kissed, petted, stroked, caressed, and romped the morning away.

Exhausted, they collapsed in each other’s arms and napped.

They did not know it while they slept but the thing that caused the time bubble was doing what it did, ionizing everything across a vast area. A huge storm began to roll in later in the afternoon. Great shouts of thunder woke them from their rest.

"We better get up and gather everything that is outside or in the Jeep because whenever thunder claps in the winter, the storm is huge." Cyrus said as he rose from the bed.

"I think I left some things in the jeep, like my purse, my brush, and a few odds and ends I need to grab. Do you think it will be okay if I just put on my robe and boots to run out there?" Mindy asked.

"Should be okay, it will be warm until the storm hits most likely." Cyrus said as he dressed. "I have to get water, feed the stock, and I want the shovel next to the door, so I will be busy for awhile."

"That's fine. I'll start dinner once I get back from the Jeep." Thunder clapped several times and Mindy had to yell to be heard. She put on her long underwear top, socks, and boots, and pulled her robe over her. Cyrus was already out the door with the big water buckets in his hands.

At the end of the afternoon, just before evening, it was still quite warm for late January. There was a wind but not that bad at the moment. Mindy walked out the door with the keys in her hand and headed toward the Jeep. "Brrr." she said to herself while she walked, "It will be fully clouded over and cold soon." She looked behind her and saw the vast storm, lightening spewing in great bolts off to the west. A great gust of wind made her unsteady, it was cold.

Mindy knew she would have to hurry so she increased her pace. The Jeep was a couple of hundred yards from the house where it was definitely 2012 and she was about to where the road changed to the tracks of a modern vehicle, about a hundred yards away. Mindy began to feel funny as she walked.

She was perhaps five steps from the end of the road and the beginning of the tire tracks when she felt the need to wretch. She bent over and vomited. Fine after that, she checked herself to see if she had thrown up on herself and was glad to see she had not, Mindy wiped her mouth and took another step.

She really felt dizzy all of a sudden. "Cyrus help," Mindy tried to scream but couldn't. She stumbled forward another step toward the tracks and had to lie down. Her head was upon the tracks, her feet on the road.

"Cyrus!" Now she could scream. An enormous pain shot through her abdomen.

Mindy looked down and saw that her belly was huge. She had bloated and her stomach was distended. She tried to crawl to her knees and it moved her forward maybe six inches. An enormous pain wracked her stomach, and she screamed. "Cyrus!"

Water began to flow from between her legs and suddenly her robe was soaked.

Cyrus was there beside her, “Mindy what is happening?"

She could hardly talk, "I...I...don't know,” turned onto her back and Mindy screamed.

"Let me see," Cyrus parted her robe. "Mindy, you are having a baby I can see the head. Push Mindy."

"A baby?" Mindy exclaimed in shock.

"Push Mindy!"

Mindy pushed, she screamed, and oh, she could see, a baby appeared from within her. The pain ended. Mindy passed out.

Cyrus picked up the baby and ran to the house, umbilical cord dangling. He stopped and tied it in a knot. Then, he resumed his charge. He ran into the house and the baby began to cry. He set the baby in the chair next to the stove and covered his son with a blanket. Then, as the baby cried, he raced back to Mindy, bent over, and scooped her up. Still unconscious, there was simply nothing to her. She weighed nothing to Cyrus and he ran back to the house with Mindy held in his arms.

He pushed past the door and carried her to the bedroom. Cyrus laid her in the bed and covered her up. Mindy began to come round as Cyrus went to the chair and scooped up his son, took the baby to Mindy.

"Mindy, you've had a son." Cyrus said, handing her the baby.

"Go fetch some water," Mindy said as she took her son in her arms. "Boil it. And in the Jeep, there are these things called tampons, T A M P O N S. Go get them please. I will need at least one. But, water first."

"Here Dearest, I can wrap you with this towel down below." Cyrus diapered Mindy, then left.

He had dropped the buckets when he heard her scream. He needed to make the whole trip again. He was a little tired from all the wind sprints. The snow began to fall as he dipped the water buckets into the pond.

Cyrus made it back to the house with the water and set it to boil.

“Cyrus bolt the door or the baby will catch cold.” Mindy yelled from the bedroom.

“Yes Dear.” Cyrus said.

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