A Dangerous World In Transition

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I’ve been in a kind of funk lately. Negativity bias is extremely difficult to counter these days especially when being inundated by news of a crypto market in stasis and under seige, malicious social media influence, monster hurricanes brewing in the oceans, and the surreal circus that is Washington D.C.

On my recent trip to Montreal I also read Madeleine Albright’s book, Fascism: A Warning. Halfway through this book, which is excellent albeit frightening, I realized what a dangerous decade we’re facing. The growing nationalism and extremism so prevalent in the political landscape here in America, and abroad, is becoming the perfect petri dish for the deadly virus of fascism to, again, be cultivated. One thing that would-be dictators prize among all else is lack of hope from their citizenry. A general lack of hope allows them to present themselves as the only viable solution.

Watching the recent Joe Rogan interview with Elon Musk somehow brightened my outlook. I urge those who’ve only caught the minute long clip of Elon puffing (but not inhaling) a blunt to watch the entire two-and-a-half hours. If you don’t watch the whole interview you’ll miss a huge opportunity to feel a little bit better about the world. It was like a sort of cleansing for me. Two guys, both accomplished in their own respects, just sipping good whiskey and talking about exciting stuff.

Check out the full interview here:

Elon doesn’t necessarily paint a utopian future for our world. He admitted there are things that keep him up at night. Among his largest worries are environmental catastrophe and the dangers of artificial intelligence but one consistent message rang through the entire interview...it was one of absolute optimism. He’s taking action to help correct the things that worry him as only he can. This is a great example for us all to become actively involved in what we're passionate about.

Elon also repeated time and time again that he thinks humanity is inherently good, we should trust people until they give us a reason not to, and there is still a lot of hope for us as a species. Lack of hope paralyzes and right now it’s more important than ever to wake up each day with hope. Hope equals action.

This moment in time we’re living in is the largest point of transition that humanity has ever faced. We have to take better care of our planet immediately and we absolutely have to get A.I. right. If these two things aren’t handled properly it could spell disaster for us. Right on the horizon is a new day for us, all we need to do is not turn a blind eye and walk towards it.

The job each of us can do each day is be cognizant of the quality of the thoughts swirling in our own heads. The ideas and attitudes we carry around with us shape our future more than we think.

"Human spirit is the ability to face the uncertainty of the future with curiosity and optimism. It is the belief that problems can be solved, differences resolved. It is a type of confidence. And it is fragile. It can be blackened by fear and superstition." ~ Bernard Beckett

As I speak with more cryptocurrency and blockchain teams through the HardFork Series project they sense this moment of transition and they’re doing their part. But just like the gust of wind in the .gif above, the twenty-four hour news cycle continuously tries to strip the umbrella from our grip, soaking us with its bluster, doom, and gloom. It’s as if the old world senses its own demise and keeps trying to pull us back into its suffering, systemic corruption, and greed.

I share Elon's optimism, as many do. That's why HardFork is so extremely important to me. It's the Sci-Fi writer's job to create a crystal ball that allows people to gaze in and see a sliver of what the future could be. Humanity is inherently good but the time is now for optimists to be diligent and to take action in shaping a new future. Future generations will thank us for it.

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I hear you about "negativity bias". But when it occurs to me or happens to me what I do is think about the Blessing that I do actually have. My own car, house, my beautiful family, my health etc..etc..

I believe there is well over half the World who have no such thing.

Anyway, thanks for your post which I find refreshing and insightful @ericvancewalton

Btw @ericvancewalton , letting you know because of your Content Excellence you have secured a spot on randrew manuel curation trail.gif
Your Consistency in providing high quality Material is so much appreciated by the Steemit Community that we feel it should be rewarded Consistently :)

I'm very glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate your support! Living in a place of gratitude is a wonderful way to be untouched by the negativity bias! Thanks for mentioning that.

Well said,

I also loved the interview and watched the entire thing. Think its one of the most interesting I have ever seen.

While I'm still not sure if I trust in Elon I do agree with almost everything he said and feel its a great piece which I highly recommend. Regardless of Elon the messages are clear and profound.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Quinn! I agree, I felt the same thing...this interview resonated with me like few other have. James Altucher just interviewed the author of the book 21 Ideas for the 21st Century on his podcast and that interview was much less optimistic about the future. It was the polar opposite.

Yes most people are quite ignorant either in an pessimistic or optimistic way.
This interview was neither. It was intense intelligence looking st the big picture and realizing we do have what it takes to shape a better world.

I agree, @quinneaker. It's difficult to discern truth from reality for most at this point. For almost every point there's an equally convincing counterpoint in the media. The world will remain puzzling until people go within.

Thank you. I liked your publication

A lot of people are feeling it. I think back to years ago, all the thinking and trying to wake people up. So now I am letting others carry the torch. I stay awake but out of it.

Glad to see you are posting and getting people to wake up. Concentrate on the positive you know we will prevail.

I really like thinking about the one doctor in the NaziJewish prison surviving. He wrote a book. Says he focused on helping the others.

Really that is all we can do and meditation will help us stay safe.

You know all this lol.. just commenting.. :)
The swing of the pendulum often happens after a holiday of fun.

That's a really powerful touchstone. Helping others as a survival mechanism. There's a book in that.

Hey, Doug how is the screenplay going?

Yes, thinking I will help others with my experience by writing about it has helped me get through many situations. :) I think we can all use our past as wisdom for now.

Thanks for commenting on my comment. :)

Sometimes it’s best to step back and influence in more subtle ways. Were you referring to Victor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search For Meaning?” It’s an excellent read. Thanks for the comment!

Sorry guys, I forget to upvote comments, my vote is worth so little. I appreciate your upvotes keep them coming lol.. I can't help be silly this time of day.

Yes, very nice the name did not come to mind. I have not read it, only about it.
I agree with the more subtle ways. I burn incense quite often upon reading about tragedy. :)

Wonderful post @ericvancewalton and I really do believe we are living in very special times, so much change around and really, when we look at the past we can see just how many things have changed for the better!
A truer statement about what's happening in the cryptos you could not have made:

It’s as if the old world senses its own demise and keeps trying to pull us back into its suffering, systemic corruption, and greed.

We will not allow that, so just keep on doing what you do best and know the future is smiling and welcoming you and I to a better tomorrow.
I do believe in the good of people but greed is a dangerous thing that many cling to!
We need more and more people meditating; there are groups of people practicing TM who go out in the world to trouble spots and meditate, we need more of that!
Going to sit back and listen to that Elon Musk interview as well as hear what Penny Kelly has to say!
Thank you for this Eric :)

Thank you @lizelle! I think the elite have been using the if you can't beat them, join them approach in the last year. They've used their media prowess to cause uncertainty and subsequent dips in the market and they've been funneling money into crypto during the lows. So glad you enjoyed the piece and hope you enjoy watching the interviews. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

I perfectly feel your school of thought and the future urge concerning the times to come when it come to AI and many more.

Someone wrote a post on Futureshock on Steemit some days ago, I can't remember the username, but trust me, it explains a lot about what you've written. Truly, human beings are really good.

The idea of Elon puffing some smoke doesn't move me a bit, he has the right to do anything he wants, am also a scientist, so I've done a laboratory distillation of the news. He's my type of guy any time any day.

Thanks for your comment @botefarm! I think it'd be great to spend a few hours in conversation with Elon. He seems like a very fascinating individual indeed.

How can I get to meet him.

You are so right it is up to us as individuals to make this a better
world. I truly believe we can do it. One positive thought and action
at a time. Good post my friend.

Thank you @luckyfellow! I am of the same mindset...good and positive behavior spreads like wildfire. I'm reminded of all of the meals you handed out to the homeless in Chicago. I think more of us likeminded individuals need to take more action as well.

Beautiful thinking by Elon. My english is not good . But I translate your article and enjoy it . Hopefully the world is on the hopes and should not give up hope.

Very well said, @ericvancewalton. Indeed we have 3 most important things to do:

  1. To get what we created right
  2. To clean up the mess we made
  3. To hope and have confidence that the future will we better. We HAVE to make the future better for the ones after us.

After all, we are what we think and we do us! 😀

Thank you, Michelle! I think your list is a great one!

The most uncertain experiences teaches the best lesson in life too :)

Thank you for this! I will definitely watch the interview. I am fascinated by the current times, even though for me it's mostly a feeling, since I don't really watch the news and only skim the headlines, just to protect my energy and not have my fragile optimism blackened by fear.

Humanity is at a fork in the road. It's so palpable! Many people are feeling it.

I interviewed this amazing lady a couple of weeks ago, in case you're up for another 1.5 hours watching two people talk about the future :D - not from a scientific but a from a consciousness point of view.

I actually wanted to talk with her mainly about the future of money and cryptocurrencies (she was 'told' about 'digital money' already in the early 80's...) but of course we ended up talking about a lot more than just money, since everything is related to the current (money) system we live in. Politics, decentralisation, education, food, etc.

She has seen the future (whether you believe that or not doesn't make the interview less interesting) and what she has to say about it was very inspiring to me. She also says, that right now - 2018/2019 - is where the transformation and "hard times" are at their peak. By 2025 we will live in a different world. I believe that. And I'm optimistic that it's a better one!

OMG I'm gonna have to watch this interview a few times... Thanks so much for sharing this!

He is not human, is he? The way he seems to "download" every answer first before he responds... It's like he's evaluating whether humanity can handle it or not, and how much of what he knows can be revealed at this point ;)

He definitely measures each of his thoughts before verbalizing. Joe often jokes that he's an alien, I don't know about that but his intellect does seem to come from some future space. I'm listening to the whole thing at least twice, maybe more. : )

Yes I think Elon Musk actually offered that himself in this chat, that he’s an alien :)

As long as the aliens help it is alright.

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