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I really wanted a tool to exist to help me track the content I wrote, so I made one. Yesterday I wrote about a proof of concept I did for a traditional blog powered by steem. Today's proof of concept was developed so I could watch what was happening in yesterday's post.

So today I present to you, A live updating dashboard for stats important to you.

A tool to watch activity on your account

It's pretty basic and only has one feature right now: watching your posts. Well, anyone's posts really, watch whoever you want!

Here's how it works:

  1. You use the left text area to add an account name
  2. Hit enter
  3. The application will start watching that account's activity
  4. Remove them when you're done with the X button

This is another project that is less than 24 hours old. Originally I started building it to track POW mining, but got side tracked making it work for posts. So you can expect there to be a mining tab on there soon.

A thank you

Huge shout out and thanks to @xeroc, who runs for other developers to build on. SteemStats is powered by his API right now.

Call for what you'd like to see

I'm soley building this around the things I want to see right now, but I also want to know what types of things you want to track. I'll be honest, I don't know steem as well as I probably should. There are things in steem that I haven't even used yet that I'm sure would be super useful.

For example, trades. I haven't dabbled with it yet, so I don't even know what I'd want to see about my activity. Interest, calculators, there's so much data to play with.

If you've got ideas, I'd love to hear em. I enjoy building these things!


Tooltips on cashouts (Update 1)

Added the ability to hover over the total cashout value and pending cashout values like so:


The accounts you're tracking now save (Update 2)

There have been too many times I leave the page and come back, having to enter my account names again. No more! It now saves across sessions in your browsers localstorage. For those curious: all it's storing is the account names, nothing more.

Voting Power Monitor (Update 3)

Each account now has it's voting power displayed in the sidebar. That area is getting a little crowded, I'll likely move some of the information off into a separate area soon.

Mining + Votes + Comments (Update 4)

I added 3 new tabs:

  • Votes: Displays the most recent votes you've received or given.
  • Mining: Displays the most recent blocks you've found.
  • Comments: Displays the most recent comments associated with the selected accounts. This still needs some work, and it would be nice if you could go further in the past.

Layout changes + experimenting with interest (Update 5)

Last one for the night. I updated the original animated gif at the top of the post that shows the new layout.

I also added a Interest navigation element, that if you visit, will estimate interest paid out on steempower. It doesn't factor in compound interest yet, so the numbers are lower than they should be. I'll continue working on this section until it's a lot closer to accurate. If anyone has advice on how to calculate this, I'd love to hear it!


Stats I care about:

  1. My SP interest rate
  2. Nominal Increase in SP and SD everyday(with history graph)
  3. Percentage increase of my SP balance(with history graph)
  4. How much I made from curation reward (total per day with history graph)

Second this

Currently im logging my SP / Vesting withdraw rate / and some other steem values that are needed to give a prospection and history of your account.

Hope to implement most of his in our V3 and v4 website:

-> <-

Those would be amazing. If anyone's got good reading materials on this subject matter, share some links! I'd love to read them.

What you'd need to do was seperate out the increase in SP into curation rewards, content rewards and the increase by holding SP. From there creating the graphs would just be presenting that data. I dunno, im not a programmer though! :)

@Jesta Wow! So beautiful... Just like, truly impressed...

I have placed both of the tools on SteemTools ... so we keep a handy overview of apps & tools & services for the community.

SteemTools - indexing all tools & services for Steemit users

Some good suggestions there Crypto! :)

Great idea! I would like to see that too!

I agree with all your points CG... niw that would be some great data

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Yay.. Amazing. A new way to get lazy again.

You're on fire, man! Any thought to putting this up on github so other PHP devs can play around with it as well? Some things I'd like to see which may or may not relate this specific tool:

  • Similar to the rich list, I'd like to see one sorted by:
    • Curation Reward
    • Post Reward
  • I'd love to see change over time graphs on various things including:
    • VESTS
    • Steem Power
    • Curation Rewards
    • Posting Rewards
    • Number of Posts
    • Number of Votes

This is making me jealous because there's a part of me that wants to take a sabbatical from my company and work on tools like this all day long. Very well done! Keep it up!

Not quite what you are looking for, but I have done some basic analysis on numbers of posts, votes, rewards, and words - "Hacking the Top 100 New Trending Steem Posts". In the future I may create a tool like that as well.

Great job! That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Man, if only I had about 40 hours a day, I'd love to dig into the API more and start building out tools...

Steem Power

Well, actually...

I think seeing Steem Power change over time (because the conversion rate from VESTS to Steem Power changes over time) would be good to see where as the VESTS changing over time via blogging, curating, and investing would be like seeing your net worth go up.

Don't make this more complicated than it has to be, @bacchist! I finally started figuring this thing out! Heheheh.

Just having a bit of fun. :)

I know, and it was perfectly timed. Cheers! :)

Right now it's just a live feed of the data as it is, I don't have anything storing historical information yet. So I could probably add some charts that did real time as you were watching, but when you load the page it would all start charting from that moment.

But yeah, I'd love to see all of this stuff too!

Any thought to putting this up on github so other PHP devs can play around with it as well?

I'm definitely doing this with steempress now, and I haven't thought about it yet with this project.

Very cool. Keep me posted if you do, and I'll be watching as well. I'm living vicariously through your development right now. :)


This is REALLY what everyone can use, i hope whales will upvote you soon!

I would like to see a feature that shows total number of users online, even better if we could get a graph showing the times of day and number of users online, to help us figure out the best times to post for max viewability.

I'm not sure I'll be able to do "users online", I don't think the blockchain has any information regarding that.

One way I suppose I could do it is by analyzing when unique voters are voting. That's going to take a bit more time though, as it will require me to setup some sort of database and start logging historical information.

It's a great idea though, just may take some time to get fully implemented.

Amazing work! Would also love to see a chart of my historical balance? If you could somehow cache on your server end or let user download the data in their local storage.

I'll add it to my feature wishlist, but it might be one that takes a while to get implemented. I'm not storing any data at the moment, so I'd have to add some sort of API layer to the server to do that logging.

Not opposed to it, it's just a big job :)

What I'd like to see is an expansion of the UI wallet functionality, in terms of history. Meaning that now I get "curation reward for this", "blogging reward for that"... but I then have to go find manually what this was about.

So I want to see something like

"Curation reward of X amount for the upvote you made in XX:XX GMT, (adjustable to local time - if you can), in post Y"

Now in comments it should be more expansive:

"Blogging reward of X amount for the following comment you made in XX:XX GMT, (adjustable to local time - if you can), in post Y" - and the comment is displayed if it's short - and has an expand button if it doesn't. All this saves me the trouble from manually trying to find what paid out because it's then integrated in one screen.

Hope it makes sense.

Yeah, makes total sense. I've added this idea to my todo list!

What happened to the tool? It is not working!


Same thing happened to me.

Excellent work, you have the skills!

Thank you so much for this very valuable information most people here on Steemit could use. Namaste :)

Would love to see number of users on platform

BTW you are a coding machine to do this in 24 hours. What language did you use to write this?

I used pure JS w/ AngularJS to write the whole thing. I spent the last 6 months or so building a mobile app based on angular, so it was pretty fresh in my mind.

You might want to check out React. I'm no JS expert, but I know BitShares 0.x UI was written in Angular, and the word from the UI team is they are much happier since switching to React for BitShares 2.0 and Steem.

I've been meaning to check react out for quite a while now. I choose angular simply because I've been working with it for the last few months. Figured I probably shouldn't learn react at the same time I'm learning the steem API ;)

I'll have to see if that's a number somewhere I could pull. I haven't seen it yet.

Such awesome! Much upvote!

Been tailing this since yesterday, and I am just floored by this tool! I have a feature request for you I believe would be pretty trivial to implement in Angular that might create some more interactivity.

Right now on the Posts tab, when you hover over Earnings Paid and Next Cashout, you see a popup with more details.

I think it would be nice to have a hover over on Votes that shows which displays the weight by % of a user's votes, like you can find on steemd.

For instance, this post:

This would help a lot with voting transparency and save users the trouble of going through five or six clicks to figure out what is going on with the votes on their posts.

Thanks again for doing this, you are doing some great things for the community!

I've got this built into the next version already, expect an update this weekend!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Thanks so much for the feedback!

love this site, thanks for posting this

I doubt it will go anywhere, but thanks for the heads up and I replied to that one with a link to this one :)

This is very cool and similar to the idea I had for a Steemit Post Dashboard. Looks like you are much further along. Wish I had seen this before I spent an afternoon coding. Nice work!

Nothing wrong with more than one tool! It's also a great learning experience :)

I'm sure we'll see a lot of tools like this crop up as the steem system grows.

nice work, finally something usefull

Great site, thanks you for share with community

Another Great Tool created. Thanks for the share and new tool!

The UI is very user-friendly in my opinion, I like the representation of voting power with a gauge bar.

@jesta, yeah it was very good

Upvote Now

I check this site on everyday.
If possible, i want to add to steemit realtime accounts number.

Similar to SP, SMD tokens cannot be purchased directly on an external exchange. SMD are primarily earned through contributing but can be purchased by converting STEEM tokens to SMD tokens.

Actually Steem Dollars can now purchased on external exchanges !

PS Abbreviation of SBD = Steem Backed Dollars
or just SD = Steem Dollars (not SMD please edit)

This is needed, thank you for the information :)


for me its help to monitoring my account, thanks for sharing @jesta !

How hard would it be for you to add a curation screen? It help to form strategy on voting.

I was thinking about this when I stopped working on it last night. I haven't figured out quite how to do it yet, but I'm planning on adding something like this soon.

When I get it figured out, it'll appear as a new "curation" tab ;)

I am rusty admittedly but I have done application engineering at one time. I am going to have to start looking at coding examples and maybe I can help from time to time.

I like that you can hover over areas and see the split on rewards. That is really helpful.

This is great and also very useful. The interface looks great too! Some incredible things are happening around Steemit. Looking forward to more from you! :)

So cool. good job I will surely use it.

you really brilliant idea it was something that had to be developed better.. good :)

You outdid yourself bud! I can't wait to check it out.

This contribution to the #Steemit community is really great. Thank you!

Great tool coming out for steemers! This is great stuff!

Thank you for your job, really nice and convenient. Great tool!

Wow, just tried it out. I gotta say, this is one of the easiest tools I've seen for following the posts of users you're interested in with no hassle and extra noise. Everyone should use this. Big thumbs up! Suggestion - have another tab showing voting activity, and maybe another to follow tags. Thanks!

I like the tab for votes! I'll see what I can do. Thank you :)

I just truy this out, its fantastic.
Im glad you make this great tools for mee. So i hope for bigg suport on this great tools :)

Keep up the good work mate ;)

Incredible work! Was this done by you alone? :O

Yep just lil' ol' me!

Nice work! Keepit up!

Hey Jesta. Congrats man on a great app with very useful stats. You should add a filtering at the top of the Author column to allow ticking (checking) of the authors someone is following and get them displayed underneath. It would avoid clogging.

Also, maybe some sort of sorting so for example if I want to see the best paid post I would just click on the Earnings column header and sort those...

Hope it helps!

They definitely do and thank you, great suggestions. I'll see what I can do for both of them.

Hey man, using your app, it's great!!!
I just wanted to report that it's seeing my Voting Power wrong. I check the steemed details of my account with what's on your app and there's a difference unfortunately..


Also I see what you're talking about. is reporting ~75% and the blockchain I'm looking at shows ~67%. Honestly I'm not sure which number is right or why the API is reporting something different.

Anyone out there know if there's some magical math happening here?

now it's displaying correctly, maybe it was caching somewhere....

Another question. Would you be able to implement something similar for the votes and not only for the user's posts? To check on the earnings of our votes for other people's posts and comments. Thanks!

Yeah I've been looking around for that data, haven't found it yet. I'll likely add a "Comments" tab once I get that working.

"Comments" will be your comments, "Replies" will be other peoples comments on your posts.

This is what I like to see!

Make that more users friendly. Great Job.

Thanks for such a good contribution.
Maybe the load is too big right now because it won't stop loading.

I love this one, it's seem very nice design. May you will make some program for some language, it'll make easier for anybody.

Great job. This is what I was talking about in my post. We need a good interface. I believe in the cause... lol

Upvoted for sure! Glad you were able to take the initiative to create an awesome product by yourself. It will help a lot of people who had similar ideas but couldn't implement them by themselves. Hope you get compensated for your contribution.

Is it possible to see the information with posts as well? And I'm curious as to how exactly replies to posts are paid out. For example if you reply with a comment and someone replies to that comment and your original comment makes 1 dollar and the reply to your comment makes 500 dollars what would be the payout percentage for the original poster o content and then the subsequent reply followed with the reply to the reply? And I know this is also affected by whether or not you have upvoted your own post. Hopefully you get the chance to respond. Congrats on all the love shown for your kick ass project!

I honestly have no idea how that stuff works yet. I thought each comment was basically it's own autonomous post that earned by itself.

I do plan on adding something, maybe tonight, that shows comments are coming in.

Wish you the the best with all your coding and thanks for taking the time to respond to so many posts. It's greatly appreciated.

the interface looks well, it add the steem system 's valve.

Great service you did man! Check out new service i just released! - First Steemit short link service!

How to use that?

Its amazing how quickly tools are being built for steemit. This is a very useful tool - thank you!!

Your site is 99% great. You just got 1 misspelled word "calcuations". You forgot the l. I just inspect the site and I'm very happy about it, it will help me a lot. Hope I can help a little with this comment. Cheers. :D

My fun spelling error will be fixed in the next version.

Sorry I didn't see your comment the first go through, but I'm going through them all again to make sure I capture everyone's requests.

Really nicely done! and the interface is very clear!

Just finding my feet here. I appreciate it's early days, the app needs a lot of work on Mobile. In the meantime tools like this are a welcome addition.

It sure does. I haven't really worked on optimizing it for mobile at all yet.

Steem Power, I think the API is returning them as VESTS still in some cases.

wow,amazing post.. upvote for u..

Thanks Jesta

Just found this very helpful

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Good Job

Very nice tool! Upvote!

Is there a way to show Vote Weight (power) stats?
It would be nice to see our voting power at any giving moment.

Like the voting power percentage? I'm adding that right now, should be available soon.

As for the weighting, I'll have to learn a bit more about how that works before I get that running!

Thank you, That's awesome!!!
Can you share the source code ?

Here is an Archive of Cryptocurrency App building Code on Github for anyone creating a Steemit app

@jesta, can you also add in your service information about upvote cost after payment of the post?

Not sure I understand what you mean. Are we talking about this post or the tool, and what information do you want? I'm confused :)

Sorry for my english.

I talkig about tool. In your instrument is very good statistics on payment of the post. But no statistics how many SBD user receives for upvote and comment.

Would it be possible to make a function to see how much you voting power is worth? Great work!

Honestly I'm not sure yet. I've been researching the voting system for the last 2 days now, still wrapping my head around it. If it is possible, I'll be sure to add it.

Sweet tool. Thanks @jesta.


Great job, upvoted.

So cool! Thank you!

Whoa! Tremendous work :) This is a great and really useful addition to the Steemit ecosystem :)

Amazing work! A useful tool to track your stats! The interface is beautiful and it's easy to use as well! Well done! You are truly great!

great work here - really valuable data, i have already set my watch list )

well done =)

very nice & interesting...thank you

Wow! Just wow!

​This is a fantastic and very helpful tool. Thank you.

Epic! Nice job =D

This is awesome! I was getting so tired of flipping through tabs, Can close some of these up now. Thank you so much!

very convenient and informative

This is huge. Congratulations for a great work you've done so far!

Lol i was thinking about making something like this today but realized people must already be working on it and THERE IT IS :)

Very cool addition of the estimated growth of SP balances. You mention that it doesn't factor in compound interest, which is good because there is none. :)

Very nice, really like it ...

Investing in this pure goldure. Keep it up!

Hmm, steemstats is offline since days .. can have look ?

Awesome. Although the interface is simple, the information is very useful. I am eager to see more data appear on the page, such as daily change of Steem Power and Posting Reward, etc.

Great API. but, I noticed that it doesn't pickup all the transactions. I have more pending payouts but they are not showing up.

Which posts are missing? I'll check it out

Keeping track is always good

what API are you using ?

useful statistics

Holy crap man! Now that's art!! Love what you're doing, keep up the great work! 😄💯

I posted this a few days ago regarding the internal wallet transactions...take it and run with it!

There is something similar on steemd but this is way more advanced. Grats!!

Thanks - really useful in building my understanding of this crazy mixed up world of steemit!

Wow! great work making it easy to follow accnt.

Great work - thank you - keep it up ;-)

@jesta you are making a difference

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