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RE: - steem account monitoring & statistics

in #steemstats7 years ago

You're on fire, man! Any thought to putting this up on github so other PHP devs can play around with it as well? Some things I'd like to see which may or may not relate this specific tool:

  • Similar to the rich list, I'd like to see one sorted by:
    • Curation Reward
    • Post Reward
  • I'd love to see change over time graphs on various things including:
    • VESTS
    • Steem Power
    • Curation Rewards
    • Posting Rewards
    • Number of Posts
    • Number of Votes

This is making me jealous because there's a part of me that wants to take a sabbatical from my company and work on tools like this all day long. Very well done! Keep it up!


Not quite what you are looking for, but I have done some basic analysis on numbers of posts, votes, rewards, and words - "Hacking the Top 100 New Trending Steem Posts". In the future I may create a tool like that as well.

Great job! That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Man, if only I had about 40 hours a day, I'd love to dig into the API more and start building out tools...

Steem Power

Well, actually...

I think seeing Steem Power change over time (because the conversion rate from VESTS to Steem Power changes over time) would be good to see where as the VESTS changing over time via blogging, curating, and investing would be like seeing your net worth go up.

Don't make this more complicated than it has to be, @bacchist! I finally started figuring this thing out! Heheheh.

Just having a bit of fun. :)

I know, and it was perfectly timed. Cheers! :)

Right now it's just a live feed of the data as it is, I don't have anything storing historical information yet. So I could probably add some charts that did real time as you were watching, but when you load the page it would all start charting from that moment.

But yeah, I'd love to see all of this stuff too!

Any thought to putting this up on github so other PHP devs can play around with it as well?

I'm definitely doing this with steempress now, and I haven't thought about it yet with this project.

Very cool. Keep me posted if you do, and I'll be watching as well. I'm living vicariously through your development right now. :)

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